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Pit of the Dead
Quest Info
Length Short
Location Pit of the Dead
Province Wynn
Combat Level 23
Starter NPC Merloni
Reward As follows:

Pit of the Dead is a short level 23 quest located at the Pit of the Dead.


Merloni asks the player to investigate the mysterious Pit of the Dead, that was used as a grave for the miners that did not survive the first attacks of the corrupted.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Merloni in Nemract at [210, 37, -2150]



  • Merloni: Would you like to hear the tale of the pit of the dead?
  • Merloni: It is the pit where the corpses of the poor miners who discovered what is now named the Nether Portal are buried.
  • Merloni: Those that had not already died had to be executed due to the insanity brought on from the corruption.
  • Merloni: Their spirits still haunt the grave and infect the minds of people who disturb them. It isn't pretty.
  • Merloni: However, I heard rumours of those who were able to bathe in their waters and be accepted by them, to show no fear of the dead is to be admired.
  • Merloni: Maybe this shrine that I keep hearing about has something to do with it? It's apparently hidden deep inside the pit.
  • Merloni: Soldier, the pit is located south east of Nemract, across the bridge behind us. I will write down the coordinates inside your quest book.
  • Merloni: Enter the pit. Learn it's mysteries, then come back to me.

Stage 2[]

» Explore the pit at [356, 58, -1914] and find the shrine

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to finding the hidden shrine.

Jump into the pit. You will be taken to an underground area; you must reach the end to find the shrine. First, you must do some simple parkour across stone platforms, although it is easy to skip it using movement spells. You will then be taken to a room with a river of lava and the shrine in the center, avoid the mobs and jump into the shrine. The mobs will then be appeased and the river will change to normal water; you can exit through the way you came in and return to Merloni.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CorruptedSpirit.png Corrupted Spirit 24 175 Ranged AI - - - Pit of the Dead
Lava River Room
AppeasedSpirit.png Appeased Spirit 24 175 None AI - - - Pit of the Dead
Normal River Room

Stage 3[]

» Go back to Nemract and tell Merloni that you succeeded

210, 37, -2149
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  • Merloni: Very impressive! Here's your reward. I found it a while ago while walking around Nemract. It probably fell off a skeleton!


  • If you run straight through the pit, you can avoid being hit and finish the quest very quickly.