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Out of My Mind
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Troms
Province Wynn
Combat Level 63
Starter NPC Prentiss
Reward As follows:

Out of My Mind is a medium level 63 quest based in Troms.


Prentiss, Viola and Todd are curious to know who the mysterious man wandering around Troms is.

Stage 1[]

» Speak with the Troms children in the treehouse.

-860, 93, -963
Wynncraft Map


  • Prentiss: Did ye two hear about some guy wandering around town? I've heard strange rumours about him...
  • Todd: Of course I have, he's the talk of the town! I heard he only brushes his teeth once a day and that he enjoys books about gardening!
  • Viola: I don't know, you guys, all these rumors seem a little far-fetched. What next? Will he suddenly turn out to be a mad scientist?
  • Prentiss: Oh shush you, we're not living inside some storybook! Besides, if he *was* a mad scientist, wouldn't he be trying to take over the city like all mad scientists in stories do?
  • Todd: To me that doesn't sound all that strange compared to these other things I've been hearing, anyway... Something about labs and a "hermit".
  • Prentiss: I think that's a type of crab or something. Adults are right old weirdos sometimes.
  • Viola: Hey, a stranger! How long have you been listening to us? Didn't your mom teach you any manners?
  • Prentiss: Wait Viola, this is our chance! This stranger sure seems like they could tackle anything, even evil hermit crabs! We could just ask them to see if these rumours are true!
  • Todd: Ignore my friends over there, they're always like that, but what Prentiss said was true. This might be our only chance to really know who this mystery man really is!
  • Todd: It might be a good idea to look at that weird house next to those spooky ruins just south-east of the city. We found this key you could try out, but if you lose it there are some spares in our base.

Stage 2[]

» Find the hidden door next to the gate near the Undergrowth Ruins outside Troms

Hidden Door
-701, 58, -817
Wynncraft Map
  • So this must be the house that the kids were talking about... perhaps there is a way inside?

Stage 3[]

» Find a way inside the house at [-705,59,-817]

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to enter the house.

Press the button in the middle of the door.

(Note: You have to have the key earlier given to you at the treehouse with you.)

Stage 4[]

» Explore the hidden lab in search of information

  • What is that noise coming from the room to the right? Perhaps it is best to go there first.


  • Ariodo: Hello stranger! Welcome to my humble wooden abode. Comfy, isn't it? I bet you'd like a cup of this coff-
  • Ariodo: Oh yes, I am the affable Ariodo, friendly neighbourhood neighbour. What do you need me for?
  • Ariodo: Kidnappings? Poaching? Not brushing my teeth?! Who is the lowly person you're talking about... they don't seem like a nice fellow such as myself.
  • Ariodo: Lets go, I'll take you to the exit so that I don't waste your time any longer!
  • Ariodo: This is the room you came from. I call it the "Vivarium", creative name I came up with, right? It keeps my pets that aren't quite ready.
  • Ariodo: Ready for what? Well that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? Can't have anyone finding out before the big event!
  • Ariodo: Let us go now, time is precious.
  • Ariodo: So you must be thinking, how have you never met a fine fellow such as myself until now? To be quite honest, you must have been terribly unlucky, I used to travel the world, you know!
  • Ariodo: Oh, the places I've been were wonderful! From the depths of the jungle to the lesser depths of the jungle to even my back garden, I've done my fair share of exploring, if I do say so myself!
  • Ariodo: You are the first normal person I've seen recently, {PlayerName}. I went out recently and was met with some very rude remarks by some very rude townsfolk!
  • Ariodo: The last time I visited the town it was all empty too, but I could feel people were hiding in their homes, even on such a lovely day as then. There was no one even to hide from! Strange people.
  • Ariodo: I'm just a normal guy, so why can't anyone appreciate me for once? I'm sure you do, right?
  • Ariodo: Here we are, the library! I could spend years in here, but who has time for that? I could talk about books hours too! Here's one right now.
  • Ariodo: This is 'The Long-Winded and Painful Death of Sweeney S. Greenville' and I must say it is a hidden gem among books! One day it just suddenly appeared in here so I couldn't resist reading it. So it starts off with Sweeney S. Greenville...
  • As Ariodo continues to tell every excruciating detail of the book, you start to notice some of the library's residents.
  • 'Painting By Numbers for Children'?'Alchemical Circles for Dummies'? This person isn't the ordinary chap he made himself out to be!
  • Perhaps it is best to stay quiet until the exit.
  • Ariodo: We're here now! Take the exit right in front of you, don't mind the corridor to the right, it's only decoration!
  • Ariodo: Maybe you can come back some day for a tea or coffee and a long talk about books, since I noticed you were very interested in my long-winded review! Have fun out there and don't forget, I'm always here for you!
  • As you are about to leave the lab, an issue arises.
  • Ariodo: The ground is shaking... I thought that was supposed to happen later! Come back, friend, I can't do this alone!

Stage 5[]

» Build a machine to hit your head and get back to normal


  • Ariodo: Help me keep this door shut, or else my surprise will be ruined!
  • Ariodo: Just keep to the sides, it's safer that way.
  • Ariodo: Just stay here for one more momen...
  • Ariodo: Oh my, a ghost? Wait, is this just you, my trusty friend, playing a prank on me? No? Well that certainly is a problem!
  • Ariodo: If you remember, we were talking about keeping the door shut when suddenly something heavy fell off a shell hitting you square in the head!
  • Ariodo: I think I heard something about fighting fire with fire, so I think I have a way to get you back! You are a bit too heavy for me, so we need to think of a workaround.
  • Ariodo: During the shaking, some of my machines broke apart, but we could use these to build something capable of dropping someting heavier on your head for the second time.
  • Ariodo: Surely by that logic everything has to go well, you know. Now let me explain how we can do this. First, choose what part you want to use to make our machine, then choose where you want it to go and face.
  • Ariodo: The [Cart] can carry the coconut from one end of the platform to another for a few tiles, while the [Fan] can push the coconut even further.
  • Ariodo: The [Hammer] is able to knock the coconut over a one space gap while the [Cannon] can shoot the coconut one grid up diagonally in the direction it is facing.
  • Ariodo: I think I hit my head too, so I'll need your help deciding where to place each part. You want to get the coconut across to the green tile, remember?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the answer of the puzzle.
Fan - 10B - Left / Cannon - 7C - Left / Cannon - 6B - Left / Cart - 2A - Left / Hammer - Not needed


  • Ariodo: You're back! To be quite honest, I didn't think that would work, but I'm glad it did!
  • Ariodo: Quick, head through the large door and stop the cause of all this shaking!

Stage 6[]

» Find a way to destroy the plant monster, then return to the group in Troms at [-830,75,-979] to report your findings

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get the key.

Go to the left, kill the Thorned Beast, get the key, go back from the same way and go down to the entrance at the end and throw the key in the hopper.

  • The entrance has been cleared. What could lay behind it?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to continue.

Go back to the last room, throw the Malignant Bud that you got from killing the Malignant Beast in the previous room, in the hopper.


  • Ariodo: Oh no no, this is not good! If I had known that my little pet has grown so much I would have rushed you out sooner. Now it is wilted...
  • Ariodo: You did what you had to, though. I am sorry to say this friend, but I think I'll stay inside a little longer. Sorry, my only friend.
  • Ariodo: We'll surely meet again in the future, so don't be sad. I'll still be the one and only friendly neighbourhood neighbour when that moment comes, I promise. Goodbye now!
  • After whatever that was, nothing could possibly surprise you. Time to get back to the Troms Kids before things go awry again.


  • Todd: You're back! You were gone for ages too, and what happened to your head? Who did the mystery man turn out to be?
  • You tell the group of kids your experiences of strange creatures, even stranger men as well as a hazy memory about... a coconut?
  • Viola: That sounds ridiculous! Who could ever belie-
  • Prentiss: Wow that sounded just like in the stories, but it came from you, so it must be true!
  • Prentiss: I don't know about you, Todd, but I fell like we should make them our honorary club member for finding such amazing things!
  • Viola: Why do I even try... You two would believe anything.
  • Prentiss: I'm pretty sure they mentioned something about being hit by coconut crabs, and just look at their head. One... two... two huge bumps!
  • Viola: Oh fine... whatever you say, Prentiss. I'm sure they'll bring you on some wacky adventures next time around!
  • Todd: Ignore Viola, she's acting up today, probably because you're got the spotlight this time. However, I agree with Prentiss.
  • Todd: Thanks to you, we solved the case of the mystery man as well as the mystery house! For this I'd like to...
  • Todd: Welcome you to the club, new member! Here is your shiny new badge that you can parade around town to show off how cool you are to the other with style.
  • Prentiss: Also since all the adults do it, we'll give you some emeralds that you rightly deserve for such an achievement. We all pitched in!


  • Stay close to Ariodo while he's walking or he'll stop and say:

Ariodo: Keep near me, we can't have a lost guest!


  • This quest was reworked in the 1.16 Corkus Update.
  • The quest seems to be referencing Todd, Viola, and Prentiss from the book series, Chaos Walking.