Wynncraft Wiki

Item Information
Item Golden Chestplate
Min. Level 25
Rarity Legendary
Powder Slots 2 ()
Obtain Boss Altar
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Earth +25
Thunder +25
Water +25
Fire +35
Air +25
Boss Altar Rotten Passage

Obolus is a Rare level 25 chestplate, obtained by killing the boss of the Rotten Passage Boss Altar. It has a large amount of loot bonus, so large that it is the chestplate with the third highest in the stat, only being beaten by Discoverer and Diamond Dust.


It costs 155 Emeralds to identify Obolus.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Life Steal   +11/3s  +49/3s
 XP Bonus   +3%  +13%
 Loot Bonus   +9%  +39%
 Defense   ~  +9
 Soul Point Regen   +6%  +26%
 Health Regen   +13  +55