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Discovery Lore
Theorick was the principal defender of the Nesaak region for many years. The inhabitants volunteered contributions to him, sometimes in gratitude, sometimes in fear. He also loved to make pottery.
Coordinates X: -400, Z: -550
Suggested Level Combat level 40+
Uses Discovery

Pottery Wheel is a Secret Discovery located in Ice Canyon. The discovery focuses around how Theorick treated the citizens he protected.


Nesaak Forest
-400, 83, -550
Wynncraft Map
  • There is a pottery wheel up the mountain starting at -212, 41, -488. Bring some clay from a crate close by to activate the pottery wheel.

Pottery Wheel1.png Pottery Wheel2.png


This cutscene shows two citizens bringing tribute to Theorick.

  • 425 Years Ago
  • Citizen: Sir Theorick, if you, um... if you have a moment? Your tribute is here...
  • Theorick: ...good. Thank you. Good to see some who honestly respect what I'm trying to do for all of you. Was there anyone else?
  • Citizen: Ah...no, There...there wasn't. Not this time. They feel like you're taking too much from them, which I don't agree with, but-
  • Theorick: ...ask them, if they would prefer their money, or their lives. Am I not protecting them? Is it really so much to ask that I get something in return?
  • Citizen: We...we know. We told them that, too...we're sorry.
  • Theorick: You aren't the ones who need to apologize! I'm aware it's a voluntary contribution, but do they have any idea how difficult it is to cast magic like this regularly?!

It ends with the two citizens screaming "AAAAH!" while running away.
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