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Recover the Past
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Tower of Amnesia
Province Wynn
Combat Level 25
Starter NPC Dr. Picard
Reward As follows:

Recover the Past is a long level 25 quest centered around the Tower of Amnesia. It was introduced in the 1.19 update and replaced The Tower of Amnesia.


Those who left Fruma and entered the Wynn Province had to pass through a gate that wiped all their memories of Fruma. Dr. Picard has discovered a way to retrieve those lost memories, but he needs your help to find test subjects. What will he learn about life in Fruma?

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Dr. Picard at [103, 90, -1200]



  • Dr. Picard: SUCCESS! I can see clearly now.. My memories from years ago!
  • Dr. Picard: Oh, a soldier! Are you by any chance from Fruma?
  • Dr. Picard: Tell me, do you remember anything about where you came from?
  • Dr. Picard: I thought so. Everyone's story starts the same - In a wagon entering the Wynn province.
  • Dr. Picard: I want to find out more. I've just created this orb which allows me to see people's past.
  • Dr. Picard: Say, would you help me? I need some people originally from Fruma. Can you bring them here?
  • Dr. Picard: There is another guard just across the bridge.
  • Dr. Picard: See if he would oblige this experiment. I'm sure they want to find out more.

Stage 2[]

» Find Scout Reynauld near Elkurn at the bridge to Picard's tower.

 Location   Elkurn   X   23  Y   70  Z   -1214  Wynncraft Map 


  • Scout Reynauld: Oh, good! Reinforcements! I've been left here alone to defend Elkurn.
  • Scout Reynauld: Seriously? You want me to abandon my post? I'm expecting a huge attack from the Roots.
  • Scout Reynauld: Fine, listen. If you help me defend the town, I'll go with you!

Stage 3[]

» Help Reynauld Defeat the Corrupted invasion at the bridge.

  • Scout Reynauld: Alright, here we are. Talk to me when you are ready.

  • Scout Reynauld: Oh boy, here they come!
  • Scout Reynauld: Wow! Erected spikes, too?!
  • Scout Reynauld: There's a Corrupted summoner on the other side of this bridge! We gotta destroy it!
  • Scout Reynauld: Defend me while I prepare my explosive arrows to bring down those towers blocking your path to it!

Defend Reynauld while he prepares his arrows.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
Warpweaver.png Warpweaver 32 220 Melee AI Heal ✤ Weak
✦ Dam
- Bridge near Elkurn
Searblaze.png Searblaze 28 170 Melee AI - ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
✹ Def
- Bridge near Elkurn
ShadeStalker.png Shade Stalker 34 600 Melee AI - - - Bridge near Elkurn
Scorchwight.png Scorchwight 39 1040 Melee AI Flamethrower ✹ Dam - Bridge near Elkurn
  • Scout Reynauld: My arrow's almost ready...
  • Scout Reynauld: Yes! One down, one to go! You're doing great!
  • Scout Reynauld: Almost got this arrow nocked...
  • Scout Reynauld: Bullseye! Now's your chance, go take out that summoner!

If you let Reynauld take too much damage:

  • Scout Reynauld: AH! I'm hurt! Come here and help!
  • Scout Reynauld: Agh... Thanks for the rescue...
  • Scout Reynauld: Try not to let me get overwhelmed. Now, let's try this again.
  • Scout Reynauld: Get ready!

After Reynauld tells you to, cross the bridge and kill the summoner.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
CorruptedSummoner.png Corrupted Summoner 35 100 None AI - - - Across bridge near Elkurn

Stage 4[]

» Return to Scout Reynauld and bring him back to Dr. Picard.



  • Scout Reynauld: Great job, you did it! Now, come back and get these monsters off me!
  • Scout Reynauld: Phew. Thanks for the help, not sure I could have done that alone.
  • Scout Reynauld: So, you want to find out about our past?
  • Scout Reynauld: Well, I must admit I never really thought about it. I guess I could go with you.
  • Scout Reynauld: Lead the way, but quick. We can't leave Elkurn unguarded for too long.

Reynauld will now follow you. Lead him to Dr. Picard.

 Location   Tower of Amnesia   X   99  Y   152  Z   -1199  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dr. Picard: Ah, I see you have the soldier.
  • Scout Reynauld: So how exactly were you planning on extracting my memory?
  • Dr. Picard: In a non painful way, I promise you. Now, if you'll stand over here, please.
  • Scout Reynauld: You mean in front of that crystal thing? Alright...
  • Scout Reynauld: Do I just look into it?
  • Dr. Picard: Just stare into its depths and let that depth reflect in your mind...
  • Scout Reynauld: I don't feel any- WOAH

You enter a flashback in Reynauld's past.


Poor town

  • Reynauld: *Sigh*, what a day.
  • Reynauld: Is the water any better?
  • Heine: *Sigh*, there's barely enough for us and the horses.
  • Heine: I don't see why the Royalty has to irrigate from our rivers.
  • Imperial Guard: The Palace has ordered an inquest into the productivity of this village. You are behind on your crop deliveries.
  • Reynauld: Sir, we tried but the farms don't have enough clean water since the Palace dammed up the river!
  • Imperial Soldier: Are you insulting the work of our royal engineers?
  • Reynauld: What? No! I'm just explaining- Please! I have a family I didn't speak out of turn.
  • Reynauld: Heine? Look after the kids. I'll be back soon!
  • Imperial Guard: The Palace does not tolerate insubordination. Reynauld you are tried for Lèse-majesté.

The guard will cast a spell, blowing up one of the houses.

  • Imperial Guard: This village would do well to remember who protects them from external forces.

You return from the flashback.

  • Dr. Picard: Hey. HEY! It's not real! Just a memory! Talk to me!

Talk to Dr. Picard.



  • Dr. Picard: Well, that was unexpected. I didn't anticipate subjects would relive them that vividly.
  • Dr. Picard: To think Reynauld had a whole family and life before he came here.
  • Dr. Picard: Do you think you could get me one more subject? We need to find out more.
  • Dr. Picard: There is a sailor close to Elkurn from Fruma. Maybe you could go ask him?
  • Dr. Picard: Cross the bridge you took earlier and continue past Elkurn. He should be by the river.

Stage 5[]

» Find the sailor Picard mentioned on his boat at [-39, 67, -1214]

 Location   Elkurn   X   -39  Y   67  Z   -1214  Wynncraft Map 


  • Caid: Yep, I'm the sailor. Pretty sure I'm from Fruma, came here on the same cart as you.
  • Caid: I'm not sure I want to know about it... I must have left for a reason right?
  • Caid: Wait, Reynauld had his done? Hmm, I guess it couldn't hurt.
  • Caid: However, I have an issue. I've navigated my boat into a creek instead of the river...
  • Caid: Maybe we can use some magic to shrink the boat? Maybe someone in Elkurn knows? An alchemist maybe?

Stage 6[]

» Head into Elkurn and look for a way to shrink the boat.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to shrink the boat.

Walk to the back of the Elkurn town square, and locate the Alchemist NPC inside his shop.

 Location   Alchemist's Shop   X   12  Y   75  Z   -1165  Wynncraft Map 


  • Alchemist: Looking for potions?
  • Alchemist: This is the best potion shop in Elkurn! A what? Excuse me?
  • Alchemist: A shrinking potion? No, we do not sell those here...
  • Alchemist: Or... hold up. I think I know how to make one, I've never done it before though.
  • Alchemist: If I remember correctly... I need [1 Golden Apple], [1 Bottle of Water] and lastly, [1 Bloom of Doom].
  • Alchemist: Golden apples grow in certain big apple trees. Bottles of water should be available here in town. Blooms of Doom grow near death, try looking near the Elkurn church. Watch out, they aren't the friendliest.

Stage 7[]

» Find [1 Golden Apple], [1 Bottle of Water] and [1 Bloom of Doom].

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to locations of the items.
 Location   Golden Apple   X   -48  Y   89  Z   -1163  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Bottle of Water   X   10  Y   75  Z   -1187  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Bloom of Doom   X   -18  Y   70  Z   -1236  Wynncraft Map 
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
GoldenApple.png Golden Apple 20 10 None AI - -
Golden Apple
BloomofDoom.png Bloom of Doom 20 10 None AI - -
Bloom of Doom
Wiff of Death
WiffofDeath.png Wiff of Death 25 350 Melee AI - ✤ Dam - Bloom of Doom

Once you have the items, mix them together in the brewing stand next to the Alchemist.

 Location   Alchemist's Shop   X   23  Y   74  Z   -1170  Wynncraft Map 

[+1 Potion of Shrinking]

Stage 8[]

» Return to Caid with the potion.

 Location   Elkurn   X   -39  Y   67  Z   -1214  Wynncraft Map 


  • Caid: You know, the more I look at this, the more I wonder how I did this.
  • Caid: Thanks for getting the potion. Let's see if it works. If it does I'll follow you to the tower.
  • Caid: ...
  • Caid: I mean... It certainly shrunk. Do I even fit now?
  • Caid: I guess you held up your side of the deal. I'll follow you.

Stage 9[]

» Bring Caid back to Dr. Picard.

 Location   Tower of Amnesia   X   88  Y   152  Z   -1200  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dr. Picard: Ahhh, another Fruman. Let's see if his story is the same as Reynauld's.
  • Sailor Caid: I am still not sure about this, I'm kind of happy here.
  • Dr. Picard: Nothing to worry about, it won't change who you are now.
  • Dr. Picard: Wait for it...
  • Sailor Caid: Hold up. What is going on?

You enter a flashback in Caid's past.



  • ???: AHHH!!!!!
  • Imperial Guard: Move.

The guard will shove Cara away from the house.

  • Caid: CARA!
  • Imperial guard: Cara is under arrest. She is coming with me.

Caid will run up and punch the guard.

  • Imperial Guard: Perhaps you would like to go in her place?

You return to the present.

  • Dr. Picard: Hey. Earth to human.

Talk to Dr. Picard.



  • Dr. Picard: Hmmm... This doesn't look too good.
  • Dr. Picard: Just what is happening in Fruma? They've locked that province away for hundreds and hundreds of years and now this?
  • Dr. Picard: We should see if we can uncover more about Fruma.
  • Dr. Picard: Edwin could be our next subject, he lives near the Nesaak border, just take the road south of here and you'll see his farmhouse.

Stage 10[]

» Find Farmer Edwin next to Nesaak at [128, 74, -1102].



  • Edwin: Fruma? Don't remember nothing. Don't want to neither.
  • Edwin: No, I don't. I have more important things to think about than some mystery province.
  • Edwin: Well, my water source has frozen over and my crops are struggling.
  • Edwin: It's like the snow has slowly been encroaching on my farm.
  • Edwin: Can you climb up the mountain and break through it? If you can water my plants I will go with you. There's a cave next to my farm that leads to the top.

Stage 11[]

» Climb the mountain next to Edwin's house.

 Location   Top of mountain   X   139  Y   101  Z   -1074  Wynncraft Map 
  • Maybe you can break the ice with something close by...

Stage 12[]

» Break the ice on the spring and water Edwin's crops.
Go up the tree next to the spring and right click the icicle.

 Location   On tree   X   151  Y   119  Z   -1066  Wynncraft Map 
  • That successfully broke the ice and the water is now running freely.


  • Edwin: You army folk sure keep your promises.
  • Edwin: I guess I have to hold up my end.
  • Edwin: Lead the way.

Stage 13[]

» Bring Edwin back to Dr. Picard.

 Location   Tower of Amnesia   X   5368  Y   152  Z   7591  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dr. Picard: Ah, I see you have the third subject.
  • Edwin: Pfft! I'm not some subject!
  • Dr. Picard: My apologies. Please, stand in front of the orb.
  • Dr. Picard: Wait for it...
  • Edwin: WAAAAO!!!!!!!

You enter a flashback in Edwin's past.



  • Edwin: Why are you doing this!?
  • Imperial Guard: Order of her majesty.
  • Caid: Hey you. Calm down. There's no point in yelling...
  • Edwin: What... what do you mean?
  • Caid: There is no escape here. The guards come in once in a while and take people... people who are never seen again...
  • Edwin: Where are they being taken?
  • Caid: No one knows... The last person they took was... Alen? Alida? Alegar?
  • Imperial Guard: Caid! You are being transferred.
  • Caid: Wh-what. I... don't want to go!
  • Imperial Guard: Walk. Or you will be executed on the spot.
  • Caid: What are you doing!?
  • Imperial Guard: Shut it.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Imperial Guard: There is no war inside the Fruman walls.
  • Dr. Picard: <playername>! Get out of there! You are being sucked into the memory.
  • Dr. Picard: You need to find an exit or you will be sucked into the memory without a chance of returning. HURRY!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drop(s) Location
ImperialGuard.png Imperial Guard 25 250 Melee AI - ✤ Dam
✤ Def
- Fruman Prison Memory
PoorHuman.png Poor Human 25 1000 None AI - - - Fruman Prison Memory
RagniArcher(RecoverthePast).png Ragni Archer 10 800 GuardRanged AI - - - Fruman Prison Memory
Cell at (-4513, 29, -1772)

To get out of the memory, go to the lower level of the prison and to the end opposite the stairs, then turn left towards a large door and you will be transported back to the Tower of Amnesia.

Stage 14[]

» Discover your own past.

 Location   Tower of Amnesia   X   5368  Y   152  Z   7591  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dr. Picard: Okay, three Frumans have seen the same thing. Why are they sending their people here?
  • Dr. Picard: This asks more questions than it answers. Those people didn't do anything wrong.
  • Dr. Picard: The only thing left is to check your own memory. To see if you also experienced the same thing.
  • Dr. Picard: Stand on this red carpet here and we'll get started.
  • Dr. Picard: Wait for it...

Instead of being transported to a memory, you will be pushed away from the crystal ball in an explosion.

 Location   Tower of Amnesia   X   103  Y   90  Z   -1199  Wynncraft Map 


  • Dr. Picard: Are you okay?
  • Dr. Picard: The other subjects never experienced that powerful of a reaction, it's almost like we were accessing memories that never existed.
  • Dr. Picard: It's almost as if you didn't have a life before you came to Wynn.
  • Dr. Picard: I need to do more research on this, thank you for helping me. Here's a small reward, hope we can discover what really goes on behind the walls of Fruma.


  • It can be helpful to bring a friend or wait until a much higher level before beginning this quest. Defending Scout Reynauld is very hard because you have to deal with a flood of high-health, high-damage mobs while Scout Reynauld has very little health.
  • When you break the icicle to water Edwin's crops, the water will not appear to flow down all the way down the mountain and reach the crops. Talk to Edwin anyways, as the dialogue will still update as if it did.


  • The sentence, "There is no war the inside the Fruman walls," is a reference to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" when a character was brainwashed using a similar technique and mantra: "There is no war inside Ba Sing Se."
  • When you are supposed to bring Caid back to the tower, if you repeatedly move far enough away from his boat and then back to it, multiple Caids will spawn and follow you anywhere you go.
  • When Caid asks Edwin who the last person the guards took was, he says 'Alegar?' - this might be Aledar.
  • When you are in prison, you can see a caravan similar to the one from King's Recruit. This likely means that when people are taken out of the prison, they are put on the caravan and sent to Wynn.
  • The Corrupted Summoner fought in this quest is one of the only 3 mobs to have a bold nametag, and the only one to have a bold nametag that is not in Dark Red. The other 2 are a mysterious creature that sees all and a direct attack from the Realm of Darkness.