Restored Ancient Helmet

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Restored Ancient Helmet

Item Information
Item Leather Helmet
Min. Level 77
Rarity Rare
Base Health Bonus +2100
Powder Slots 3 ()
Obtain Quest Reward
Tag Untradable
Base Defenses
Earth +20
Thunder +20
Water +20
Fire +20
Air +20
Quest Purple and Blue

The Restored Ancient Helmet is a helmet acquired upon completing the quest Purple and Blue. It is a good all-around helmet for the level 77-85 level range, as it provides elemental defense and basic stat boosts.

Identifications[edit | edit source]

It costs 107 Emeralds to identify the Restored Ancient Helmet.

Identification Minimum Value Maximum Value
 Mana Regen   +1/4s  +1/4s
 XP Bonus   +4%  +20%
 Strength   ~  +2
 Dexterity   ~  +2
 Intelligence   ~  +2
 Agility-   ~  +2
 Defense   ~  +2
 Soul Point Regen   +2%  +10%