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Party Finder
NPC Info
X: Varies Z: Varies
Location Cities and Towns

The Party Finder is an NPC found in towns, Dungeons, Raids, and other combat challenges. Interacting with them brings up the party finder menu, which displays available parties that you can join. You can also bring up the party finder menu by using the command /party finder or /partyfinder from any location. It also features the Party Queue, which allows players to queue for raids or corrupted dungeons and be grouped up with other players once a party can be made.

Creating and Managing a Party[]

The party creation menu allows you specify a multitude of attributes that you can change about your party. All parties creating using the party finder are public and can be joined by anyone as long as they meet the requirements.

  • Description - Required field. Provides a description of your party, with a maximum of 140 characters.
  • Minimum Combat Level - Sets the minimum combat level players must be in order to join your party. Can be set from 1 to 106, and cannot be set to a value higher than the player's own combat level.
  • Max Player Count - Sets the maximum amount of players that can join your party. Can be set from 2 to 8 players, or up to 16 players if you have a Rank.
  • Party Type - Categorizes your party into one of seven types:
    Grinding Mobs,
    Grinding Professions,
    Boss Altars,
    Guild Recruitment,
    Social, and

After your party is created, it will be visible to all eligible players on their own party finder menu, displaying your party's icon, its description, and the party leader's name.

You can remove your party from the party finder menu by disbanding it.

Party Queue[]

The party finder menu also hosts the party queue, a feature that allows players to queue up for certain activities and automatically be added to a party once enough players are in the queue. Like public parties, you can join these from anywhere on the map, allowing you to queue for Raids and Corrupted Dungeons while doing other things. You can view the amount of players in the queue at any time, and it will also take into account the entry price of the activity, like Runes and total party level for Raids, or Corrupted Dungeon Keys for The Forgery. You can only queue for one party at a time.

Currently, the four party queues are:

Once enough players are queued and a party is found, all players in the party much confirm to join the party in a pop-up menu within 30 seconds. If all players are ready, then they will all be sent to the same world, placed into a party, and teleported to the location of the raid or The Forgery. If a player declines or does not respond, then the all of the other players will be placed back into the party queue.