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Redbeard's Booty
Quest Info
Length Medium
Location Galleon's Graveyard
Province Ocean
Combat Level 61
Starter NPC Marston
Reward As follows:

Redbeard's Booty is a medium level 61 quest centered around the Galleon's Graveyard Dungeon.


Marston has a treasure map and has gathered a crew to search for Redbeard's Booty with him. He asks the player to join him and his crew on their adventure.

Stage 1[]

» Talk with Marston in the ocean at [-608, 40, -3546]



  • Marston: Ah, ahoy matey!
  • Marston: Have ye ever wanted to go on a real treasure hunt?
  • Marston: Good for ye then! I bought meself a real treasure map on Pirate Cove, a fine deal if ye ask me. The jack told me it was the feared Redbeard's booty!
  • Marston: I ventured 'round, spied some fine jacks at the island, and I collected a crew to join me on me grand, fantastic voyage!
  • Marston: O' course, there always be room for another! Ye joinin'?
  • Marston: Aye! Let find the booty and bring back some doubloons! Here be that map I snagged. Swim or whatever you landlubbers do to get to Pirate Cove. It'll be the first house to the right when ye arrive.

Stage 2[]

» Find Marston's crew on Pirate Cove at [-659, 43, -3154]



  • Argus: Cor lad...ye don' look like a pirate ta me, and I be but a young lass!
  • Martim: 's right, bucko. Who be ye, bargin' into our home in yer fancy armour 'n whatnot?
  • Argus: Ah, ye be accompanyin' Marston, eh? Well if ye insist on that, where be the man 'himself?
  • Karkun: Comin' later? Hm. Well, more hands always be helpful. Let us go down to me ship, the Black Ring.
  • Martim: So he told ye about the plan? We'll bathe in doubloons when we get back! Ah, me fair lass will be so happy.

Stage 3[]

» Hop aboard the Black Ring down at the dock of Pirate Cove

Stage 4[]

» Find the treasure.



  • Karkun: Aha, quick on yer feet, lad! Ye got 'ere before us!
  • Argus: No trace o' Marston yet?
  • Martim: How's about we wait uo fer him? He's the one who's givin us the opportunity fer this hunt, anyways.
  • Argus: I be getting impatient... The whole crew is 'ere, 'cept fer him!
  • Karkun: Argh! Where be our mate? It be getting dark out! We will have to leave Marston at land.
  • Karkun: Do ya have the map Marston bought?
  • Martim: Let us take a looksie at the map and see where to go.
  • Argus: It seems like one of these islands have the treasure... A'ight, yer in charge, landlubber! Set us on a course fer an island!

In order to find the treasure you have to go to all three islands and get a map piece from each one.

Looking towards the islands from your starting point in the ocean, there are three islands. One is to the left, one in the middle, and one is to the right.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the left island.

On the left island, which you can enter at [8705, 11, 6886], you have to climb to the top of the mountain, avoiding a rockfall and doing a bit of parkour part of the way up. At the very top, at [-7866, 131, -3488], there is a red "X" with a button in the middle; press the button to get the map piece.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the middle island.

On the middle island, which you can enter at [8742, 12, 6920], you will be taken to the water next to the island. Do not attempt to climb it, you get the map piece from the watery cave near where you spawn. you have to press buttons to get the map piece. Press the buttons 2, 5, and 6 to solve the riddle. This will open a door that takes you to a small room with a red "X" and a button in the middle; press the button to get the map piece.

Redbeards Booty Island Code.png
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the right island.

On the right island, which you can enter at [8703, 11, 6939], you have to fight multiple waves of mobs. In the first wave, a swarm of mobs will spawn, which occasionally drop Magical Thunder Shards when you kill them. You can use two Shards to spawn each of three minibosses underneath the crystals around the arena. Once you have killed all three, put all of their drops into the hopper that will appear at [-7916, 64, -3806]. This will give you the map piece.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
CastawaySoldier.png Castaway Soldier 61 2300 Melee AI Charge ✽ Weak
✹ Dam
✤ Def

Magical Thunder Shard
Right-Side Island
CastawaySummoner.png Castaway Summoner 62 2000 Ranged AI Meteor ✹ Weak
✽ Dam
✦ Def

Magical Thunder Shard
Right-Side Island
SummonedBeast.png Summoned Beast 65 2900 Melee AI Meteor
✤ Weak
✦ Dam
❋ Def

Essence of the Beast
Right-Side Island
Underneath Crystals

Once you have all three map pieces, the following dialogue will play:

  • All 3 map pieces seem to fit together...
  • The 3 pieces form a map of an island...
  • [+1 Treasure Map]
  • It looks like the island with the crystals. Maybe there is a way to the tallest part of the island on the side?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to getting the treasure.

After getting the new treasure map, you have to enter the right-side island, the one on which you fought the mobs. When you are teleported to it, turn to the left and follow the path to the top of the island shown on the new map. You will reach a portal-like structure at [-7918, 112, -3756], enter it to be taken to the final island.



  • Karkun: Ahoy, this must be the booty. Fret not, Argus is keepin' the ship prepared so we can leave.
  • Martim: A'ight, let's us dig it up, jacks!

Martim will start digging at the red "X" on the island.

  • Karkun: Aha, I see somethin' gleaming in there! Methinks we hit gold, lads.
  • Karkun: Now Martim, knock the lubber out.
  • You are not able to move but you still hear the ongoing conversation.
  • Karkun: What? Another clue! The be just a wild grook hunt, where be the real booty?! No one ever got rich off a heap o^ keys!!
  • Martim: Wait, there be a clue on the key; When leaving the hidden island, the real treasure will be found if you can look closely enough.
  • Martim: Garh...I be losin^ my patience. Argus arrived, let's ditch the lubber before they awake, hm? This island be hidden by magic, ain't no way they're gettin' found.
  • Karkun: Arright! We might be able to bring Redbeard 'imself back to life... He will strike terror in the seas again, and we will be his crew!

Stage 5[]

» Leave the hidden island and stop the pirates from stealing Redbeard's Booty.

  • A key is laying on the ground, it seems there were more than one. Better take it and figure out a way off the island.

Pick up the Ancient Key near the middle of the red "X", then head over to the boat at [25, 38, -15260].

  • Maybe you can fix this boat and get off the island?
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to leaving the island.

You have to fix the boat with 3 Strings and 4 Wood Planks.
The strings are located in a cave.

90, 45, -15210

The planks can be found underneath a tree on the island.

80, 39, -15255

Stage 6[]

» Talk to Marston about his crew. Bring the two acquired maps.

Galleon's Graveyard
-608, 40, -3546
Wynncraft Map


  • Marston: What in the... Cor? Ye jest fell outta the sky, bucko! What'n the name o' Davy Jones' Locket happened?!
  • Marston: Fer a landlubber, ye sure are quick. When I got ta Pirate Cove, ye were already but a speck on the horizon.
  • Marston: Those dogs weren't what I expected, either. Slugged me when they came over here, put me right to sleep they did.
  • Marston: The last thing I remember be when they threw a key under the skeleton skull's head. I woke up from me sleep not long ago.
  • Marston: Hm...I see ye have the key as well, but ye look a bit bruised. Ran aground o' trouble with 'em too?
  • Marston: Then, lad! Methinks ye oughta go in after 'em! We may be a rowdy lot, but backstabbin's somethin' ye don't tolerate.
  • Marston: They don't deserve that treasure, lad! It ain't be mine either, since I missed ye. That gold be yours fer the takin...so take it!
  • Marston: Speakin' of...I ain't got much a penny ta my name, but I found this fish while ye were gone. I hear it sells for a decent haul, so here.


  • The Golden Pirate Fish given to you by Marston can be sold to the Golden Fish Merchant in Pirate Cove.
  • The Ancient Key you get on the hidden island can be used to reveal the entrance to Galleon's Graveyard by throwing it in the hopper at [-602, 40, -3544].
  • When talking to Marston in Stage 6, you must have both maps acquired in the quest in your inventory, or else he will not respond correctly. The quest is impossible to complete if your first map is lost unless you start the quest again on another character and transfer the map.
  • Sometimes after acquiring the 3 map pieces, you will simply be teleported to the sea and will not be given the second map. You can then visit all the islands again to get the map pieces again.
  • Sometimes the mobs on the largest island stop spawning before you can get all of the essences and shards, so don't kill them unless you need to get the pieces.