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NPC Info
X: -5838 Z: -2334
Location Corkian Separatist Hideout
Quest Involved Mixed Feelings

Rensa is the leader of the Corkian Separatists, a group of patriots from Corkus Province who want to keep all outsiders out of what they see as the pure Corkian society. During the quest Mixed Feelings, a member of the Corkian Separatists, possibly Rensa himself, gives the player a drink that contains a drug they developed to make the drinker go mad and become incredibly destructive. When the player finds the Corkian Separatist Hideout, Rensa attempts to explain his actions, and commends the player for trying to fix the mess they created, but orders one of the Separatists to kill the player anyways. At the end of the quest, he leaves the hideout to evade the Corkian government.


Corkian Separatist Hideout
-5838, 55, -2334

Rensa is located in the back of the Corkian Separatist Hideout, which is only accessible using his balloon during the quest Mixed Feelings.