Ozoth's Spire

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Ozoth's Spire NaturalIcon.png
Ozoth Spire.png
Ozoth laying on top of the Spire
Discovery Lore
Tainted by the flames, this spire serves as the dramatic trail up to the nest of the dragon herself, Ozoth.
Coordinates X: 175, Z: -5190
Suggested Level 82
Involved Quests The Belly of the Beast
Type/Biomes Mountain
Monsters Baby Dragon
Uses Quests

Ozoth's Spire is a massive mountain above Thanos dedicated to the dragon Ozoth for the quest The Belly of the Beast.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The spire looks a bit like the Nether, and can be seen from the map
  • It is recommended not to wander into the area of the spire by accident, as it is very hostile.

Gallery[edit | edit source]