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Point of No Return
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Lutho
Province Silent Expanse
Combat Level 102
Starter NPC Lutho Citizen
Reward As follows:

Point of No Return is a quest that takes place in Lutho. It was added in the 1.19 update.


The last citizen of Lutho that still has a connection to her soul tells you that you have to make a decision about keeping the connection to your own. Following this, your soul then gets separated from your body and you must undergo several trials to reconnect with it. This quest delves into why the town's citizens are all eyeless and don't speak.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to the Lutho Citizen at [1014,77,-675].

  • Lutho Citizen: Wait, it can't be. Look me in the eyes. You are human, like me.
  • Lutho Citizen: Well, maybe not anymore. Look around you. These people are barely alive.
  • Lutho Citizen: I have kept my eyes because I chose to keep them.
  • Lutho Citizen: Now you are here you will have to make that same decision. Just remember this:
  • Lutho Citizen: No matter what, you MUST KEEP GOING.

Stage 2[]


  • You look different in the mirror. It is a reflection of your inner self.
  • Did your soul just stop following you?

Use the Soul Retainer behind you to switch places with your soul.

  • Holding the Soul Retainer seems to switch your location with your soul...
  • Where did your soul go?

Stage 3[]


Follow your soul walking away from you.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to What to do in the room with your soul.
You must stand on the golden pressure plate in the middle of the structure and do the same with your soul by using the Soul Retainer.
  • Your soul and body synchronize, the way is opened..

Stage 4[]


Continue following your soul.

  • Your soul seems to be slipping away from reality...

Your soul stops, and you're surrounded by enemies resembling human eyes called the "Eyeless". They are relatively weak, and should be killed easily.

Your soul then proceeds to be replaced by an Eyeless, and a trail of blood is formed.

  • A blood trail?

Stage 5[]


Follow the blood trail to the next room.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to What to do in the room with your soul.
Using the Soul Retainer once again, you must switch places with your soul repeatedly to navigate up the parkour. Every time you switch with your soul on the last platform, a new platform will be added. Repeat until you reach the first column, then ride a block trail that will make its way to the other column in the room. Standing on the pressure plate launches you upwards to the next room.

WARNING: It is highly recommended that you have a low ping when completing this and the next stage. This is because servers with high amounts of lag will cause you to fall through the platforms when switching. If you're doing this part and experience these glitches, then join a different server with less lag or switch hubs depending on your location for lower latency.

Stage 6[]


In the next room, there are four pressure plates identified with textures: Cobblestone, Sandstone, Wood, and Stone.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Explanation of the room.
In this room, you must stand on one of the four pressure plates at a time to spawn platforms for your soul to jump onto using the Soul Retainer. If you swap and your soul is suspended midair, a platform will appear directly under it regardless of whichever material is picked. The goal is to reach either gateway with your soul.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to How to reach the gateway.

First, stand on the Cobblestone pressure plate.

Then, have your soul stand on the platform 1 block off the ground near the front center of the room.

Switch back and stand on the Wood pressure plate. Jump to the platform 1 block up and away from where you are standing.

Once you reach the platform, switch to the Stone pressure plate and jump to the platform 2 blocks away from yours.

Move back to Wood and jump to the platform that is at the same height as the platform you're standing under.

Finally, move over to Cobblestone and perform a 3 block 1 jump to the next platform. Jump from this platform to the gateway.

Stage 7[]


  • Where did your soul go?!

*When your soul begins to move*

  • Your soul runs beneath your feet.
  • It leads you onwards..

*When you use the Soul Retainer*

  • You should try reproducing your soul's steps to find the exit...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to How to complete the movement puzzle.
Follow your soul's movements. While this part may seem hard, there will be indicators as to where to turn in the form of fire particles. Follow these until you reach the end and walk towards your soul, which will then proceed to disappear and teleport you to the next room.

*Upon completion of the maze*

  • Your soul drifts further from you. Will you ever get it back?

Stage 8[]


  • Why can you fly here...?
  • The floor's rising! You need to escape upwards!
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Reaching the top.
When you start flying, the floor begins to rise. Your soul will reflect your position on the other side, where you can see the holes - indicated by red boxes - that you must pass through to go upwards. The next hole appears once the floor completely fills the previous level.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to After the flying puzzle.
You will then need to reach the bottom of the dropper-esque puzzle without hitting the spikes protruding from the void. From here, follow your soul which you will follow.
  • [-1 Soul Retainer]

Stage 9[]


Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Surviving.
Your soul will begin to attack you by reflecting your location on the other side and shortly the floor beneath that spot to fall indicated by particle effects. After 30 seconds, the door will open to the next spot.
  • The passage to the next area has opened...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Surviving.
Pillars of flames will appear randomly in the area before exploding shortly after. When the timer is nearly over, the pillars will begin to spawn directly on the player. After 30 seconds, the door will open to the next spot.
  • The passage to the next area has opened...
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to After the two timed challenges.
Follow your soul while avoiding collision with the other souls walking in your direction.

Stage 10[]


  • You've left the darkness...

You jump into the portal and arrive at what initially appears to be Lutho from the past.

  • Is this... Lutho? It seems different?


  • Lutho Citizen: Ahh.. A newcomer! Welcome, welcome!
  • Lutho Citizen: Don't worry, you are safe here. The Obelisk protects.
  • Lutho Citizen: It arrived here.. Uhm. Hm. You know, I can't remember when.
  • Lutho Citizen: It's been here a while.
  • Lutho Citizen: Anyway, feel free to look around.


  • Lutho Citizen: It's been quite some time since a new face has shown up here.
  • Lutho Citizen: Don't be fooled, everything you see is very real.
  • Lutho Citizen: At least, in a sense that matters. The Obelisk protects us.
  • Lutho Citizen: You should go and take a closer look at it.


  • Lutho Citizen: I can't see why anyone would choose to stay there.
  • Lutho Citizen: I don't blame you for being here.
  • Lutho Citizen: We all chose this, in the end. There wasn't much of an alternative.
  • Lutho Citizen: Thank Grook that the obelisk is here to help us.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to What to do in Happier Lutho.
Go to the part of the Obelisk that's sparkling in the bank which will cause it to open up. Enter and fall down to a lush area. Stand on the beacon to start levitating upwards to the top of the obelisk where you will confront your soul.

Stage 10[]


Your soul will begin to speak to you.

  • Hello, <Playername>.
  • I am you.
  • You are me.
  • We are one.
  • Not here, though.
  • The Obelisk offers us different paths.
  • It offers to protect me, while leaving you in reality.
  • If you want to return as one, you must heed my words.
  • I may not be able to speak in the physical realm...
  • But your actions... Your deeds... They shape me, hurt me, heal me.
  • Choose our path wisely.

Stage 11[]

»Leave Happier Lutho.

  • Lutho Guard: If you really want to leave, no one is stopping you. Except maybe yourself.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to Leaving happier Lutho.
Exit the city from the back where you will need to go towards the darkness. When you try to leave, you will be teleported away from the exit portal. It will continuously get further and further away until you enter it and return to Lutho.
  • Something is holding us back.
  • You must keep going.
  • We must keep going.
  • Are you sure we want to face reality?
  • The only thing holding us back is us.

Upon leaving happier Lutho

  • Back to reality... We should talk to that citizen again.

Stage 12[]

»Talk to the Lutho Citizen who sent you on this journey.

  • Lutho Citizen: You- you chose to come back. I saw your eyes disappear, briefly.
  • Lutho Citizen: As you can see... Everyone in this town chose to stay there.
  • Lutho Citizen: It started as just one or two.. But over the years more and more people chose to stay.
  • Lutho Citizen: Now the shells are kept functioning by some blessing or curse of the obelisk.
  • Lutho Citizen: I'm the last one to choose reality.. Although I wonder if it might just be easier to...

The Lutho Citizen will disappear in a puff of smoke. After this quest is completed, the citizen will now be a shell like the rest of the citizens.


  • This quest has a few 3+1 blocks jumps, so walk speed buffers such as a potion of agility, a weapon/armor piece with walk speed bonus, or archer's escape spell speed boost is highly recommended.
  • On Stage 6, you are highly susceptible to falling through the platform your soul is standing on when you switch. This is because your soul NPC lingers for a short moment when you switch with it, and it tends to push you down as you're spawning inside of it. To prevent this from happening, hold space right before you switch with your soul while standing on the pressure plate. This will still make the platforms activate, but it will also make you jump when you switch, preventing you from falling through the platform.
  • On Stage 8, make sure you are not wearing any piece of equipment that provides jump boost, as it prevents you from getting the actual jump boost effect that prevents you from falling to your death.
  • On Stage 9, part two (with the flame pillars), you can avoid harm by either using movement spells or by simply hiding under the doorway to the next part, where the flames will not be able to reach you.