Wynncraft Wiki
Pots/Clay Pots

Found in Dungeons, Caves, Cities and Ruins
Drops Emeralds (0-5) or Items

Pots (also referred to as Clay Pot(s)) were added in the 1.12 Mob Update and are scattered throughout dungeons, and other special places. They can be broken, and when they are broken, they have a chance of dropping an emerald or powders and an even rarer chance of dropping a piece of Unidentified Armour or Weapon.

Image of a pot (Flower Pot).


  • Pots are a reference to The Legend of Zelda, in which you can also break pots to gain Rupees.
  • Pots are the only thing in Wynncraft that you can actually break.
  • If you get an item, the break pot sound will be sharper.
  • Some classes find it easier to break pots than others. This is to do with the attack methods.
  • Pots drop emeralds despite what currency the city they are located in have.
  • You can break pots with every weapon, including range weapons.
  • You are able to break multiple pots simultaneously.
  • Pots are not affected by loot bonus.