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Potion Making
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Detlas
Province Wynn
Combat Level 12
Starter NPC The Assistant
Reward As follows:

Potion Making is a medium level 12 quest, located near Detlas' east gate and Essren's Hut on the Black Road.


The Assistant requests the assistance of the player in altering a dangerous potion. He needs the player's help to gather the ingredients, so he can change it.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to The Assistant in Detlas at [491, 67, -1575]



  • The Assistant: Heeh...stranger. I...may need your assistance...
  • The Assistant: My master...wishes to create a very dangerous potion...a transformative elixir of invincibility...
  • The Assistant: I was...in support of this... but then, he accrued essence of...the corruption. I had to run away...
  • The Assistant: I fear...that he may be going...too far. I need your help...
  • The Assistant: Get me...[8 Red Mushrooms], they can be found outside the east gate behind me.

Stage 2[]

» Bring back [8 Red Mushrooms] to The Assistant in Detlas

491, 67, -1574
Wynncraft Map


  • The Assistant: Good...good. You have the mushrooms.
  • The Assistant: You must...ensure that it has worked. You...are much stronger than I, stranger...
  • The Assistant: Did you see the orange witch hat roofed hut when you were gathering the mushrooms?
  • The Assistant: That is my master's house, you must go back out the east gate and enter the hut.
  • The Assistant: Bring me his...coat as proof...of his death...

Stage 3[]

» Enter the hut at [616, 67, -1616] and slay Essren

Stage 4[]

» Bring back Essren's Dusty Coat to The Assistant in Detlas



  • Dr. Essren: Ah, you must be the one my assistant told me about.
  • Dr. Essren: If you are trying to stop me, it's too late. I already drank the pot-...
  • Dr. Essren: What is this taste? Mushrooms? This can't b-
  • Dr. Essren: Aaȃ̵̠ȃ̵̠aȃ̵̠r̸̘̈́r̸̘̈́r̸̘̈́ġ̴̼gg!
  • Transformed Essren: What have you done to this potion, human? You will pay for it!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Dr.Essren(Mob).png Dr. Essren 15 500 Charge AI Meteor ✽ Weak
✦ Dam

Essren's Dusty Coat
Essren's Hut
491, 67, -1574
Wynncraft Map


  • The Assistant: I...must thank you, stranger...
  • The Assistant: I only hope...that my master will not be...angry with me about this. It...was for the better.
  • The Assistant: Now. I...do not want you saying anything about...these events. Take these, and...never speak of this again.


  • In stage 2, after giving the mushrooms, you'll have to go down the stairs and enter the hut, but The Assistant will still ask for the mushrooms. Ignore what he is saying and enter the hut.