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Omnispective Wanderer
Type Hostile Mob
Level 115
Health 400000
AI Type Melee AI
Crowd Control Immunities
Knockback Immune
Blindness Immune
Slowness Immune

The Omnispective Wanderer is a Hostile Mob that can occasionally be encountered while exploring the Ruined Olmic City. It was first shown in the Reveal Trailer for the Silent Expanse.

The Wanderer is a very unique mob, in terms of its purpose and its special spawning conditions (see §Location, below).


The Omnispective Wanderer is a melee enemy that follows the player and tries to damage them by coming into contact with them. Its melee attacks are very strong (dealing as much as ~7000 damage per hit), and it possesses a large pool of health which it regenerates extremely quickly.

Despite its slow movement and lack of elemental defenses or abilities, the Wanderer is nearly impossible to kill, and very dangerous to approach. The only feasible option when encountering it is usually to run. It is an important note that typically around half health, the Wanderer will teleport away.

The Omnispective Wanderer has permanent immunities to all forms of crowd control.


If you do succeed in killing the Omnispective Wanderer, it only drops Unidentified Items, Potions, Powders, and Emeralds.


The Omnispective Wanderer is the only naturally-spawning hostile mob in the Ruined City. Unusually, it spawns in a variety of specific locations throughout the area when players are nearby, often appearing behind nearby structures to catch unobservant players by surprise.

The Wanderer's most obvious location is at the entrance to the area from the Abandoned Mines, where it appears directly behind the player (as seen in the Reveal Trailer), generally leading to at least one encounter during A Journey Beyond. Despite this, however, it is neither required nor recommended to fight it as part of the quest.

After getting far enough from the Omnispective Wanderer (or after some time has passed), it will despawn to reappear elsewhere later.

Ruined Olmic City
599, 65, -506
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Table data[]

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
OmnispectiveWanderer.png Omnispective Wanderer 115 400000 Melee AI - - - Ruined Olmic City