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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Quicksand SiteIcon.png
The pit of quicksand concealing the ruins entrance.
Discovery Lore
The civilization that ruled this land over 2000 years ago seemed to be equally as educated as people today. There are lots of texts dedicated to the Emperor.
Coordinates X: 1063, Z: -2120
Suggested Level 30
Uses Discovery
Requirements none

Quicksand is a Secret Discovery located north of the Almuj Bank in the Desert. Next to a warning sign is a pit of sand that conceals the entrance to some underground ancient ruins, which contain a library. When the player enters, Junes will accompany them through the ruins.


1063, 73, -2120
Wynncraft Map
  • Jump into the pit of sand near the warning sign to enter the ruins.


Junes: Uh oh!

Junes: Looks like somebody got stuck in some quicksand.

Junes: Don't worry. I'm sure there's all sorts of wonders below the surface!

Junes: In fact, I think I'll join you!

Junes: How on earth did you know that these quicksand spots lead to empire ruins?

Junes: Don't tell me you just jumped in there without knowing what would happen.

Junes: Well, your luck paid off this time. I like your Grook feathers, guard.

Junes: Let's see what's down there!

Junes: Incredible.. I've never seen so many scriptures in one place.. Libraries are rare even today.

Junes: This is the third library I've found.. And the smallest, too.

Junes: I've been studying the language, and I think I can read a little bit of what they have here.

Junes: This book is all about farming.. Farming in a desert? It doesn't make sense.

Junes: Look, here again... A book about plant care and soil.

Junes: I'm not entirely sure how old this civilization is.. But it predates the portal being open, that much is certain.

Junes: Here's a book entirely dedicated to the royal family, how interesting.

Junes: Wow, how is this possible? The tree starts with The Emperor... But he's had hundreds of children..

Junes: Over.. Hundreds of years..

Junes: It shows his children being born after his great grandchildren had died.

Junes: How old was this emperor?

Junes: Oh! These mechanisms still work!

Junes: There must have been books here not for public knowledge..

Junes: Let's see... Hmm... I don't understand it at all. The only word I recognise here is "life".

Junes: I need to get some fresh air, the dust is starting to get to me. Looks like the exit is right there.