Wynncraft Wiki
Repair Scrap

Obtain Blacksmith
Usage Repairing Crafted Items and Gathering Tools

Repair Scrap is the item used to repair the durability on Crafted Items and Gathering Tools.


Repair Scrap can primarily be obtained by scrapping items at a Blacksmith. Weapons, Armour, Accessories and any type of crafted item can be scrapped at a Blacksmith. In addition to this, higher-level items will give you more scrap.


Repair Scrap's main purpose is to restore the lost durability of crafted items and Gathering Tools at a Blacksmith. The amount of scrap required depends on the level of the item and how damaged the item is.


  • It is more efficient to repair items at 0 durability than it is to repair items that have lost very little durability. However, if the tool is T3 or below and has barely lost any durability at all, the repairing is free and therefore more efficient that way.
  • Prior to the 1.19 Silent Expanse Update, gathering tools did not have durability and therefore did not require Scrap.