Wynncraft Wiki
NPC Info
X: 437 Z: -5056
Location Canyon of the Lost
Quest Involved A Marauder's Dues

Doorkeeper Norsten guards the a gate in the Canyon of the Lost. Talking to him you find out he kind of is not himself and needs your help. Doing so starts the quest A Marauder's Dues.


Canyon of the Lost
437, -5056
Wynncraft Map

Start your trip at the south coast of Lake Gylia. Coming from Cinfras it is to your right. At the beach are some tents in grey and green with some trees at the mountains behind. Take the way to your right and go past the trees being to your left. If you are right, you should see a weird white building to your right. Just continue on your way and walk up the hill. At the end is a map of that region and behind that (a bit hidden around the rocks) is another way that is going up faster. The path seems to end there at many trees. Just walk around them and enter the canyon hidden behind them. You just have to go straight east. Continuing through the canyon will lead you to a wider place with a wooden wall to your left and the gate on your way a bit further. In front of it stands Norsten.


  • Since the Bandits and other mobs can be annoying when talking to Norsten, click through all his dialogue, then get to a safe place to read it.