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Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Light Forest
Province Gavel
Combat Level 71
Starter NPC Lari
Required Quest Realm of Light III - A Headless History
Reward As follows:

Realm of Light IV - Finding the Light is a long level 71 quest in which the player and Lari work to gain access to The Realm of Light.


The player finds Lari trying to awaken the Guardian of The Forest. To do so, they must gather a series of items from areas around the Light Forest.

Stage 1[]

» Find Lari in the Light Forest at [-1123, 46, -4771].



  • Lari: Awaken! Your guidance is needed!
  • Lari: ...ah. <playername>. So you are needed here too, then?
  • Lari: I am... TRYING... To awaken the Guardian of the Forest to receive its guidance, but it refuses to budge! Even the voice of Orphion provides no reaction.
  • Lari: I beg once more of you, awaken! Us two... Us two seek your wisdom!
  • Lari: I present you Orphion's barest light- Please, respond!
  • Lari: Urgh... See? Nothing is happening. I'm at a loss of what to do. Maybe you can affect some change, considering what you've done before.
  • ???: My pulse, it is time. I shall shine my light upon the roots of the Guardian. You and she must learn now.

Stage 2[]

» Read the inscription at the bottom of the big tree.


[Gavellian Writing]

  • Lari: An inscription! That wasn't there before! It was... That was completely instant. How did you even...?
  • Lari: But, still! I knew I could be useful, let me translate this for you! As a stranger to Gavel you wouldn't know High Gavellian...
  • Lari: It says... Secrets uncovered in the oldest of libraries in Cinfras.
  • Lari: ...of course. A place that Elves aren't allowed, but humans are. <playername>, you'll have to find this library on your own, it seems.

Stage 3[]

» Find the Church Library in the city of Cinfras at [-469, 47, -4996].

-457, 48, -4996
Wynncraft Map

Most of the pages are filled with religious verses. At the very end of the book, there's a card separate from the rest of the pages.
I covered over the way down to that giant archive like you asked. It shouldn't be reachable now.
It'd take something really heavy to crack open the foundation- Frankly, that gold church bell might do it if it's not maintained.
I left ladders and platforms as access to the bell tower- Make sure you keep it in good condition! I don't want to have to do that kind of work again.

Stage 4[]

» Find a way up to the church bell at the top of the church.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get up to the church bell.
There are two ways to get up to the ceiling of the room you start in (you cannot skip these using movement spells, as spells are disabled in the area). You can right-click the lever at (-458, 47, -5005) to trigger a short parkour to appear from the walls that you can climb up on, or you can attack the Tied up Ladder mob at (-472, 55, -4998) to drop the ladder down and climb up using it.

Once on the upper pathway, cross over to the nearby building at (-433, 54, -4997), and go up the stairs inside. Exit through any of the windows once you reach the top of the stairs, and climb up the ladder to the north at (-436, 64, -5005). Then, climb up the other ladder at (-433, 72, -5003), and walk across the wooden banner to get back to the church building at (-455, 80, -4997). Then, simply drop down and right-click the green particles near the bell. The bell will fall through the floor and break it open; jump down into the hole it creates.

Stage 5[]

» Explore the secret library and find a way to wake up the tree.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
AthenaeumGuard.png Athenaeum Guard 73 3200 Melee Flamethrower ✦ Dam
✤ Def
- Secret Library
MobilizedBibliosoph.png Mobilized Bibliosoph 71 2450 Melee - ✹ Weak
✤ Def
- Secret Library
SpellboundNovel.png Spellbound Novel 70 ??? Ranged - - - Secret Library
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to exploring the library.
Follow the path to the north, avoiding the mobs, to reach a room with a snake-type parkour.

Right-clicking on the enchanting table in the center will trigger a series of emerald blocks to form in a snake-type pattern, allowing you to climb up them to get to the top of the room. Along the way, you will reach two checkpoints, both containing their own enchanting table for you to trigger another snake with. Once at the top, right-click the lever at (-153, 63, -11489), then either jump down or use one of the nearby crystals to be warped down. The door at the north side of the room will have opened, go through it to reach the next area.

In the next hallway, you will be stopped twice, and you will have to kill the mobs that spawn to progress. The first time, you must kill six Protectors to progress, but the second time, you only need to kill the one Guardian miniboss.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
ProtectorsofKnowledge.png Protectors of Knowledge 72 7000 Melee Pull ✦ Weak
❋ Dam
✽ Def
- Secret Library
First Stop, Second Stop
FairyoftheLibrary.png Fairy of the Library 70 1150 Ranged - - - Secret Library
First Stop, Second Stop
Guardian(FindingTheLight).png Guardian 75 25000 Ranged Meteor ✦ Def - Secret Library
Second Stop

Once you have done so, continue east to the book labelled "Guardian of the Forest - Information" at (-9, 23, -11534), and right-click it.
Some of the few pages are ripped out. It seems to be describing an event occurring with the Guardian of the Forest until the first missing page.
The rest of the book is in perfect condition- Who could've done this if the archives were locked away? Did someone enter before you?
...so it returned, asleep and unwakeable. The light has spoken of a time when the Guardian shall grace us with its presence once more...
...but such a time is centuries off, and will require great effort. The spell included is vital to the process.
The light also warns- If the darkness should encroach and reach the Guardian's roots, it shall never wake... But it seems we will not have to worry of that.
There's another loose page here, with more High Gavellian text on it. Lari should be able to translate this.
[+1 Spell of the Waking Forest]

Stage 6[]

» Return to Lari at [-1123, 46, -4771]



  • Lari: Do you reject the light of Orphion? Waken, please!
  • Lari: Urgh... <playername>, please tell me you were able to make some progress. The Guardian still refuses... To... WAKE!
  • Lari: What is this? A spell scroll- Of the Waking Forest?! In Cinfras, of all places? Where it would have been... Impossible for me to go...
  • Lari: So I am Orphion's chosen, yet I would not have been able to do what was asked of me. That... No, I can't dwell on that, let me see the scroll.
  • Lari: ...hm. It says, The seeker must rest these words upon those of the Guardian.
  • Lari: I suppose that means you need to place it by the inscription. So yet another task that you must finish...
  • Lari: ...go on, then, do it. I'm just needed here to be a translator for you thusfar, it seems.

Stage 7[]

» Use the spell on the inscription under the tree.


[-1 Spell]
[Gavellian Writing]
[Gavellian Writing]
[Gavellian Writing]

  • Lari: Let me go ahead and read this, too. This will be tedious, I fear...
  • Lari: It says... Awakening the Guardian of the Forest requires more than just magic. The home of the elves will house the answers and revelations...?
  • Lari: That... This is finally my time! I still have a hand in this!! Finally, I can do something more than just holding stasis here!
  • Lari: Listen, <playername>. Achara... This is my time. I can finally help you more directly. I know the elders of Aldorei- They're sure to have answers!
  • Lari: You truly have been helpful, even through my own worries. I must thank you, but you can relax now! I will be the one this time!
  • Lari: You can continue doing...whatever else it is you need doing. I have seen you helping in various places- Concern yourself with those for now. I can handle this.
  • ???: Pursue her, my pulse. She must take dire action- Alone, her light shall illuminate nothing. You must provide her direction.

Stage 8[]

» Enter the portal Lari left behind

Stage 9[]

» Go to the hut Lari entered.



  • Lari: W-What? You- Why did you follow me? I can handle this! I can finally be useful again! Do you...not trust me?

The voice of the Light told you to pursue her. You shouldn't stop now, should you?

  • Lari: Please, just respect my wishes! If I need your help, I'll go find you- For now, just leave! You don't need to worry about this!

The building looks climbable... You can probably eavesdrop on the conversation if you climb up the walls.

Stage 10[]

» Find a way to sneak into the hut.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to sneak into the hut.
Go down to the rocks to the south-west of the hut. From them, you will be able to go up a short vine parkour starting at (-806, 84, -4542), and ending in the hut at (-804, 97, -4548). Once inside, go over to the hole between the two floors and watch the conversation. Do not drop down while the conversation is ongoing.


  • Elder: ...if this human has truly done what you have said, then why do you spurn their aid? It is unlike you.
  • Lari: I know, I know. I just am in disbelief. They've been contacted by Orphion himself, allowed into the Taproot, they have a symbol of Orphion's blessing!!
  • Lari: They just...walked up, after a thousand years of my putting my entire life into trying to save this province, and do everything I couldn't, in the span of weeks at most!
  • Lari: Do you understand how infuriating this is? Can you comprehend such a thing, not having been in my position yourself?
  • Elder: No. I cannot understand. But I also cannot understand how you are not grateful for this aid.
  • Lari: I know I should be! It's all I've been able to think about. I should be ecstatic! The light will be saved, it should be everything I've dreamed of...
  • Lari: But it makes me feel like a complete failure. Like everything I have done has been for naught, that I have somehow been doing everything wrong!
  • Lari: I know I have made mistakes. Dullahan would still be... Still be himself, if I had taken faster action, but I can't have done nothing right. I can't accept that.
  • Lari: This is my chance to prove I can still be useful- that Orphion choosing me wasn't a fluke! Please, the inscription said you would know where to go!
  • Elder: ...
  • Elder: ...even after a millennium, there is so very much for us all to learn. Fine then.
  • Elder: But promise me to accept the aid you receive. This opportunity cannot be wasted, Lari.
  • Lari: ...I have to do at least one thing right. I can't just keep up this holding pattern. I'll do whatever is necessary!
  • Elder: You must seek the Canned Abis plant, then. It rests within a cavern shaded by giant fern leaves.
  • Lari: Thank you. I can finally do what I was meant to do! I won't let anything stop me this time!!

Lari will then leave.

  • Elder: ...Human, I can see you. Consider yourself lucky that she did not. Come talk to me.

Stage 11[]

» Talk to the Elder at [-800, 88, -4553]



  • Elder: So you are Orphion's new chosen, then. It is both surprising and not- Humans have an interesting reputation.
  • Elder: Often said as being able to get anything done, without limits, be it completing impossible tasks or breaking moral tenets.
  • Elder: In this instance, however, you've both to do. Orphion has commanded it, has he not? And so you must, and for that I apologize.
  • Elder: I have seen Lari's work- And she has done this land a priceless service. Alone, she has kept the Decay from creeping south, and thus the Guardian remains with us.
  • Elder: However, her own morals prevent the situation from progressing. She cannot kill- And the source must be exterminated for light to once again fill the land.
  • Elder: Orphion's circumstances are dire- And so you must come to understand something. He is above us, in terms of morals. Such concepts do not apply to him.
  • Elder: As the embodiment of Light itself, he has no sense of morals- Merely survival and stasis. What he asks of us, many will balk at.
  • Elder: It is a matter where morals must be set aside... And such a thing is one that Lari cannot abide by, for she has stubbornly clung to them for a thousand years.
  • Elder: To break them... I will admit, I believe there to be some other way to solve these problems, but the fact of the matter is there simply is no time left.
  • Elder: She must use the extent of her powers, and while she retains her pacifism that will not happen. I must ask you to follow her, as Orphion would wish.
  • Elder: There is, unfortunately, no right to this. There is simply necessity- And there, you must push her to her limits. Seek the cave of the Canned Abis.
  • Elder: It is north-east from here. The entrance is shaded by giant fern leaves. I only pray that this will be enough.

Stage 12[]

» Find the Canned Abis cave at [-744, 11, -4591]

Stage 13[]

» Find the plant inside the cave.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
FaeTrickster.png Fae Trickster 71 3420 Melee Teleport ✹ Weak
❋ Dam
✦ Def
- Canned Abis Cave
LuxedEarthsprite.png Luxed Earthsprite 71 3420 Ranged - ✹ Weak
✤ Dam
✦ Def
- Canned Abis Cave
CannedAbis.png Canned Abis 71 10 - - - Canned Abis Canned Abis Cave
Next to Exit
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to find the plant.
Continue through the cave, avoiding the mobs, until you reach an open room with many large mushrooms in it. Right-click the white particles at the bottom to get jump boost and speed effects, then use them to parkour up the mushrooms. Halfway through, there will be another spot where you can right-click white particles to extend your effects - you will most likely need this to finish the parkour without the effects running out.

Once at the top, continue through the cave again, until you reach a drop section. Avoid the leaves and mushrooms and land in the water at the bottom. Then, you will have to do another jump boost parkour on another set of mushrooms. Once you reach the top this time, you can pick up a Canned Abis plant, and leave the cave.

Stage 14[]

» Return to the Tree at [-1123, 46, -4771].



  • Lari: ...I can't believe this. What am I doing wrong? What is it? There has to be some reason, what IS it?!
  • Lari: There's not another inscription...it's just the same words! What does it mean by ‘’dire actions?!‘’ I've done everything I can think of!
  • Lari: Is- Is this not dire enough? Is poring over you and putting aside my role and pride to someone else not EXTREME enough?!
  • Lari: ...<playername>. I. I have to know. What did Orphion tell you, exactly? I can't stand not knowing any longer. Did he really replace me?
  • Lari: I can't think of any other reason why everything for me has just...stopped working. Did he? Please, tell me-
  • Lari: ...wait... You... You have Canned Abis on you!! Where did you get that?!
  • Lari: You... There's no way you would've known that unless you... YOU! You eavesdropped on me!!
  • Lari: You FOLLOWED ME into the cave even after I asked not to! You... After everything I said!! After you heard all those private thoughts!
  • Lari: You STILL decided it was a good idea to come after me! What are you planning to accomplish like this?!
  • Lari: What, are you thinking ‘’oh, let's follow the funny elf girl and see her FAIL, OVER and OVER AGAIN!?‘’ IS THAT IT?!
  • Lari: You heard me then!! It's ALL out in the open! I can't succeed! You're there! You're doing everything I couldn't!
  • Lari: I'm NOT a failure! I'm not! I won't be! I refuse to be! You don't GET to watch me flounder and flail!!

Stage 15[]

» Battle Lari

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
Lari(Mob).png Lari 150 220000 Melee, Rapid Ranged Meteor, Teleport, Push, Charge ✦ Dam
✦ Def
- Next to Guardian of The Forest
UpcomingAttack(FindingTheLight).png Upcoming Attack 75 - - Explosion - - Next to Guardian of The Forest
LightborneWeird.png Lightborne Weird 120 15000 - Explosion ✦ Dam - Next to Guardian of The Forest

The battle will end once Lari is at 95000 health.

Stage 16[]

» Talk to the Guardian



  • Guardian of the Forest: YOU HAVE GONE FAR ENOUGH!
  • Guardian of the Forest: This is enough, Lari. I waken. And thus, your task is complete, <playername>. You have done as Orphion asked.
  • Lari: Wha- I... What just... What did I...?

[!] You can right-click on Lari to skip past lines of dialogue.

  • Lari: I j-just... I nearly...
  • Lari: ...
  • Lari: WHY WOULD I BE NEEDED TO... To...
  • Guardian of The Forest: To do something ‘’dark,‘’ you are about to say, and to that I say you have not.
  • Lari: T-Trying to murder them because they did what I couldn't isn't dark? How can you possibly think that?!
  • Lari: What kind of guardian are you, permissing this kind of violence? How is anything I just did alright?
  • Guardian of The Forest: For a thousand years or more of your own thoughts, I understand that you are conflicted.
  • Guardian of The Forest: However... You have, in that time, made a grave error. You have grown to realize an incorrect assumption.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Dark and Light... They oppose. They clash. They create a cloying pox. But, allow me to ask.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Is the axe evil for chopping the tree? Is the wood evil for resisting the metal?
  • Guardian of The Forest: Are the flames evil for burning up the leaves? Is the water evil for dousing the fire?
  • Guardian of The Forest: Is a victim evil for striking back against those that have struck them?
  • Guardian of The Forest: And most importantly... Are any of these things light, or dark?
  • Guardian of The Forest: What connection does a primordial force have with the moral leanings of mortals- or even immortals?
  • Lari: ...you. You can't possibly be saying that what I did was the right thing to do. I refuse to accept that.
  • Guardian of The Forest: I will not ask you to. You must understand that Orphion has no moral bearings- He simply needs action.
  • Guardian of The Forest: What you have done may not have been the right thing, by anyone's account. However, it was necessary. You have thrown off your bonds, in a sense.
  • Lari: ...
  • Lari: ...then... Shouldn't I feel... I don't know. Shouldn't I feel less restrained? Less afraid? More... More free?
  • Lari: If what I've done was what needed to happen, why do I feel like the scum of the earth? Why do I feel so terrible?!
  • Guardian of The Forest: I admit, such a thing is a conundrum. I agree that it is a tragedy to kill, in many instances.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Yet when such an action could save the lives of others, it becomes a conundrum with no answer. An impossible value to weigh.
  • Guardian of The Forest: Despite the circumstances, you have done the best you could. I cannot fault you for your thoughts and morals.
  • Guardian of The Forest: And so... As you are now proven, as I am awoken, the gateway to the Light shall reveal itself to you. Lari... You must prepare for your journey to the Realm of Light.
  • Lari: ...I... I need time to process this. I... Do you understand how difficult this is to hear? To bear?
  • Guardian of The Forest: I do not blame you for it. By the time you have composed yourself, your ally will be ready. Understand that they are as necessary as you are.
  • Guardian of The Forest: For now, <playername> must learn what you have learned, of the nature of realms. They must know what you know if they are to aid you fully.
  • Guardian of The Forest: I must ask you to pay close attention. I shall present it simply- though the enormity of this cannot be understated.
  • Guardian of the Forest: Allow me to show you our reality, <playername>. It is difficult to properly present its scale... So here is an approximation.
  • Guardian of the Forest: This is our world, the world we stand in right now. The physical plane of existence.
  • Guardian of the Forest: Only a select few are aware that there is more of the world than this. Even the astronomers and those who view the enormity of the sky cannot understand.
  • Guardian of the Forest: For, you see, this realm, this plane- It is mirrored upon a second plane, as the embodiments of Realms clash.
  • Guardian of the Forest: This is the Plane of Influence, comprised of many realms. There are three you must know- But only one you must pay attention to.
  • Guardian of the Forest: The Realms of Influence are connected to the physical plane, tied inexorably so to it. This is why even those gazing at the cosmos cannot grasp the enormity of it.
  • Guardian of the Forest: These realms are in a constant push and pull- Battles that could not be seen by those of this world, waged constantly.
  • Guardian of the Forest: However, they can be felt. Wide-scale changes to the balance of one realm or another are reflected on the physical plane.
  • Guardian of the Forest: The Realms of Influence are, themselves, reflections of a Beast- They themselves, a physical manifestation of their realm, as their realm is a manifestation of them.
  • Guardian of the Forest: So surely, you must know- As Gavel has decayed, it must mean that the Realm of Light is in peril, and thus that Orphion is, as well.
  • Guardian of the Forest: The Light is infected- That abominable parasite has breached the Realm of Light, and sought Orphion to leech away his light.
  • Guardian of the Forest: And so, as the sun is forced to set, the land of Gavel grows dark. As the dark parasites spread and devour the minds of those here, so too is Orphion subject to this torture.
  • Guardian of the Forest: The balance shifts, and Orphion grows weary. Angered, desperate. He called to you as a last plea- and you have done admirably, for what he has asked of you.
  • Guardian of the Forest: Now, you must enter the Realm of Light, and aid Lari in purging the parasite, before its work is finished and Orphion's mind is consumed.
  • Guardian of the Forest: You must ready yourself before this, of course. To venture to another realm is a lofty task.
  • Guardian of the Forest: I will bestow upon you two things that will surely aid you in this, however. First, I shall provide you the way to the Gateway to Light.
  • Guardian of the Forest: Once you have reached it, I shall bestow upon you a personal blessing of mine, in the hopes that your path will become clear.
  • Guardian of the Forest: Enter the portal, <playername>. I shall show you the Gateway to Light... And I shall wish you luck.

Enter the portal at the base of the Guardian.

  • ???: My pulse, your light is brilliant... It has shone upon Lari, and soon her light will shine my way...
  • ???: Enter the roots, and witness the path to my realm. And then, prepare yourself. Muster your most blinding light...

Continue through the tunnel to finish the quest.


  • This quest replaced the old Finding The Light quest in the 1.20 Gavel Reborn update.
  • The third piece of Gavellian writing in Stage 7 (the only one not translated by Lari) states: "Dire actions in the presence of the guardian will waken many things", likely referring to Lari's actions in Stage 15.
  • On completion, you get access to the portal area, but not the actual Light Realm.