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Ragni's King
NPC Info
X: -938 Z: -1566
Location Ragni
Quest Involved King's Recruit
WynnExcavation Site D

Ragni's King is an NPC that can be found in the castle of Ragni. He rules over the city of Ragni. He is first encountered when the player starts Wynncraft, as they must speak to him to complete the King's Recruit quest, and gain access to the rest of Wynn.


-938, 67, -1566
Wynncraft Map

The King is found inside the ground floor of Ragni Castle, next to his throne. The Castle entrance is at the crossroads in the middle of Ragni.


Ragni's King is a quest NPC for the following quests:

Festival of the Blizzard[]

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Ragni's King (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 466 Z: -1585
Location Detlas

In Ragni[]

-938, 67, -1566
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Ragni's King: Ah... Welcome back, young master. Might I be able to do anything for you?
  • Further conversation with Ragni's King:
    • [1] "I offer an invite to a festival in Detlas.":
      • Ragni's King: Hm... Yes, I have heard of this festival. A formal invite, you say?
      • Ragni's King: As much as I would like to visit, I am afraid I have much to do here, in Ragni. Perhaps...
      • Ragni's King: I will send someone to visit the festivities in my stead, hero. I expect to hear great things of it.
    • [2] "Have you heard any more of WynnExcavation?":
      • Ragni's King: ...I would suggest you avoid speaking of the organization in public, young master.
      • Ragni's King: There is no way of knowing how far their influence has spread.
    • [3] "I am just visiting.":
      • Ragni's King: Ah, but of course. You will always be welcome here, hero.

In Detlas[]

480, 67, -1551
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to the "Mysterious Lurker" in Detlas:
    • Mysterious Lurker: Ah, young traveler... Come closer, I would like to speak with you.
    • As you draw closer, the figure raises their hood, revealing themself to be the King of Ragni.
    • Disguised King: Quite a fine disguise, yes? Ah, I would never reject an invitation from this province's true protector.
    • Disguised King: They have certainly done a fine job decorating this place for the holidays. Oh, and Craftmas soon approaches, does it not?
    • Disguised King: Well, I know I shall be enjoying the festivities while I am here.
  • Further conversation with Ragni's King:
    • Disguised King: Ah, hello again, young master. Is there anything you need of me?
    • [1] "How are you enjoying the festivities?":
      • Disguised King: The festivities have been quite nice so far. This city is certainly very different to Ragni.
      • Disguised King: Though, I was not aware it could snow around these parts. In all my life, I have never heard of a snowstorm in Detlas.
      • Disguised King: I wonder what could have caused it... And, as well, if I even want to know.
    • [2] "Have you heard anything more of WynnExcavation?":
      • Disguised King: Hm... I have not seen or heard of any more activity from the organization. I suspect they are still recovering from the blow you dealt to their forces.
      • Disguised King: And, regardless... I do not believe my spies would be able to pick up on their activities. They have a way of doing their work in the shadows.
      • Disguised King: I will keep an eye out, and I trust you will as well. If they ever resurface, we will be prepared to deal with the situation.
    • [3] "What's it like, ruling Ragni?":
      • Disguised King: Ruling over Ragni is rather quiet work, most of the time. The most exciting it usually gets is when signing agreements with other cities.
      • Disguised King: Though, of course... I always appreciate the opportunity to greet new recruits. Sometimes, we'll get someone rather special.
    • [4] "Just saying hello.":
      • Disguised King: Hello, indeed, hero.
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Disguised King: Young master... Craftmas has come upon this realm, and that means it too is the time for the tradition of giving.
    • Disguised King: Well, I suppose I could offer you some more of my own emeralds. It's a universal gift, after all.
    • [+20480 Emeralds]
    • Disguised King: Now that that's done and over with, is there anything you need of me?


  • At the end of WynnExcavation Site D, the king originally told the player that they could redeem their token at "a merchant convoy arriving this summer from Gavel". This was before Gavel was added and the Royal Token of Gratitude had a use. Gavel ended up being released later that fall, not summer, however.
  • If you talk to Ragni's King after completing WynnExcavation Site D he will say:
    • Ragni's King: Ah, welcome my young recr-... my young master.