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One Thousand Meters Under
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Ahmsord
Province Gavel
Combat Level 95
Starter NPC Help Wanted
Reward As follows:

One Thousand Meters Under is a long level 95 quest.


After looking at a Help Wanted sign, the player chooses to help Scientist Ynnos with finding a purple crystal with strange properties. Weird things seem to happen at different heights under Ahmsord.

Stage 1[]

» Read the Help Wanted sign in Ahmsord at [1108, 107, -4555].

1108, 107, -4555
Wynncraft Map


  • Help Wanted.
  • Employer: Scientist Ynnos.
  • Job Description: Manual labour, exploration, protection.
  • Location: Ahmsord Research facility [1118, 101, -4520].
  • Reward: Should you survive, 2 LE.

Stage 2[]

» Talk to The Secretary at [1121, 101, -4525].

1121, 101, -4525
Wynncraft Map


  • The Secretary: Hello, welcome to Ynnos' facility.
  • The Secretary: Oh, you're here about the job vacancy?
  • The Secretary: There might still be time, just sneak in to the conference room behind me.

Stage 3[]

» Enter the conference room and listen to the scientist.


  • Scientist Ynnos: *Ahem* Welcome, everyone.
  • Scientist Ynnos: I am Ynnos, one of the leading scientists in Gavel. You're here because... Well you read the help wanted sign.
  • Scientist Ynnos: Allow me to explain the situation we're in. It's a series of unfortunate events. I study the amazing properties of crystals and other geodes.
  • Scientist Ynnos: I am funded by a private organization, however that seems to have stopped. So... We had to make cuts in the budget.
  • Scientist Ynnos: One of these, was using cheaper rope. While moving the crystal across Ahmsord, well, it snapped. The crystal fell.
  • Scientist Ynnos: I can not stress the value of that crystal. It had many unique properties that are allowing me to understand why the Sky Islands float the way they do.
  • Scientist Ynnos: They hold the very key to restoring this land to being whole once more... But it's gone.
  • Scientist Ynnos: Fortunately, I detected an impact. It's hit something down in the void. We're not sure what, however or how deep.
  • Scientist Ynnos: Your mission will be to retrieve the crystal in a specially designed ship to withstand the void. We barely scraped it out of the budget, so try to bring it back in one piece.
  • Scientist Ynnos: If you think you are not up for the challenge, leave now...
  • Scientist Ynnos: When you think you are ready, exit the room behind me and meet me at the dock as soon as possible.
  • It looks like everyone already went inside the submarine.

Stage 4[]

» Meet up with the crew inside the submarine.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Captain Olof 95 95000 Passive - - - Void Submarine
100px Arlene 95 36000 Passive - - - Void Submarine
100px Burne 95 36000 Passive - - - Void Submarine
100px Jesp 95 36000 Passive - - - Void Submarine
100px Manny 95 36000 Passive - - - Void Submarine
100px Rex 95 36000 Passive - - - Void Submarine

Stage 5[]

» Wait for the submarine to arrive at the void islands.


  • Arlene: I wonder what the mechanic is doing?
  • Arlene: He has been screaming and crying for a while now. I hope everything is alright down there.
  • Kantor: Attention crew members.
  • Kantor: This is the ship's mechanic. There appears to be a fault on the middle deck. I request urgent assistance.
  • After successfully fixing the rope you find one leftover piece, you should give it to the mechanic.
  • Kantor: Thank you so much! I thought we would all die before the mission even started!
  • Kantor: It'll still be a long trip down to the void, though. Why don't you take a nap up at the resting room to pass the time?

Stage 6[]

» Take a nap in the resting room.


  • You wake up after a little nap.

Stage 7[]

» Talk to the captain outside of the submarine.


  • Captain Olof: We have encountered out first island, 100m down. Crew members, climb up the ladder and search the island for the crystal.
  • Captain Olof: We've arrived at the next void island.
  • Captain Olof: The void islands are really different from Gavel... Or are we still in Gavel?
  • Captain Olof: Anyway, let's explore the island and look for the void crystal and return to Ahmsord!

Stage 8[]

» Explore the island and look for the crystal.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EaterOfLight(Level95).png Eater Of Light 95 7800 Charge Teleport -
Void Essence
The Void
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to go to the next island.
Go to the end of the path and right-click the junk.


  • The area seems to be filled with junk that has fallen from Ahmsord.
  • The crystal must have fallen deeper.

Stage 9[]

» Return to the submarine and continue your journey.

Stage 10[]

» Continue your journey.


  • Captain Olof: What are these creatures!
  • Captain Olof: They are attacking the windshield in the front room!
  • Captain Olof: It's going to break any second now.
  • Captain Olof: Don't let the creatures break through glass! Press against it and scare them off!
  • Although some parts broke, you succeeded in protecting the windshield.
  • Captain Olof: This is not good, the creatures destroyed part of the windshield.
  • Captain Olof: We can't continue much longer with a broken windshield, we'll have to repair it at another island.
  • Captain Olof: Ynnos said the void has pockets of toxic gas. Go take a nap, I'll wake you up when we're there.

Stage 11[]

» Head to the resting room.


  • A voice wakes you up.
  • Captain: Attention crew. We have arrived at the second island, 300m down. We cannot progress without making some emergency repairs.
  • Captain: Crew, please disembark and search for anything that could be used to repair the ship. We need glass and some kind of glue.

Stage 12[]

» Meet up with the captain outside the submarine.


  • Captain Olof: We need to repair the submarine.
  • Captain Olof: The void creatures did heavy damage to our craft.
  • Captain Olof: I'm not sure what we'll find here, but we'll need some glue and glass...
  • Captain Olof: I doubt we'll find those exact things, so get resourceful!
  • Captain Olof: Bring me 5 sand replacements and 10 glue substitutes, that should be enough.

Stage 13[]

» Get the ingredients to fix the submarine.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Void Crawler 95 7000 Melee Self-Destruct ✽ Dam
✦ Weak
- The Void
100px Void Slime 95 7158 Melee Self-Destruct ❋ Dam
✤ Def

Void Goo
The Void
100px Spitting Goo 95 7975 Ranged - -
Void Goo
The Void
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to One Thousand Meters Under.
Take 5 Fallen Sand (it's near orange sand) and 10 Void goo (In cave when killing [Void Slime])


  • Captain Olof: Ech! What is this stuff? Well, this should do the trick.
  • Captain Olof: Me and the mechanic will start repairing. It'll take a while, so enter the submarine and rest up.
  • Captain Olof: We'll continue the trip when we've repaired the ship.

Stage 14[]

» Continue your journey.


  • Jesp: Oh, blast! Do you smell that?
  • Jesp: The scientist warned us about the gases down here.
  • Jesp: The vents have been opened during the fight with the voidlings.
  • Jesp: The blasted controls are not working from here!
  • Jesp: Quick, run to the basement and shut the vents manually.
  • Jesp: If too much gets in we'll suffocate!
  • Report to the sleeping quarters until you reach the next island.
  • The submarine grinds to a halt.
  • Captain Olof: Attention crew. We have arrived at the next island 700m down.
  • Captain Olof: Disembark and start the search for the crystal.
  • Captain Olof: Let's hope it's here... I don't know how much more void my body can handle.
  • Rex: We got this, just take care of the monsters while we build the bridge!
  • Manny: Don't die! We're soon done.
  • Jesp: This is hard, but we'll make it!
  • Arlene: Be careful, it seems to be getting tougher. The bridge is soon ready to use.
  • Manny: Hey, the bridge is ready!
  • ...
  • ...
  • The crystal you're looking for is purple, not blue.
  • Head back to the submarine and keep looking.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EaterOfLight(Level95).png Eater Of Light 95 7800 Charge Teleport -
Void Essence
The Void
100px Captain Olof 95 9750 Guard - - - The Void
100px Kantor 95 9750 Guard - - - The Void
100px Void Ambassador 95 6775 Melee - ❋ Def 2 Shadow Spawnlings The Void
100px Void Acolyte 95 3950 Ranged - ❋ Dam
❋ Def
- The Void
100px Faceless Summoner 95 4750 Ranged - ❋ Dam
❋ Def
- The Void
100px Shadow Spawnling 95 5750 Melee Multihit ❋ Dam
❋ Def
- The Void
From Void Ambassador
100px Void Incarnate 95 24500 Charge Pull
- 5 Mists of Void The Void
100px Mist of Void 95 2000 Melee Self-Destruct ❋ Def - From Void Incarnate

Stage 15[]

» Return to the submarine and continue the journey.


  • Rex: We didn't find the crystal here either. Maybe it just fell in the void?
  • Manny: No, it must have hit an island. The scientist said he detected a collision.
  • Rex: Wait... What's that sound?
  • Manny: The ropes are snapping! Quick! Abandon ship!
  • This isn't good. You're the only survivor... You need to continue the mission, it's better to just leave this place...

Stage 16[]

» Continue your mission and find the crystal.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
EyeofEmptiness(Level95).png Eye of Emptiness 95 8758 Melee Teleport -
Void Essence
The Void
EyeofRegret(Level100).png Eye of Regret 100 9758 Burst Ranged Heavy Teleport ❋ Dam
✽ Def
✦ Weak

Void Essence
The Void
EaterOfLight(Level95).png Eater Of Light 95 7800 Charge Teleport -
Void Essence
The Void
VoidStalker.png Void Stalker 105 10275 Ranged Charge
✽ Dam
✦ Weak

Void Essence
The Void
SoulofSolitude.png Soul of Solitude 96 8300 Jumper Slowness ❋ Dam
❋ Def
✦ Weak

Void Essence
The Void
VoidWolf.png Void Wolf 95 7750 Protect - -
Void Essence
The Void
-14047, -4205


  • Celuuse: Whoooooooo are you!?
  • Celuuse: A...HUUUUUUMAN!? In the void?
  • Celuuse: Someone dropped a boooook about you people! Warriors! Workers!
  • Celuuse: Ah. Yoooou want to know about this place?
  • Celuuse: Well... We were once Villagers. I think we still are, a bit.
  • Celuuse: For some reason, 1000 years agoooo. The sky islands ruptured.
  • Celuuse: Some stayed. Others fell. We somehow survived the fall into the vooooid.
  • Celuuse: How we have lived for so long, I doooo not know. But one thing we know for sure. The void provides.
  • Celuuse: We are stuck here now. The void has forever changed our physiology.
  • Celuuse: The crystal yoooou are looking for fell on this island. But...
  • Celuuse: We need it. It will aid us for years.
  • Celuuse: We have very limited resources here. That's why a power source like this is soooo valuable.
  • Celuuse: If you go to the east, you will find Rontaid our chief scientist. He'll know what to doooo.

Stage 17[]

» Talk to Rontaid outside the town at [14144, 118, -4255].


  • Rontaid: WHAT...WHO...Humans in the void!?
  • Rontaid: Well, looks like the book we found wasn't fiction after all!
  • Rontaid: This crystal is going toooo be our savior. I was trying to create one of my own, you know.
  • Rontaid: I think I have the formula, but we don't have what we need to make it.
  • Rontaid: Instead of taking this crystal back, why don't I exchange it for the recipe?
  • Rontaid: That way, you can make however many crystals youuuu want, and we can keep this one.
  • Rontaid: Here's the recipe, give it to a scientist or someone a bit...smarter than yourself. No offense.
  • Rontaid: A platform was lowered from the surface a while ago at your crash site, as well. If youuuu wish to return, follow this path, I made a shortcut.

Stage 18[]

» Return to the crash site by following the road.


  • You see a platform next to the submarine, this is your way out!

Stage 19[]

» Return to the scientists and tell him the news.


  • Scientist Ynnos: You survived! Where is everyone else?
  • Scientist Ynnos: ...
  • Scientist Ynnos: I knew some must have died... But all of them?
  • Scientist Ynnos: Well... At least I don't have to pay them! Hah!
  • Scientist Ynnos: That was heartless of me, I'm sorry. The rope we used was too weak to hold you down there.
  • Scientist Ynnos: My calculations didn't account for the void's physics.
  • Scientist Ynnos: At least we got you back in one piece. You can tell us what happened.
  • Scientist Ynnos: ...
  • Scientist Ynnos: Well I'll be damned. I'll start sending post down there! We can work together.
  • Scientist Ynnos: Better to keep everything that happened here a secret. I don't want to lose what little funding I have. This recipe is genius! Here, take this as well as your money.


  • There is a weapon merchant in the void village.
  • If you die on the void islands, you will spawn on a Gateway Island. If you die during the quest, simply return to submarine.
  • You can get back to the void after completing the quest by using the crane next to the research facility in Ahmsord.


  • The organization that is funding Ynnos is actually WynnExcavation
  • This quest is probably a reference to A Series of Unfortunate Events, the scientist's name backwards is Sonny, and he literally says that in the conference. Also, Olof is the captain
  • The quest name is a reference to the book "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" by Jules Verne which also includes a submarine and adventure into the unknown abyss of the seas of the Earth.