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Portal to Dern PathIcon.png
Discovery Lore
Thought to be only a myth, this portal's existence confirms the legends that the Silent Expanse is a road to Dern. How to access it, though, is perhaps a mystery that can't be solved yet...
Coordinates X: 1300, Z: -460
Access Points The Eldritch Outlook: ???, ???
Suggested Level 103
Type/Biomes End

The Portal to Dern is a giant void of floating islands at the back of The Eldritch Outlook which houses the large portal that leads to The Realm of Dern, and the final area that the player will encounter in the Silent Expanse. The area can only be accessed after completing the Eldritch Outlook dungeon once.

Points of Interest[]


A Hunter's Calling

Boss Altars[]


Other Structures[]


  • Portal to Dern is one of two areas with open void, with the other being Sky Islands.
  • Despite being one of the highest level areas, no mobs spawn here.
  • The landscape surrounding the portal is blocked by barriers.
  • The Portal to Dern is also known as The Gate.