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Prison Story
Quest Info
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Location Ragni
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Combat Level 3
Starter NPC [[{{{npc}}}]]
Reward As follows:

As follows

Prison Story is an entry level quest, that can be started by talking to Ooni, an inmate who is trying to escape Ragni's prison. He will ask you to recover a key from an accomplice, who has been spooked by the prison guards. The accomplice Waront is hiding out in the sewers under Ragni. Find him to retrieve the key and to set Ooni free!

Stage 1

  • Talk to Ooni in Ragni's Prison


  • Ooni: Oh! I am so glad to see you!
  • Ooni: My name is Ooni, and I've been detained in this cell for over 20 years now!
  • Ooni: A kind adventurer named Waront was about to give me the key to escape, but he got scared away by some guards!
  • Ooni: He is probably hiding in the sewers. If you could get the key back to me, it would be wonderful!

Stage 2

  • Find Waront in the sewers and take the key


  • Waront: Wo! You're not with the guards, are you?
  • Waront: Thank god! Yes, I do have the key, here it is.
  • Waront: Hopefully we can free the prisoner...

Stage 3


  • Ooni: Wonderful! You got the key!
  • Ooni: Although, I got king of used to this cell, I think I'll stay for a bit.
  • Ooni: However, I am not greedy! Here's something to thank you.