NPC Info
X: -1131 Z: -4492
Location Ne du Valeos du Ellach
Quest Involved Finding The Light

Ollie is an optician who lives in Cinfras. His optometry is house 29 in Cinfras.


-1131, -4492
Wynncraft Map

Ollie can briefly be seen in a cutscene in the Light Forest ultimate discovery, Ne du Valeos du Ellach.


  • Before the 1.20 update, he could be found in his optometry, but was removed.
  • He was a quest NPC for the quest Finding The Light who crafted the Clearsight Spectacles, allowing the player to proceed in the quest and pass the invisible barrier at the Light Realm Arch.
  • Ollie has an eye exam set up in his optometry.
  • This NPC may be a reference to Ollivander, a character from Harry Potter who also owns a magical shop.
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