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NPC Info
X: 936 Z: -1840
Location Almuj Slums
Quest Involved Meaningful Holiday

Nick is a human NPC from the quest Meaningful Holiday. He runs the Almuj Charity Center and helps out the needy. In the quest, Nick tasks the player with finding food for the less fortunate in Almuj.


Almuj Slum
936, 68, -1840
Wynncraft Map

Nick is in a small area filled with tents and decrepit homes just south of the main Almuj city. To get to Nick from Haily, travel south on the zig-zagging gravel road.


After Quest[]

  • Nick: Thank you so much! I couldn't have done it without you.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Nick (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 466 Z: -1585
Location Detlas

In Almuj[]

Almuj Slum
936, 68, -1840
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Nick: ...Oh, <playername>! It's good to see you again, especially at this time of year. Is there anything I can do for you?
  • Further conversation with Nick:
    • [1] "There's a festival in Detlas.":
      • Nick: In Detlas? That sounds like some fun. Unfortunately, I'm still needed here.
      • Nick: Though... Hm. Haily has been pushing for me to take a break from all this work. I suppose I could come, but-
      • Nick: I'd like to do something more for the folks here before I go. Could you bring me [10 Craftmas Gifts] from the Wynnter Fair?
      • Nick: So we can give these people some presents for the holidays. How does that sound?
    • [2] "How are things around here?":
      • Nick: You know... they could always be better. We've had more volunteers recently, which is good, but not nearly as many as we used to get.
      • Nick: I just wish we had the resources to help all these people out.
    • [3] "I don't need anything.":
      • Nick: Well, I'll see you around then!
  • Giving Nick 10 Craftmas Gifts:
    • Nick: Welcome back! I see you've got the gifts. Well, I'll get to handing these out, then I'll come to Detlas. I'll meet you there, I suppose.

In Detlas[]

466, 67, -1585
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Nick in Detlas:
    • Nick: Hello, <playername>! It's good to see you made it. They really went all out with the festival, huh?
    • Nick: It's strange that it's snowing around here... Reminds me of what my brother did when we returned to Almuj, earlier.
    • Nick: It definitely adds to the atmosphere, so I won't complain about that. All the decorations, though...
    • Nick: Oh, I won't bother you with my musings just now. Enjoy the festivities!
  • Further conversation with Nick:
    • Nick: Hello again, <playername>! Can I help you with anything?
    • [1] "Have you been enjoying the festival?":
      • Nick: Well, the festival is certainly well put together. I just wonder how much all of this cost them!
      • Nick: And, from there, how much of that money could have been spent helping those in need...
      • Nick: I've found that people tend not to think about the poor, as a whole. Generally it's an honest forgetfulness, rather than something actively malicious...
      • Nick: But I digress. I'm still enjoying my time here, of course! Thank you for inviting me.
    • [2] "Tell me a Craftmas story.":
      • Nick: A Craftmas story, huh? Well, I have one in mind.
      • Nick: You remember the Council, right? With all of my siblings. Well, every few years, we have a meeting where we discuss our yearly goings-on.
      • Nick: Well, one year, there was some sort of mishap... And we ended up with at least ten extra siblings none of us knew about.
      • Nick: Truth be told, I'm still unsure what really happened. But it was a real party by the end of the night, let me tell you.
    • [3] "Just passing by.":
      • Nick: Well, alright. I'll see you around, then!

If you have also invited Santa to Detlas, Nick's 3rd dialogue option will become the following, while his last option becomes the 4th.

    • [3] "How well do you know this Santa?":
      • Nick: The one you invited? He's from the ocean, is he not?
      • Nick: I'm very familiar with all of my siblings, really. Some of them can be hard to tell apart from the outside, but if you really know them, you can spot the differences.
      • Nick: I can't say I know exactly what happens in his domain, but I know he takes care of it as best he can, as do we all.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Nick: <playername>! There you are! It's Craftmas! It's been a while since I've gotten to have a proper one...
    • Nick: In the tradition of the holidays, I have a gift for you! They're a set of boots I've owned for quite some time.
    • Nick: I'm rather fond of them, but I'd be willing to give them to you, as thanks for all you've done for help.
    • [+1 Snowtread Boots]
    • Nick: Well, then. Is there anything I can help you with today?


  • Nick is Santa's brother.
  • Nick's name is probably a reference to Saint Nick, who is sometimes mistaken as Santa's brother by little kids.