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This page contains spoilers. Readers are discouraged from continuing if they want to discover features by themselves.

Relos' Secret Library StructureIcon.png
The first floor of the library.
Discovery Lore
This library tells a tale that the government of Corkus has kept secret. Rumors tell that more mysterious libraries like this one are hidden across the world.
Coordinates X: -1642, Z: -2417
Suggested Level 85
Uses Discovery
Requirements Electromagical Battery

Relos' Library is a hidden library and Secret Discovery located in the Corkus Province, hidden within the town of Relos. Similarly to the secret libraries in Ragni, Lusuco and Llevigar, it contains a series of books called "The Isle of Industry" which tell the story of Human settlement on the island, the Avos and the Factory. In order to claim the experience reward, the player must be of a minimum level of 85.

The first four chapters of the book are located on the first floor, which is where the player will arrive when entering the library. To read the next four books and to leave the library, the player must call the elevator and take it up to the second floor.

Unlocking the library[]

Old Workshop
-1642, 73, -2417
Wynncraft Map

The sealed entrance to the library is located in an isolated house in Relos, high on the northern cliffs. Inside, the Relos Mechanic stands near a hopper in the floor connected to large pieces of machinery throughout the room. She says that this abandoned workshop has very archaic machinery, but that the mechanism the hopper is attached to might give some answers, but the workshop is drained of electromagical energy. Luckily, the system can be restored using an Electromagical Battery.

Electromagical Battery
-1321, 61, -2914
Wynncraft Map

The only battery accessible to the player is located in Corkus Docks, hidden at the very top of the mast of the large ship docked there. There are several ways to reach it; by climbing the rigging, using movement spells like teleport, escape or vanish, or by jumping down from the high cliffs above. A level zero Electromagical Battery mob is located there, which can be killed to receive the required item.

After returning to the Relos workshop with the battery, use right-click to place into a holder and activate the lights and machinery inside and to open up the small door on the far wall, and gain access to the library.

The Chapters[]

Chapter I[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter I:
No one knows exactly when the province borders formed between Fruma and Wynn; such tales are lost to time.
The Ragni mountains that dominate the landscape have served as a natural barrier between the contrasting lands.
There is only a single, well travelled passage through them to connect the two.
The border has been closed for over a thousand years and is strictly regulated by the mysterious governing force of Fruma.
Immigration has always been entirely a one way system. People leave Fruma, and enter Wynn.
People who wish to attempt the opposite are more than welcome to try, however they are met with a hail of aggression from the Kai Shi, the Fruman royal guard.

Chapter II[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter II:
The slow release of the Fruman population into the province of Wynn began a thousand years ago, at the start of Wynn's corruption outbreak.
What is most peculiar about the situation is that none of the “recruits” seem to know anything about their origins.
Information about Fruma is scarce to none due to this mysterious amnesia.
The one-way arrangement has been in place for so long that it has become entirely normal and mostly unquestioned.
350 years ago, however, a splinter group left Fruma through the mountains on the northern coastline.
This was a feat previously thought impossible due to the unnatural mountain range and another, heavily guarded passage.

Chapter III[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter III:
These rebels were highly skilled workers who, much like the Wynn recruits, lost the memories of their origins once they passed through the mountains.
Confused, scared and vulnerable, they migrated to a large island close to the northern gate: the island of Corkus.
Back then, Corkus was an entirely independent, peaceful and self-sustaining nation.
Its sole inhabitants were the Avos, a bird-like humanoid that colonised the rocky terrain and steep cliffs long ago.
Avos history is relatively unknown but their beliefs and practices are entrenched in spiritual and natural magic.
Avos are truly one with nature and respect all living things, which explained their willingness to grant asylum to any refugees who washed up on their shores, regardless of origin.

Chapter IV[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter IV:
Thus began the era of the Corkians on the island. But, while the Avos gave an inch, the new humans took a foot.
The Avos granted them their own borders, and they steadily grew over the years.
Today, the humans occupy the majority of the island.
The new Corkians, while still reserving the legal right to occupy and govern themselves, do not own the island.
Although the lands are internationally recognised solely as Avos territory, a self sufficient neutral land, the real story is quite the opposite.
Over the 350 years of dual occupation, tensions have grown between the two civilizations.

Chapter V[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter V:
The Avos, still clinging to their old spiritual beliefs, occupy the highest mountains where it is unfeasible for the Humans to live.
The Corkians, in the lowlands, have forged a truly industrial nation.
They did not possess any magical knowledge when they departed Fruma; such power was restricted only to those at the top of the Fruman hierarchy.
However, left to their own devices for a few hundred years, skilled Corkian workers soon discovered they were capable of harnessing the most obscure of the arts:
Electromagic, the magic of machines.
They utilized the plentiful natural resources of the island to develop the most advanced and magnificent creations to aid them in everyday life.

Chapter VI[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter VI:
Currently, while tensions are at their most severe, neither the Avos nor the Corkians are seen as the enemy. Both have remained allies for the most part.
The Avos have enjoyed the advanced medicine and aide from their industrially adept Human guests, while they have maintained their traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
However, one major disagreement between the two groups has caused a rift between them. The Avos are fundamentally against the environmentally destructive wake left by Humans, and in response erected a wall as a symbol of their displeasure.
The Corkians did not react at all, instead attempting to maintain their positive and peaceful relationship with the island owners without ceasing their industrial activities.
The ocean has been considered a neutral buffer zone between the three provinces for some time, leaving the occupants of most islands somewhat unrepresented, with the exception of Selchar.
Corkus, however, is no exception. The Corkians seek international recognition from the other provinces as one of their own.

Chapter VII[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter VII:
While the Avos simply wish to exist in harmony with the wind and waves, this was not enough for the new occupants.
The basic human need for recognition kicked in, and the Corkians were determined to get it.
Their method is not through conquest or economic domination, but through the display of their technological might.
The Corkians are indeed ahead of their time; the closest the Villagers ever got to a independent machine was a horrific mix of flesh and steel.
Though the machines of Corkus were impressive, they paled in comparison to what they called their national monument: The Factory.
The Factory is a massive facility from which all of their machines originate. It is capable of producing an army in a matter of weeks.
It would surely prove to the other provinces that Corkus is deserving of international representation, especially since it may prove to be indispensable as a tool against the corruption.

Chapter VIII[]

The Isle of Industry - Chapter VIII:
Teething problems have proved to hinder their plight for recognition.
The electromagical force that governs the Factory seems to have an agenda of it's own, and some machines have rebelled against their creators.
The resourceful Corkians have since shut down the factory to fix the problem.
However, the land is still scattered with pockets of desperate mechanicals searching for much needed spare parts.
Once they solve the problems of the Factory's governing force, Corkus is likely to become an international superpower.
Their ingenuity and industrial progression can no longer be ignored, regardless of the Avos' situation.