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Disambig.png This article is about the Relik. For the Boss which drops this item, see Bottomless Pit.
Panic Zealot

Item Lore
They must know what you went through. They must suffer the same as you did.
Item Information
Item Relik
Min. Level 101
Rarity Fabled
Class Shaman/Skyseer
Powder Slots 3 ()
Obtain Boss Altar
Attack Speed Super Fast (+3)
Tag Untradable
Base Damage
Neutral 46-60
Air 43-63
Agility Minimum: 85
Boss Altar Bottomless Pit
Other Information
+Furious Effigy: Totem effects are twice as fast, but the duration is halved

Panic Zealot is a Fabled Relik, dropped from the boss of the bottomless pit has the same name, requiring a minimum level of 101 and an agility minimum of 85 to wield.

The downsides of the weapon include a low base damage, and a high -HP debuff (it is the second highest weapon in terms of -HP, just before Cataclysm), but has -% Spell Costs (which can be used to pair with Ambivalence from the Eldritch Outlook Dungeon and is Super Fast combined with +4 Attack Speed tiers, making it useful for Thunder Fire Air Fast Hybrid. The Major ID makes healing tick every 0.5 seconds, and the Totem attack ticks every 0.5 seconds as well. Haul, Aura, and Uproot are not affected in any way, except that Uproot is more useful due to a halved totem timer.


It costs 1272 Emeralds to identify Panic Zealot.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Walk Speed   +9%  +39%
 Attack Speed   +1 Tier  +4 Tiers
 Health   -6500  -3500
  Thunder Damage   -39%  -21%
 First Spell Cost   -70%  -130%
 Second Spell Cost   -70%  -130%
 Third Spell Cost   -70%  -130%


  • The name of the item, as well as the lore, suggests that the Panic Zealot itself is the weapon, and due to it being a viable Spell option for Shamans, it seems that it wants the Player to enact Panic upon whatever it attacks.
  • The Panic appears to stem from repeated casts of Aura and Totem, suggesting that the enemy is repeatedly stuck and taking massive damage with the wielder healing easily while the enemy is getting killed, much like the Panic Zealot boss fight. Due to its Major ID, Totem deals twice the DPS and healing, possibly enacting further panic from the enemy.