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Raids are team-based challenges introduced in the Version 1.20 update one unlocks as they play through Wynncraft. They are challenging, require a party and runes to enter, and can reward players with Experience Points, Mastery Tomes, Emeralds, Dungeon Keys, Crafting Materials, Runes and Corkian Amplifiers when they are completed. More info on each raid can be found in its respective page.

Basic Introduction[edit | edit source]

As of 1.20.2, all raids have 3 challenge rooms, 3 buff rooms and 1 boss room. Players have to complete challenges in the challenge room in order to proceed to the next room. Failure to complete the challenge may cause the raid to fail. Taking too long in a challenge room will also kick the party out of the raid after giving alert to the party.

Different type of raid may require different type of rune to enter.

Arranging a Party[edit | edit source]

You may arrange a party with Party Finders found in cities and raid entrances, or manually looking for a group in the chat, or by asking members in the Wynncraft Discord in the #looking-for-group channel.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

There are usually a quest restriction or level limit to participate in raid, for example: Nest of the Grootslangs requires Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes quest completion, and Orphion's Nexus of Light requires Realm of Light V - The Realm of Light quest completion, and The Canyon Colossus requires every player in the party to be at least Level 95 to enter the raid.

All the raid have a maximum party level and a limitation of players in the party. Example: The Canyon Colossus requires every member of the party to be at least level 95, and total level must not exceed 500, and also have exactly 4 players in the party to begin the raid.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Completing a raid can reward you with Emeralds, Mastery Tomes, Corkian Amplifiers, Dungeon Keys, tier 3 Crafting Materials, Runes and Experience Points.

Completing a lower leveled raid may give slightly worse rewards, such as completing Nest of the Grootslangs rewards you with Tier I tomes, while Orphion's Nexus of Light and The Canyon Colossus rewards you with Tier II tomes, these tomes have slightly different tome stats and usually have a limit on how many you can have active at once. For more information about tomes, check the Mastery Tomes page.

There are only a certain type and certain level range of Crafting Materials that you are able to obtain when completing a raid. For example, you can obtain T3 Starfish Oil and T3 Sky Paper and a few more types of materials in The Canyon Colossus raid.

All the Dungeon Keys are broken corrupted dungeon keys, you have to repair them at Key Forge Merchant to use them in The Forgery.

You also have a chance to obtain Nii Rune, Uth Rune and Tol Rune when opening the Raid Chest at the end of a raid.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Communication is the key to success, a coordinated team will make the raid feel much easier, especially on The Canyon Colossus raid, as there's a maze room where a player has to guide the team to the end and without proper communication it will take a long time.

These tips and tricks are contributed by experienced raiders from the community.

Nexus of Light raid[edit | edit source]

The resource room challenge room can be done faster by having multiple people hit the boss, no matter how much damage they are dealing, they'll always get +1 light crystal.

The pog room (Overseer room) have to be completed with every player (Even dead players) on the last platform, otherwise the challenge will not succeed. So even if you died in the challenge, fly to the end first instead of tabbing out and waiting for the completion!

During the final boss, the crystallization seems to happen every 750,000HP decreased on Orphion, starting from 6,250,000HP. (Assumed value from experienced raiders), and it chooses a random player regardless of their state (Crystallized, Dead, Crystallization progress., etc), if you do too much damage in a short amount, it's risky as it may crystallize everyone in the party at almost the same time.

You can locate crystallized players easily by looking up to find a green particle beam which is an indicator for crystallized players. As crystallized players cannot move or attack, it's vital to save the players first (Crystal has 100,000HP), especially if they are on an active Bloodlust Ruin.

The Canyon Colossus raid[edit | edit source]

In the resource room challenge, as long as there are a teammate staying in the center (Hub of challenges), the doors will not close.

In the final boss, the Colossal Duke in first phase actually does considerable damage and the fireballs shot from it deals true damage, so staying a bit away from the fireball is preferred if you are not confident in your agility and HP.

In the second phase of the boss, the Colossal Mouth is the main damage source, and both Colossal Eye has arrow storm ability and can summon mobs that does Pull. It's recommended that the party kill Colossal Mouth first because it's main damage source but also spawns disturbing mobs.

The Colossal Core actually erupts after a while of not attacking, it still chooses a player and does no harm to the party.

In the last phase of the boss, all 4 mobs have a revenge attack, for any class that has a spell to attack mob multiple times (i.e. Archer's Arrow Storm skill), it'll be extremely dangerous if you cast the spell and it also is dangerous for players in your way.

If both chosen players die in the final boss, the raid cannot be completed, so if you are the chosen player, play more cautiously.

Nest of the Grootslangs raid[edit | edit source]

It's highly recommended that a more tanky and stronger player to be doing the lower room at miniboss fight challenge, as the mobs below can take quite the beat and also dish out decent damage to the player.

The final boss must have at least 2 players alive, even when you only entered the party with 3 players, so take care of your teammates during the raid.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to bugs in 1.20.2 where raids are still unstable. Please remove the section once raids are stable.
The last challenge room will not stop the timer even if the party has completed the challenge, so the party has to complete the third challenge room and the boss fight at fastest possible time to avoid getting kicked.
Az runes currently does not stack.

List of Raids[edit | edit source]