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Example Objective

Formerly Missions, Objectives are tasks to complete for several various rewards. The higher the level, the better the rewards. There are different types of Objectives.

Starter Objectives[edit | edit source]

When starting out, the user is given various simple task for XP rewards, and they are non-repeatable. After the user completes these, they are given Daily Objectives.

Daily Objectives[edit | edit source]

Daily objectives are objectives you complete on a daily basis. You don't get a lot of XP for completing, instead you get a bunch of loot, similar to a Tier 2 loot chest.

Types[edit | edit source]

Kill: You need to kill a specific number of mobs.

Example: Kill Lvl 80+ 120 Mobs .

Gathering: You need to gather a specific number of a material.

Example: Gather 30 Fish.

Loot: You need to open a specific amount of Loot Chests, Tier specification sometimes provided.

Example 1: Loot 12 Chests.

Example 2: Loot 3 T3 Chests.

Trade: Trade with another player within the designated level range.

Example: Trade (x) emeralds with Lv. 1-10 Newbie.

Mechanic[edit | edit source]

Daily Objectives are simply objectives that reset at 8 PM ET, this will give you a new objective, and reset any progress you may have had.

Reward[edit | edit source]

The reward is usually based on level, for example, completing an objective where you gather 25 fish and your character is combat level 85 gives a reward like this.

Reward for completing Gather 25 Fish as Level 85

You can claim the reward by clicking the "Claim your Objective Rewards" shown in chat upon completion. Much like loot chests, closing the window will prevent you from re-claiming them.

You can use the command /daily to claim the reward once completed in case the claim link is no longer in your chat.