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Plague Laboratory DungeonIcon.png
Plague Laboratory.png
The Boss Altar
Discovery Lore
Mold, viscera, chemicals, and waste combine to give this laboratory a disgusting smell. Filth seems to cover every inch of this place.
Coordinates X: -1830, Z: -5260
Suggested Level 50
Reward 128 Emeralds
Type/Biomes Swamp
Monsters Locust of Consumption (Lv. 50)
Locust of Rejuvenation (Lv. 50)
Locust of Infection (Lv. 50)
Boss Olux Plague Doctor
Uses Grinding


Olux Swamp
-1830, -5260
Wynncraft Map

This Boss Altar is designed for players that are around level 55, and is located in the basement of a house near Olux.


In order to enter, 5 Cursed Venom Sacs must be right clicked on the altar. The venom sacs are dropped by Cursed Silk Spiders, which spawn inside dens found in the swamp - the nearest den is slightly north of the house where the altar is located. After activating the altar, you get teleported to the Plague Laboratory. From there you can enter the boss arena.


Olux Plague Doctor: Hm? Aha, so the noises I heard were an uninvited guest rummaging about my laboratory...

Olux Plague Doctor: Well, I do suppose it would be rude to hide the fruits of my study from you. Perhaps you will even provide just what I need to complete my next experiment!


The boss for this altar is the Plague Doctor. He has 80 000 HP, and uses a ranged attack in the shape of a potion bottle every 2 seconds, inflicting significant damage. He often attacks by using Explosion and Arrow Storm spells. Explosion is often signaled by a Charge, and Arrow Storm is often signaled by a Push. He can additionally use Heavy Weakness, Heavy Slowness and Teleport spells. He is resistant to all elemental damage and deals Earth and Water damage himself.

The minions of the battle have an unique attribute to them. They are practically "unkillable" as they constantly cycle between their 3-4 phases, never dying for good. Only the Rejuvenation and Transformation locust phases can be killed by the player, where as the rest will just eventually use Self-Destruct to transform into their next form. All of the minions, along with the boss itself, have Crowd Control Immunity, also known as CCI, which means that they cannot be stunned, slowed, trapped, or any of the sort.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
OluxPlagueDoctor.png Olux Plague Doctor 60 80000 Ranged Teleport
Arrow Storm
Water: Damage, Defense
Earth: Damage, Defense
Fire: Defense
Air: Defense
Thunder: Defense

128 Emeralds

Aqua Vitae

Spiked Capsule

Acidic Solution

Plague Staff

Plague Mask

Purification Bead
Plague Laboratory
LocustofRejuvenation.png Locust of Rejuvenation 50 5250 Melee Heal
- Locust of Infection Plague Laboratory
Locust of Transformation
LocustofInfection.png Locust of Infection 50 500000 Melee Slowness
- Locust of Consumption Plague Laboratory
Locust of Rejuvenation
LocustofConsumption.png Locust of Consumption 50 500000 Melee Multihit
- Locust of Rejuvenation Plague Laboratory
Locust of Infection
LocustofTransformation.png Locust of Transformation 50 3500 Melee Self-Destruct - Locust of Rejuvenation Plague Laboratory


The arena is filled with different Locusts. For each Locust killed, another one spawns, and the Olux Plague Doctor constantly summons new ones as well. The limit is 199 Locusts in the room at once, although most players become quickly overwhelmed before this cap is reached.

  • Locust of Rejuvenation: These have 3500 health and are easily killed, however focusing on them is not recommended since when killed they will just spawn a different type of locust. They only deal 60-70 damage per hit and only have Heal and Self Destruct spells.
  • Locust of Consumption: These have 500000 health and are virtually invincible. They deal 130-170 damage per hit and have Multihit and Self Destruct spells.
  • Locust of Infection: These have 500000 health as well, but only deal 90-120 damage per hit. They have Slowness, Weakness and Self Destruct spells.


  • Focus on the Olux Plague Doctor and try to kill him as fast as possible, do not try to kill the Locusts. They will overwhelm you within a few minutes and you will inevitably die if you don't kill the boss first.
  • Be aware of the Self Destruct spells, as they can deal heavy amounts of damage at once and potentially kill you.
  • Keep a distance from the exit door, you can get pushed into the exit door and exit the place while the Plague Doctor is still alive.


  • The Olux Plague doctor's species is Villager.
  • The altar used to require 16 Cursed Venom Sacks, but the amount was drastically decreased in Version 1.20.2.