Wynncraft Wiki
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Bob's Tomb
Province Wynn
Combat Level 74
Starter NPC Batelu
Required Quest Cluck Cluck, Bob's Lost Soul, Ice Nations
Required Item Cluckles Favorite Feather, Mooington's Skin, Baab's Wool
Reward As follows:

Reincarnation is a long level 74 quest centered in Bob's Tomb and is one of the most difficult quests.


The player's skills are tested throughout a series of tests that might even require some help from others. The quest starts at Bob's Tomb where they have to talk to Batelu. After that, the player has to bring him 3 important items which comes from 3 of Bob's loyal animals: Baab, Mooington, and Cluckles. When the player hands over the asked items, they will have to face one of the strongest bosses in the game, Bob's Reincarnation, and gain his Seal of Approval upon his death.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Batelu in Bob's Tomb.


  • Batelu: Hello adventurer! I see you want to solve the mystery of Bob's tomb also? Glad to meet you.
  • Batelu: My name is Batelu. Lately, I've been studying these strange symbols on the walls.
  • Batelu: It's about Bob. Hopefully you do not believe the stories of his death, right? Bob couldn't have died so easily. Not to something so mundane as a wolf.
  • Batelu: He wasn't only strong, he was absolutely un-killable, a master in almost every skill.
  • Batelu: I believe he knew he was about to die. How? What of? Nobody knows, but he left this world prepared.
  • Batelu: You see, it says here Bob had three loyal animals. Before dying, he scattered them across the ocean.
  • Batelu: I think those animals are the key to accessing his real tomb...
  • Batelu: You see that little gap right there? It's the entrance...
  • Batelu: Unfortunately, nobody was able to remove the spell blocking it.
  • Batelu: But I do. I know how to open the passage to Bob. This is where the animals come in useful...
  • Batelu: I believe Bob did something to those animals. I think if we could reunite them in some way, we could open the passage.
  • Batelu: Bring me 1 Cluckles' Favourite Feather, 1 Baab's Wool & 1 Mooington's Skin if you can find them.
  • Batelu: I am sure that together, we can open the passage. Good luck.

Stage 2[]

» Bring back 1 Cluckles' Favourite Feather, Baab's Wool, and Mooington's Skin to Batelu.


  • Batelu: Wonderful! We can now open the passage to the true tomb of Bob...
  • Batelu: I am not worthy enough to enter it. I did not complete the task of the animals, merely read it. You shall go alone, be careful.

Stage 3[]

» Kill Bob's Reincarnation.


  • Bob: I am Bob, master of the arts of Wynn.
  • Bob: Let me explain why you are here.
  • Bob: My animals, were my greatest allies in my travels through the world.
  • Bob: I travelled too far, mined too deep, and of course challenged what should not be challenged. My time in Wynn was coming to an end.
  • Bob: I knew so, too. But I refused to leave without giving the power i had attained to those worthy of it.
  • Bob: Using what ability I had left to me, I transferred my power to my animals, in three pieces. In the hope that those worthy to harness it will seek them out.
  • Bob: The spell I placed on the door to this realm will only break to the one who collects my power. But it cannot have escaped your notice, you do not have my power.
  • Bob: The truth is, you must pass a test, the ultimate test. Hone your skills you have learnt throughout your travels, and face me. Face me, and earn your place amongst soldiers of Wynn.

Stage 4[]

» Bring back 1 Bob's Seal of Approval to Batelu.


  • Batelu: Bob's Seal of Approval? Oh my goodness!
  • Batelu: I know an old shopkeeper who once told me about this seal...
  • Batelu: If I remember correctly, I need to exchange it with you for a very unique item...
  • Batelu: Here, take this [1 Corrupted Treasure] and show it to the shopkeeper!
  • Batelu: You can find his shop in the Temple of the Legends.


  • Bring the items with you so you don't have to go back and collect them.
  • Don't try to solo unless you are a very high level. It is recommended to bring friends.
  • It is highly recommended to bring a Mage of the same level or higher for the purpose of healing you and whoever else may be In your group.
  • It is also recommended to wear the Passus Lux boots as they have the Lightweight ability and Bob's Reincarnation will throw you into the air quite a lot.