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Location Orphion's Nexus of Light
Quest Involved Realm of Light questline
Light... Dark... We oppose. I am light. It is dark. Our places reflect this land...and it is plain- The sun is setting. Light is fading.
~ Orphion

Orphion is the beast of Light, akin to the beast of Darkness, the Dern Beast. Orphion serves a major role through the Realm of Light questline, aiding the player and showing them what to do in order to save the Gavel Province from the Decay.

Located within the Realm of Light, Orphion's purpose is to maintain balance between the forces of Darkness and Light respectively. He has chosen Lari, an Aldorei elf, to help find a cure to the plaguing Decay in Gavel, which she has committed her entire life to quite unsuccessfully for the last 1000 years. Lari made a huge mistake for Orphion, as she thought the Light was about morals, while in reality, it is more about doing what's right. Orphion eventually looks to a new servant of his, the player, when they arrive in Gavel and begins to call them as his "Pulse".


Ne du Valeos du Ellach[]

In the Ultimate Discovery of the Light Forest, the player witnesses a short conversation between Orphion and the Dern Beast. Orphion claims that the Dern Beast's insufferable desires will bring the end to the Physical Plane, while Dern Beast claims that their actions will truly bring balance to the War of the Realms, stating that it is endless, as The Parasite sent by the Beast of Darkness attacks and infects Orphion.

Realm of Light II - Taproot[]

Orphion is shown to take a lot of interest in the player, as the player is witnessing a moral dilemma between Dr. Urelix and the Mayor of Olux, mainly about the Iron Golem Factory. Orphion presents the player with 3 choices: leave, and let fate decide the outcome, kill Urelix, which shuts down the factory, but leaves the provinces of Gavel and Wynn in ruins, and kill the Mayor, which prevents all forces from stopping the factory, keeping Wynn and Gavel safe. After killing the Mayor, Orphion deems the player worthy of his light. Lari, furious at the fact that the player goes into the Taproot but not her, begins to doubt Orphion. However, Orphion tells the player to leave her be, and for the player to see the decline of the Olux Swamp and the Dark Forest. As the player progresses through this memory of the land, Orphion then lets the player see the Equinox, the beginning of the Decay. The player then sees Lari and the Darkness Parasite fight each other, and Orphion then explains to the player that Lari, being conflicted by her heart and mind, spared the eldritch creature.

Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light[]

In Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light, Orphion shines his light at the Guardian of the Forest's roots, saying to the player that they and Lari must know something. After the player gets a scroll from the church of Cinfras, Lari then tells the player that she can prove herself to Orphion by simply getting the Canned Abis plant on her own. Orphion tells the player that her light will illuminate nothing, and that Lari needs the player's light as well. After the player arrives at the Guardian of the Forest with Lari, also having the Canned Abis plant, Lari becomes outraged at the fact that the player has replaced her as the Servant of Light, and thus, she either nearly dies by the player's hand, or she nearly kills the player, or the Guardian of the Forest will stop both of them. The Guardian of the Forest then later explains to Lari that morals alone are not what Orphion stands for, and the Guardian shows the player a depiction of the War of the Realms, and how if the Realm of a certain force is fading, then that province will experience a reflection of the effects. After the Guardian of the Forest sends the player on the way to the Great Stump, Orphion tells the player that them and Lari must enter the portal to the Realm of Light itself.

Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light[]

In this quest, the player learns of Orphion's actions to keep the Realm of Light safe from the fate of the fading of light, by severing the connections to his Nexus of Light, he can contain the spread of the fading. After Lari and the player restore light to both of the monoliths, Lari and the player head to the Nexus of Light, but on their way there, they are interrupted by the servant of Dern, Bak'al. Bak'al and Lari fight each other, and the player will progress to the front of the grand palace. After Lari nearly defeats Bak'al with a sword of light, Bak'al then manipulates Lari's heart, letting her rage interrupt her logic, and thus, Lari, out of spite, sent both her and Bak'al to the Realm of Darkness.

Orphion's Nexus of Light[]

In the Nexus of Light, all of the creatures there are tainted with darkness. Even the title and subtitle of the raid changes to Orphion's Nexus of Dark, When darkness grows..., and the subtitle of the Boss itself also describes Orphion as the Dark Beast, showing how the Parasite itself has taken a toll on the Light Beast. It also appears as the fake final boss of the raid.

After Orphion's health has been reduced significantly, the true final boss will be revealed: The Parasite. Orphion could not fight it himself, as he is in a weak state, so he lets the players fight the Parasite for him.

After the Parasite has been defeated, Orphion will then speak to the player. He will reveal some insight about what will happen to the forests of Gavel, and later finishing off, saying the player must stop "her", as her influence will feed the senseless war. It is unknown who Orphion is referring to.


  • Orphion can be petted after completing Orphion's Nexus of Light, where he will say a random statement.
    • If you pat Orphion for over 3 times somehow, you have a chance to not get teleported to the reward room.
    • Orphion originally had different dialogue for the Hero Beta, which was just meant to be placeholder dialogue.
    • Sometimes when petting Orphion, you get warped to the outside of the Nexus of Light or the Nether Portal.
    • All petting dialogue starts with: You begin to pet Orphion...
      • In the Hero Beta, it was: You've pet Orphion...
    • A list of Orphion's Dialogue can be found in the spoiler below:
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Orphion.
  • Orphion: ...?
  • Orphion: Stop this. It is... undignified.
  • Orphion: My pulse, a glimpse. I appreciate your acting the savior, but understand what you are truly here to do.
  • Orphion: I ask you cease touching me. I am entirely too sensitive for the moment.
  • Orphion quietly huffs...
  • Orphion: My pulse, you do not need to tend to me. I will be fine- Please stop.
  • Orphion: Enough. My gratefulness does not exceed my patience. Let this act as a warning, my Pulse.
  • Orphion: To lay hands upon the embodiment of light is... dangerous. I will request you stop these strange actions.
  • Orphion: ...Do you intend to recuperate in this manner?
  • Orphion pats you lightly on the head in return. Feels like stardust and downy fluff.
  • Orphion: ...ah? My pulse, your concern is touching. I will recover in time, do not worry.
  • Orphion: ... I suppose this could count as rest...
  • Orphion lows in response. Does that mean he liked the petting?

Hero Beta:

  • You've pet Orphion.
  • Orphion: Orphion like that.
  • Orphion: That's it. You're staying there now.
  • Orphion: Fine.
  • Orphion has warped you out of the room.
  • This is awkward.
  • Orphion pets you...
  • You've been slapped by Orphion.
  • Orphion: Orphion feels like a good boye.
  • Orphion requests scratches behind the ears.
  • Orphion: Orphion enjoyed that.
  • Orphion: I was infected before... I can destroy you now...
  • Orphion: Meow... I mean... RAWR!
  • You died! No Soul Points have been lost.
  • Orphion is tied with the Colossus for being the most powerful enemy stat-wise.
    • The Colossus as a group of mobs has the highest HP at 18 Million, however, if it was singular mobs only, then Orphion has the highest HP at 8 Million.
    • The Colossus also has all of the main mobs in Phase 3 of it's fight being Level 400, however, the main level of the Colossus as a group of mobs is 250, which is tied with Orphion.
      • The Parasite is also Level 250, making it a three-way tie.