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NPC Info
X: -1085 Z: -5374
Location Gelibord
Quest Involved Realm of Light III - A Headless History

Referick is a character in the quest A Headless History. He is commonly described as a conspiracy theorist by others in Gelibord, with his neighbor Hans saying that he believes in things such as a Villager Illuminati, Wybels are evil creatures, and a local rumor about Dullahan still being alive. One day, Hans noticed that Referick was acting very strange, not saying a word, acting soulless. In truth, he had his soul stolen by Dullahan to become more powerful.

In the quest Lazarus Pit, Referick is mentioned by Burtur, a Villager living in Gelibord, about how he knew of an order and told everyone about it.


Dark Forest
-1085, -5374
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Referick is located in a house in a small village outside of Gelibord in the Dark Forest.


  • Ironically, almost, and possibly all, of Referick's known conspiracies are actually true.
    • The Villager Illuminati he was talking about could be WynnExcavation, as they have corrupted governments in Wynn to let their leader become more powerful.
    • Some, and possibly all Wybels are actually involved in a secret organization lead by a certain Wybel.
    • Dullahan is still alive, and this is proven in A Headless History.
    • There was a Mage who actually was a part of a group of Lazarus Pit keepers.