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Realm of Light II - Taproot
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Dark Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 62
Starter NPC Lari
Required Quest Realm of Light I - The Worm Holes
Reward As follows:

Realm of Light II - Taproot is a long level 62 quest in which the player learns more about the Realm of Light.


The player and Lari are summoned to the Taproot, in which the player must face a test of their worthiness to be selected by the Light.

Stage 1[]

» Find Lari in the Dark Forest at [-1257, 43, -5474]



  • Lari: ...oh. <playername>, you're back. Ehm...I have to say, I'm...rather busy at the moment.
  • Lari: I have...important things to do. This accursed Decay...I have to end it. This all needs to stop.
  • Lari: I am thankful for your aid with the...the Grootslang, but I do not believe you will be able to help with this- Simply a matter of scale.
  • Lari: I apologize, but I need to focus on my task here. If, perhaps, you could come back another time? And, I do mean that sincerely...
  • Lari: I can't even recall how many attempts this will make...but all my knowledge has gone into this. This must work.

Stage 2[]

» Follow Lari to the black spot next to her camp.
You should follow Lari. There has to be something you can do.

Dark Forest
-1298, 43, -5481
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  • Lari: ...I suppose I can't fault you for being curious. You may have seen a large, dark-looking patch of ground on your way here- I am trying to tend to it once more.
  • Lari: It is...the most obvious stain of the decay, and very intense...if I can scrub this out, the rest should follow.
  • Lari: This concoction of mine should...do the trick!
  • Lari: It...it's working!! I can feel it, the land is reacting positively!
  • Lari: I...I... It was...it was working, a-and... Agh, why can't I get this RIGHT?!
  • Lari: How many decades have I been doing this? How much time have I wasted, just...flailing like this?!
  • Lari: Look, <playername>, I...I don't know what you expect to do against this. The Wyrm was one thing, but...this is beyond your comprehension.
  • Lari: I think you sh... Should...w-what is... Now, of all times? As I fail?!
  • Lari: The road, look! He's contacting me! A-are you finally giving me the answers I've asked for?

Stage 3[]

» Follow the trail of magic leading from the black spot.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to where to follow the trail.
Go along the path to the north-west, then turn right towards the north-east. Follow the path up the mountain, until you reach a small cave with a gate at (-1329, 85, -5606).

Stage 4[]

» Talk to Lari outside the weird gate at [-1329, 85, -5606]



  • Lari: ...I followed you seeking answers...and here, I am presented with more questions. Why did he bring us here?
  • Lari: This gate has appeared, immovable and impassable, since the moment that...that everything started.
  • Lari: I don't...is he trying to remind me of what's at stake? Did he want to show y- No, that's...he wouldn't know you...but then, what IS this about?!
  • Lari: Rrgh... ANSWER ME! PLEASE! I've begged you for so long to answer!
  • Lari: You gave me my task and your light but never told me what to DO! I've tried everything I can think of!!
  • Lari: Tell me! Please, just t-tell me already!! I don't know how much longer I can stand this!!
  • Lari: I...a-another one? Where are you leading me now?
  • Lari: It...the gateway...? Are you...I can't understand! Why this, again?
  • Lari: You showed me this before... At first, when you first contacted me. I made the choice...
  • Lari: Must I make it again? Is that it, do I need to prove myself to you once more?
  • Lari: I...what? You...you present me with this, but refuse to let me do what you want?
  • Lari: <playername>...please, can you investigate the doorway? There must be something wrong that I don't understand.

Stage 5[]

» Enter the door.

Stage 6[]

» Listen to the meeting.



  • ???: My pulse... Human. I must inquire to you. I present you a test. Guide your attention to those you see.
  • ???: I must see the rhythm your heart beats. Listen well.
  • Mayor: This has gone far enough. I can't do this anymore! I can't give you any more and I refuse to apologize for it!
  • Dr. Urelix: You know our deal. Remember what good you are doing by following the plans I've laid out for you.
  • Dr. Urelix: Are you going to let your emotions cloud your judgment? You're a smarter man than that, Mr. Mayor.
  • Mayor: You can't possibly believe that throwing away the lives of innocent people is right! I can't go on with this on my conscience!
  • Mayor: Detective Hart WILL be hearing from me, and he'll be hearing everything. We can't keep sacrificing our own like this!
  • Dr. Urelix: Our golems have single-handedly turned the tide of the Humans' corruption war. You would save ten here and sentence a thousand to die overseas?
  • Mayor: You're a sick, twisted man, Urelix. I will not abide by this a moment longer.
  • ???: My pulse, you must decide. Three paths diverge upon your road.
  • ???: You may leave. The rays of fate will see to destiny unfolding.
  • ???: You may end this ''Mayor's'' life. Blood upon your hands in many ways.
  • ???: You may end the life of Urelix. Heartbeats ceased by a bleeding heart.
  • ???: Which way does your heart beat? How will you cast your light? Can you see?

Stage 7[]

» Make your choice.

If you choose to leave or kill Urelix:
  • ???: My pulse... The blood of a bleeding heart has poisoned me. Even if you believe the sun should shine elsewhere, you must direct it yourself.
  • ???: You must realize what is needed. You must see light through my lens.
  • ???: To leave... As destiny unfolds, the sun shall set.
  • ???: To end this ''Mayor's'' life... To snuff out one whose heart aches is painful.
  • ???: To end the life of Urelix... The shadows of war shall engulf all.
  • ???: My pulse, there is only one choice. You must do what is required, I beg of you.
If you choose to kill the Mayor:
  • Dr. Urelix: Ah, you recognize necessity. That couldn't have been pleasant...but what's needed isn't pleasant, in the end.
  • ???: My pulse, you are worthy!

Stage 8[]

» Enter the door.



  • Lari: ...I didn't think you would be able to help, but I had to ask. So...was this for nothing?
  • Lari: Wait...y-you...had a choice? He gave you the choice too?! A-Already?!
  • Lari: Wh- I don't understand! You...you just arrived to Gavel! You haven't seen its decline! Felt its pain!
  • Lari: What did you do?! The gate is opening? YOU did this?! I know your heart is in the right place, but you're a stranger to this land!
  • Lari: I...I...rrrgh... AAAAGH!! This isn't fair!! I've worked for decades and the light just...throws me to the wayside?!
  • Lari: PLEASE! Just let me in!
  • ???: My pulse, you must leave her be. Her heart's emotions have overpowered her mind's judgement. She must learn to separate them as you have.
  • Lari: Please... You can't DO this to me!!
  • Lari: Why do you want this human to enter the Taproot?! What's special about them, what's their connection? What have they done that I haven't?! Tell me, please! Let me be useful!!

Stage 9[]

» Enter The Taproot

Stage 10[]

» Explore the weird realm

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
TappedRoot.png Tapped Root 60 2165 Melee - - - Weird Realm

You must parkour across the weird realm, while avoiding the occasional mob, to trigger the lines of dialogue.

  • ???: Your heartbeat beats in time with mine. Your mind is unclouded, despite the fury you have been steeped in. My pulse, you are needed.
  • ???: Your eyes cannot see the scope of the realms. You must allow me to shed light upon them- You must see the connections.
  • ???: Light... Dark... We oppose. I am light. It is dark. Our places reflect this land...and it is plain- The sun is setting. Light is fading
  • ???: The land you visit warps with the slow siphoning of my light, my blood. It becomes outlandish and strange-Oppressive and alien.
  • ???: As dusk approaches- As darkness spreads- My heart slows and stops. My pulse, you are needed. You shall be as one with me, and you shall see.
  • ???: The Realm of Light needs life anew- A new pulse. It need you.

Stage 11[]

» Explore the Light Forest.

  • ???: Our light is synchronous! You may see what I must have you see...
  • ???: Follow the road. You must witness the reason behind my trial.
  • ???: See my memories. The memories of the realm. See...and be enlightened.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Cow(Level1).png Cow 1 9 - - - - Light Forest
Grook.png Grook 1 5 - - - - Light Forest
ForestGuardian(Passive).png Forest Guardian 70 20000 - - ✽ Weak
✤ Def
- Light Forest
RussetOwl.png Russet Owl 60 5000 - - - - Light Forest
SmokyOwl.png Smoky Owl 60 5000 - - - - Light Forest
ConstructionCrew.png Construction Crew 60 35000 - - - - Light Forest
Around Wall
DocileWolf.png Docile Wolf 64 2450 Melee - ✹ Weak - Light Forest
ForestGuardian(Hostile).png Forest Guardian 70 6000 Melee Multihit ✹ Weak
✤ Dam
✤ Def
- Light Forest
LightFungus.png Light Fungus 65 2005 Melee Charge ✽ Dam - Light Forest
LostBearCub.png Lost Bear Cub 61 2200 Melee - - - Light Forest
ForestOwl.png Forest Owl 70 3000 Melee - ✦ Weak
❋ Dam
❋ Def
- Light Forest
Abelia.png Abelia 65 2000 Burst Ranged - ✤ Dam - Light Forest

Travel along the path until you reach a door at (-1850, 41, -6942). The watchman will emit a series of particles and attack you.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Watchman.png Watchman 65 10000 Ranged Charge, Meteor ✹ Dam - Light Forest

Kill the watchman to open the door.

  • The door is being opened...

Then, keep going until you reach another door at (-1892, 50, -6800).

  • The cog is missing a piece...
  • Maybe there is something you can use around. Might be good to backtrack.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to fix the cog.
Pick up the Iron Cog Piece at (-1901, 44, -6980) and right-click it into the cog to fix it to open the door.
  • The piece of metal fit in the cog...
  • The mechanism has been fixed...

Continue along the path until you reach a dark spot behind two stones.

  • ???: Witness it... The Equinox. Learn why you are needed, my pulse.
  • ???: Witness it. The vile emergence...
  • ???: Witness the beginning of decay.

A long cutscene of Lari fighting a darkness parasite will then play.



  • Lari: My light...I won't let you down!
  • Lari: You! You don't belong here!
  • Lari: Wah! Back away, I don't want to hurt you!
  • Lari: I can do this... Orphion, lend me your voice!
  • Lari: Return to your realm in peace!
  • Lari: Your power is blinded by light. You cannot win!
  • Lari: Peace, strange creature! You must be peaceful!
  • Lari: Why isn't this working? Even Orphion's voice...
  • Lari: It's scarring the land... I need to end this, quickly...
  • Lari: His light... This power... I can do this!
  • Lari: The embodiment of light supports me!
  • Lari: You cannot fight the focus of pure light!
  • Lari: Be done! I bind you with Orphion's light!
  • Lari: Wait...it...it's n-not holding?!
  • ???: Lari... A conflicted heart failed to channel my light. She refused to battle.
  • ???: The vile intruder was weak... But every opportunity to strike, exchanged for words to the deaf.
  • ???: My pulse... it pains me. Her light simply fails to shine where it is needed, and so we are here.

Stage 12[]

» Talk to Lari outside the Taproot gate.



  • Lari: I... I...hope you'll forgive me, <playername>. My anger wasn't with you. I...j-just...
  • Lari: I work for untold years, trying to save this province, to save a Realm... All to so little avail. To the sound of silence from the one I'm trying to help.
  • Lari: And then, you appear, and... I still haven't ever been in there. I'd...I'd ask what it was like, but it's...probably private, right?
  • Lari: At...at least I have an ally now, r-right? But...I'm afraid that... N-no, it's silly, you don't need to hear me fretting.
  • Lari: I... I promise I can still be useful. I'll... I'll find a way. I promise you. I'll...get out of your way, for now.