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NPC Info
X: -80 Z: -2502
Location Rooster Island
Quest Involved Cluck Cluck

Nohno is the only one non-chicken resident of Rooster Island. He was charged with taking care of Bob's pet chicken, Cluckles, when Bob was not able to take care of him anymore. He is also the brother of Yahya, the mushroom addict, and Mehme.


Being a Villager, Nohno was born in Gavel alongside his three brothers: Yahya, Mehme and Sohso. At some point in their lives, all four brothers joined GavelExcavation, an organization dedicated to studying meteor samples from all across the province, most notably in the Gylia Plains.[1] One day, they were tasked with studying the colored meteors located around the plains: the Blue Meteor, the Red Meteor and the Yellow Meteor.[2] Nohno set up a laboratory on the Red Meteor, and began studying the meteors and a way to cure the insanity that their magic was giving to the brothers.

However, Nohno's mind slowly started slipping more and more, and so did the minds of his brothers, Sohso possibly being the only exception.[3] His hobby for chickens started to become an obsession,[2] and the research notes that he and his brothers left behind for other GavelExcavation scientists became almost completely illegible. As a result, research of the meteors slowed down, which led to the organization shutting down and moving to the Wynn Province, where other cosmic objects similar to the meteors were found.[1]

Following the dissolution of the company, Nohno and Yahya moved to Wynn, Mehme moved back into his house in Gavel, and Sohso travelled to Fruma.[2] The brothers were, by now, completely insane and turned to different obsessions, while also growing to despise eachother.

At some point, Nohno moved on Rooster Island where he built his house and started raising chickens, even marrying one. One day, Bob sailed to the island and entrusted Nohno with his pet chicken, Cluckles, before leaving, never to be seen again. Due to Cluckles' rowdiness, Nohno trapped it in a cage in his house's basement.[4] However, also in his house's basement, he built a secret laboratory, at which end is a key that opens the door to his brother Mehme's laboratory.[2]

Today, Nohno lives on Rooster Island alone, seemingly having no recollection of his life in Gavel or of his brothers.


Rooster Island
-80, 45, -2502
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Nohno is located on Rooster Island.


Starting Quest[]

  • Nohno: Hey, you aren't a chicken! Wait, you're a human! You can help me! Maybe you are the guy who helped my brother Yahya, but who knows, you humans all look the same to me.
  • Nohno: I really love my chickens, but there is one I just cannot control...
  • Nohno: His name is Cluckles, he was given to me by a man named Bob before he went to war, but when Bob never came back, Cluckles got angry...
  • Nohno: He's really dangerous to keep on my lovely island, so I keep him in my basement...
  • Nohno: I want to take care of him but my wife says it's too dangerous. Where's my wife you say? Oh, I think she's around here eating some grain.
  • Nohno: Anyway, I need you to go down there and... take care of him for me. I would really appreciate it.

Mid Quest[]

  • Nohno: Have you taken care of Cluckles yet? If you can't find him, I hid him in my basement.

Finishing Quest[]

  • Nohno: What is this?! His feather? What did you do to Cluckles?! I wanted you to take care of him, not kill him!
  • Nohno: You monster! Leave this place now, and keep this feather to remind you of your hideous crime!

After Quest[]

  • Nohno: Sometimes I wish animals could respawn... hey! What are you doing here? Go away!


  • Nohno could be a reference to the Roman Emperor Honararius, who was also quite fond of chickens.