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Removed Content
The following page contains information about content that no longer exists in Wynncraft as of update 1.17 and has been archived for historical purposes.

Relics are special items which can be found in Relic Shrines, places that previously had no use but are nonetheless, points of interest. You can claim various rewards from finding them, like powders, weapons, armour (No accessories yet). They have a cooldown period after finding each one, so it can't be farmed; the above-ground relics, giving some powder or emerald rewards, have a cooldown of four hours, while the hidden relics that give weapons and armour have a cooldown of eight hours.

Relic Shrines[]

Relic Shrines are locations of great power, which protect the relics within. These mysterious locations are sometimes well hidden, and at other times can be clearly seen by anyone passing by, but are always protected by powerful Relic Guardians.

At each shrine, the player should ensure they have at least 1 empty inventory slot, and as you walk into the shrine, it will be 'discovered', and bestow a reward upon the player.

Relic List[]

Below is a list of the relics, and general area in which they can be found. All 30 (+1 if you count the troll relic) have been found. The locations of the relics can be found on the forums and on YouTube if you want to find them without searching for them.

Relic Name Reward Shrine Type Province
Emerald Relic
Visible Wynn
Helmet Relic
Relic Helmet
Hidden Wynn
Chestplate Relic
Relic Chestplate
Hidden Wynn
Leggings Relic
Relic Leggings
Hidden Wynn
Boots Relic
Relic Boots
Hidden Wynn
Bow Relic
Relic Bow
Hidden Wynn
Daggers Relic
Relic Daggers
Hidden Wynn
Wand Relic
Relic Wand
Hidden Wynn
Spear Relic
Relic Spear
Hidden Wynn
Green Powder I Relic
Green Powder I
Visible Wynn
Green Powder II Relic
Green Powder II
Visible Wynn
Green Powder IV Relic
Green Powder IV
Hidden Gavel
Green Powder V Relic
Green Powder V
Hidden Gavel
Green Powder VI Relic
Green Powder VI
Hidden Gavel
Red Powder I Relic
Red Powder I
Visible Wynn
Red Powder II Relic
Red Powder II
Hidden Wynn
Red Powder IV Relic
Red Powder IV
Hidden Gavel
Red Powder V Relic
Red Powder V
Hidden Gavel
Red Powder VI Relic
Red Powder VI
Hidden Gavel
Blue Powder I Relic
Blue Powder I
Visible Wynn
Blue Powder II Relic
Blue Powder II
Visible Wynn
Blue Powder IV Relic
Blue Powder IV
Hidden Gavel
Blue Powder V Relic
Blue Powder V
Hidden Gavel
Blue Powder VI Relic
Blue Powder VI
Hidden Gavel
White Powder IV Relic
White Powder IV
Hidden Gavel
White Powder V Relic
White Powder V
Hidden Gavel
White Powder VI Relic
White Powder VI
Hidden Gavel
Yellow Powder IV Relic
Yellow Powder IV
Hidden Gavel
Yellow Powder V Relic
Yellow Powder V
Hidden Gavel
Yellow Powder VI Relic
Yellow Powder VI
Hidden Gavel
TROLL Relic Troll.png This is just an Easter-egg. Hidden Wynn

Sealed Letter[]

There are 10 Sealed Letters, which may occasionally be found inside a hidden relic, instead of the normal item. Little is known of these mysterious documents.

Getting Started[]

The quest The Relic Shrines is a level 15 quest that helps to explain what relics are and give you some information about them. It is not necessary however to start the quest to be able to claim relic rewards and find them.


  • Relic Shrines were added in the 1.13 Wynnter Update, but Relics weren't released until 1.13.1.
  • At one point, there were rumors of a hidden relic that gave the player 5 Skill Points when discovered.
  • A troll relic can be found in the abandoned mines in the Wynn province. It is allowed to give away its location since it has no use.
  • In the 14.0.0 Gavel update 15 more relics were added. More may be added in a further update.
  • All 30 relics have been found.
  • Relics were removed at the 1.17 update due to the addition of discoveries
  • Relics were brought back at the 1.18 economy update as drops from Relic Guardians
  • 1.18 the economy update gave us 5 more relic sets for each element with the original set
  • 1.18 the economy update gave us 20 different relic weapons for each class and each element
  • The Troll Relic was found in the Abandoned Mines, and was guarded by unique Relic Guardians with a Troll Face on them. The Relic itself was a sign that said: "Your Relic is in another area".
    • The Sign that said "Your Relic is in another area could be a parody of the iconic line from Super Mario Bros., "Your Princess is in another castle!"