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One of the gates of Ragni

Ragni in brief

Status: Wynn citadel
Settled: B.v.a.
Coordinates: x: -820 z: -1580
Residents: Villagers
Bank: No


Zombies lvl. 1 (outside)

Bob the Zombie

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Ragni is the city the player begins their journey in. This city doesn't have a bank nor Liquid merchant, however it has basic armor, weapons and potions merchants to get new player

NOTE: This is not nor is meant to be an official storyline. Any aspect of this storyline may be changed at any time, with regard to the official storyline.

When the first humans arrived to these unhabited lands, a strange force was pushing them to back into seemingly uninteresting plains. With urge to mine into the tough mountains, they mined without any breaks. After weeks of headless mining, they've discovered a patch of glowing, dark blue ore. Some of those subjected to the ore were given supernatural powers; some gained the ability to teleport miles in seconds, healing others with a mere thought, while others became aggresive, setting houses on fire, even creating powerful, exploding flaming projectiles when intimidated or frightened. Curious humans paid no attention to the risks and thoroughly examined the ore to find anything that could be proven useful to them. Those too frightened of the examinations rebelled against those who didn't, leaving them and settling a new hold of Troms. As the time passed they lost all of their supernatural powers as the result of not being subjected to the ore. They became great miners and warriors, seeking wealth in the endless systems of underground caves. With Ragni being the center of magic and Troms the center of wealth, we move onto the Official storyline.

Points of interest


  • Fort is the heard of the town, housing the Ragni's king. All new players spawn here.
  • Weapon, armor and potion merchants sell the most basic equipment to new players, gearing them up before they venture into the world of WynnCraft
  • Wheat merchant sells wheat used for The Cook quest.
  • The kitchen houses the Cook, NPC giving one of the first quests.


  • Ragni's king
  • The cook
  • Enzar


  • Weapon Merchant
  • Armor Merchant
  • Potion Merchant
  • Wheat Merchant