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Olux Swamp RegionIcon.png
A typical view of Olux Swamp
Coordinates X: -1800, Z: -5300
Access Points Llevigar Plains to the south
Dark Forest to the east
Suggested Level 50
Quest Starts Crop Failure
Master Piece
The Maiden Tower
Death Whistle
Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes
An Iron Heart Part II
The Shadow of the Beast
Reclaiming the House
Involved Quests A Hunter's Calling
Type/Biomes Swamp
Region Capital Olux
Monsters List of Mobs (Gavel)

The Olux Swamp is a dark and wet expanse surrounding the poor town of Olux. The swamp has been affected by the Decay, something that has caused the Light to dissapear in Gavel. The level 50 region contains a large amount of quests, and is noticeably much darker and more mountainous than the preceding Llevigar Plains. The enemies you face in the swamp mainly consist of the large spectrum of creatures native to the region, the most common type being different reptiles.

Points of Interest[]


  • Olux - The large but impoverished city lies beyond timber walls in the north of the swamp. Along with having to endure the malevolent decay, the town is plagued by an unusual set of problems which includes citizens vanishing and crops withering. The town also features a lumber yard on its eastern side.


  • Worm Holes - A collection of inexplicably large dirt caverns on the west side of the swamp. These burrows are the works of a slimy but menacing creature, a beast that could cause catastrophic sinkholes and damage across the province (as explored in The Worm Holes quest).
  • Nest of the Grootslangs - A temple west of Olux in the side of a mountain holds the raid Nest of the Grootslangs (Quest Req: Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes). A team of 3-4 players is required to exterminate the infantile grootslangs that the Mother Wyrm laid eggs for.


  • A couple Silver mines exist in the swamp.

  • The swamp has a lot of Willow trees, though the Nemract Swamp may be a better place to gather them, as the enemies are notably weaker there.

  • Some Hops farms are also found in the region.

  • Although uncommon, even Piranhas can be fished in some of the swamp's rivers.

Loot Caves[]

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Olux Swamp loot caves.
Sentient Vine Cave
Location: -2063, -5235
Recommended Min. Level: 50
Mobs Sentient Vine • Starving Parasite
Info A cave inside a mountain starting from the foot of the mountain. There are leaf mobs inside, but they do nothing as long as you don't kill them.
Olux Sewers
Location: -1986, -5234
Recommended Min. Level: 55
Mobs Reptilian Lurker • Sewage Monster • Quagmire Serpent • Subterranean Beast • Subterranean Overlord
Info The loot cave consists of two sections. Once you enter the area and go down the stairs, you fall in a water pipe room where you must defeat a few waves of monsters. After that, you'll have to walk on a large stone circle arena, and face a miniboss on it. After that, you may get the loot.
Swamp Ogre Cave
Location: -1833, -5174
Recommended Min. Level: 50
Mobs Swamp Ogre • Spitting Frog Spirit • Baby Swamp Ogre
Info A basic and long cave with some simple parkour in between. The entrance is near the starting location of Master Piece.
Madman Cave
Location: -1545, -5336
Recommended Min. Level: 50
Mobs Madman • Furious Fay
Info A long and muddy cave with some parkour over broken wooden bridges. The entrance is near the starting spot of Reclaiming the House.


Miniquest Name Miniquest Type Min. Level Coordinates Items Required Combat XP Given Profession XP Given
Slay Lizarmen Combat 55 -1786, 60, -5267 16 Lizard Scales 33600 -
Gather Silver Mining 53 -1707, 54, -5146 28 Silver Ingot or 28 Silver Gem 6500 8900
Gather Rye Farming 53 -2191, 59, -5416 28 Rye String or 28 Rye Grains 6500 8900
Gather Rye II Farming 58 -1903, 56, -5278 42 Rye String or 42 Rye Grains 10080 15000



  • Olux Swamp is the first region of the Decay that players typically encounter.