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Otherworldly Occurrence.png
Discovery Lore
The connection between our world and other realms has been shattered and warped as the war of corruption evolved.
Coordinates X: 921, Z: -470
Suggested Level 100
Reward 1500000 Experience Points
Uses Discovery

Otherworldly Occurrence is a Secret Discovery in the Eyeball Forest. The discovery tells you that the connection has been getting worse between our world and other realms.


 Location   Otherworldly Occurrence   X   921  Y   79  Z   -470  Wynncraft Map 
  • There are four eyeballs placed on different fences on opposite directions to each other that points to a gray concrete block.

Otherworldly Occurrence1.png

  • Stand at that block which is 921, 79, -470 and cast a spell.

Eyballforest location concrete.png

Gray concrete powder block