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Pets are companions that can be obtained from Loot Crates or can be bought with money in the Wynncraft store. You can have up to one pet summoned at one time, while VIP+ players and higher can have three pets summoned at a time. Ranked players can also rename their pets and horses via the /renamepet command or through the pet selection window.

There are two types of pets: ones that are only bought through the store, and Wybels, which cannot be bought and are only found through Loot Crates.

Combat and Leveling[]

While you have pets summoned, they follow you into battle, attacking enemies near you. As your pets participate in battle, they level up, gaining more damage and many other features.

All pets deal the same amount of damage, and having more pets summoned does not increase their total damage output. For non-Champions, the maximum level for pets is 20. Champion-ranked players have the ability to level up their pets to level 100, assign them tasks, like storing or selling items, and can pet their pets.

List of Pets[]

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List of Loot Crate Pets[]

These pets can only be obtainable from Loot Crates. Pets from the Festival of the Bonfire and the Festival of the Spirits no longer obtainable.





Black Market[]

List of Special Pets[]

The following pets cannot be purchased from the store or obtained from Loot Crates.

Removed from Store[]

These pets were in the store before the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update was released.

Legacy Pets[]

All pets that can be purchased from the in-game shop with residual gold coins

Icon Item Price (EB)

Chicken 180

Cow 180

Pig 180

Sheep 180

Zombie 280

Skeleton 280

Spider 280

Pigman 280

Cave Spider 280

Wolf 280

Ocelot 280

Mooshroom 380

Villager 380

Slime 430

Squid 430

Magma Slime 460

Iron Golem 700

Blaze 700

Enderman 700

Witch 700

Wither Skeleton 700

Minecart 920

Boat 920

Floating Eye 1100

Ghostly Painting 1100

Pearl 1100

Wither 2500


  • Pets can speak to you as you adventure throughout the world of Wynncraft. To see an in-progress list, see Pets/Dialogue.