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Ozoth's Gut StructureIcon.png
Ozoth's Gut.png
Coordinates X: 168, Z: -5187
Suggested Level 82
Involved Quests The Belly of the Beast
Monsters Dragon Flame : Level 82
Swallowed Adventurer : Level 83
Parasite : Level 83
Bacteria : Level 80
Bacteria : Level 84
Boss Giant Bacteria : Level 95
Battle 40
Puzzle 30
Parkour 30
Uses Quest
Requirements Started The Belly of the Beast

This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Ozoth's Gut is a large quest dungeon, unlocked during The Belly of the Beast. It houses parkour, puzzle and combat elements, and can be very difficult for some players due to the large quantities of fire and lava found throughout the area. During The Belly of the Beast, the player is asked by King Burtan to feed an enchanted flower to the dragon Ozoth, to render her docile and stop attacks on the city of Thanos. However, feeding Ozoth the flower would be incredibly difficult and dangerous; instead, the player must get swallowed by the dragon and travel through her digestive system, bringing the flower to the stomach and ultimately escaping to complete the quest.


The First Room[]

After passing through Ozoth's jaws and being eaten, you will fall into the first section of her throat. The passage at the bottom of the chamber is blocked by a door, and a button must be pressed in order to unlock this door and continue. Parkour across the several clusters of netherbrick ruins scattered along the walls of the room, and make your way upwards to the button. Once it has been pressed, jump down through the newly-opened passage and into the second section of the throat.

The Second Room[]

The second room is a long, twisted tunnel, leading towards the stomach and lungs. Several fires and small springs of lava can be found throughout this section, so be very careful not to touch it, to avoid heavy damage. Several mobs are also found in this section, including level 82 Dragon Flames and level 83 Swallowed Adventurers, who use ranged attacks. Avoid the mobs and reach the end of the tunnel, and pass into the first lung to find a way to reach Ozoth's stomach.

The Third Room[]

The first lung only contains a puzzle; however, some mobs from the throat might be able to follow you inside, so be careful. A large quartz structure is found on the opposite wall of the lung, with eight redstone lamps and three buttons: Reset, Rotate and Confirm. Pressing the Rotate button changes moves the lit lamp one block around the circle in a clockwise direction, and the Confirm button "confirms" the currently lit lamp. If it is correct, one of four lamps above the structure will light, and you will have to rotate the lit lamp again to the next correct position. Once the correct position has been confirmed four times, the puzzle will be solved and the door leading into the next room will open. See below for details on how exactly to solve the puzzle:

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the solution to the first puzzle.

Near the quartz structure are four numbered, blocked tunnels, each with a diagram inside showing the correct position for the tunnel's number. For example, the tunnel numbered 2 contains the solution for the second iteration of the puzzle. To open these tunnels, four Emeralds must be placed on four wooden pressure plates that are found throughout the lung. The exact solution to the puzzle is as follows:

  • Rotate three times, moving the lit lamp into the upper middle position.
  • Confirm.
  • Rotate six times, moving the lit lamp into the left middle position.
  • Confirm.
  • Rotate five times, moving the lit lamp into the bottom right position.
  • Confirm.
  • Rotate two times, moving the lit lamp into the bottom left position.
  • Confirm.

Following these steps should light all four lamps above the puzzle, opening the passage to the second lung.

The Fourth Room[]

The fourth room is Ozoth's second lung, and contains another puzzle. The room also contains a one-way door leading back into the second room of the throat. This puzzle is focused around a netherbrick structure on one wall of the lung, containing a furnace, five redstone lamps and five buttons. Each button is paired with an item frame, containing a vanilla item from Minecraft. The buttons must be pressed in the correct order, with each correct push lighting up one of the lamps; once all five lamps are lit the door will open leading into the stomach area. See below for details on how exactly to solve the puzzle:

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the solution to the second puzzle.

Each item in the item frames is a Minecraft item that can be used as fuel in a furnace, with each providing fuel for a different amount of time: a Lava Bucket, Charcoal, Coal Block, Wooden Shovel and Log. The correct order to press the buttons is based on how long each item will provide fuel for, in ascending order. This order is as follows:

  • Wooden Shovel, which burns in a furnace for 10 seconds
  • Log, which burns in a furnace for 15 seconds
  • Charcoal, which burns in a furnace for 80 seconds
  • Coal Block, which burns in a furnace for 800 seconds
  • Lava Bucket, which burns in a furnace for 1000 seconds

After the buttons have all been pressed in the correct order, the door will open and give access to the next chamber.

The Fifth Room[]

After passing through the lungs, and a small combat segment with Dragon Flames and Swallowed Adventurers, you will reach the vast cavern of Ozoth's stomach. It is filled with lava, with only a few pillars jutting up through it, and serves as a large parkour course. The lava can be deadly without healing, so be very careful not to fall in while jumping. In the centre of the Stomach on a small pillar is Tharroli, an important NPC in the Belly of the Beast quest; during the quest, he must be given the Enchanted Flower before players can continue on through the rest of Ozoth's gut. When you first enter the stomach area, the door on the other end is closed; to open it, you must first parkour to the centre to reach Tharroli, then north to reach a button that opens the door. After the button has been pressed, backtrack along the parkour and continue east to the door, and pass through it into the sixth area.

The Sixth Room[]

After crossing the dangerous stomach, you will find yourself in Ozoth's intestines. These are a long, narrow and twisted tunnel, containing level 83 Parasites, and level 84 Bacteria. It is difficult to avoid the mobs in the cramped space, so make sure you are ready to fight them off. After passing through the entirety of the area, you will find yourself in a small room with a black teleporter at the other end; however, it is guarded by an optional boss, the level 95 Giant Bacteria. The Bacteria is also aided by weaker, level 80 versions of the regular Bacteria found in the intestines, and even if you choose not to fight it, it can be difficult to avoid taking damage while passing through the room. Whether the Bacteria is killed or not, after reaching the other end you will be teleported outside Ozoth, and can return to King Burtan to complete Belly of the Beast (if you haven't already).