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Rise of the Quartron
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Karoc Quarry
Province Gavel
Combat Level 49
Mining Level 15
Starter NPC Manager Nasea
Reward As follows:

Rise of the Quarton is a long level 49 quest based in the Karoc Quarry.


Manager Nasea has been losing much of her quartz material for some time now. Upon stumbling upon Nasea, the player is asked to find out what is going on around the Karoc Quarry.

Stage 1[]

» Talk to Nasea in the Karoc Quarry.

Karoc Quarry
-1663, 46, -4376
Wynncraft Map


  • Nasea: Shipment 3A and 4B, fully accounted for... shipments 5C and 6A...missing 50% of quartz content?!
  • Nasea: Agh, this is getting worse! There's never been so much loss...whoever this is, thy're getting bold...
  • Nasea: Ugh, go AWAY! Quit hovering over my shoulder like that- wait, a Human? Since when did you get here?
  • Nasea: What, you like listening to the melodious sound of my voice or something? Or do you intend to help out?
  • Nasea: Well, I'm flattered either way, and I could certainly use the help. Quartz is going missing from my shipments.
  • Nasea: Obviously one of the laborers is siphoning it to someplace, and I can't have that happening. So, be a private eye, humie.
  • Nasea: This is actually pretty dire- quartz has some magicality to it, see. It likes to soak up magic power, which means it can be weaponized.
  • Nasea: We tend not to use it for weapons since it can overcharge, but that's neither here nor there, is it?
  • Nasea: Every siphoned shipment has gone through Dado. Interrogate him! He hangs out past the big red tent, near the house with red flags.

Stage 2[]

» Talk to Dado and see if he is the culprit.

Karoc Quarry
-1718, 52, -4427
Wynncraft Map


  • Dado: Okay, these go to division P, and...look, I'm busy allocating these deliveries to Llevigar. Go pester someone else, okay?
  • Dado: ...what. You...think I... Pfff... Pffhahaaaah! Ohhh, that's RICH coming from a human of all things!
  • Dado: "Oh, me, the hired gun species that kills for money, will accuse you, a storied worker of seven years, of illegal activity!" Wow, you HYPOCRITE!
  • Dado: I'm hardly even angry about this! But, yeah, you freak. You got the wrong guy, surprise! Your brain workin' right in there?
  • Dado: I bet you got some wires crossed in there, huh? Go scuttle on back to town and kill someone's Wybel for pocket change or something.
  • Dado won't budge about the topic. Maybe Nasea has an idea to get him to confess.

Stage 3[]

» Go back to Nasea and tell her about Dado’s response.


  • Nasea: I'm just going to take a wild guess and say that asking him nicely whether he committed theft didn't bring up any answers.
  • Nasea: What, he brushed you off like THAT? Jeez, I knew he was a jerk, but really? That's just uncalled for.
  • Nasea: We have to make him talk...if shipments keep going missing, my contractors are going to look elsewhere!
  • Nasea: We need to prove that he's guilty...wait, you came to ME for ideas? This is why I asked you for help! Am I really back to square one?
  • ???: Aah, Nasea!
  • Nasea: I...what are you doing here, uh...Larry? Were you missing quartz too??
  • Lari: Ah, it's...Lari. No, the quartz shipment found its way fine...
  • Lari: But, there was hardly an effect. Your idea was, unfortunately, a dead end.
  • Nasea: Well, I did warn you that it was only an idea. I manage the mine, I don't practice purification magic. Don't pin anything on me for that.
  • Lari: I did not intend to imply that. Your help was appreciated, fate simply had opposing plans...
  • Lari: ...is this human a part of your operations, miss?
  • Nasea: Well, in a sense. Someone's siphoning quartz, but our suspect wasn't intimidated by the ten tons of armor, so we're at a loss. Any ideas?
  • Lari: ...as a matter of fact, I do have a solution. Elven botany describes a flower that grows decently close by, the "Tattytale" flower.
  • Lari: It weakens the will of those who catch a whiff of its petals, making them pliable to questions. It's...unpleasant, but if it is needed, I suppose.
  • Lari: There is a cave infested with spiders, and covered with webs in the western mountain. It is the only place it grows outside of Aldorei, unfortunately.
  • Lari: Nasea, since it didn't help, I've returned the quartz. I thank you for your help...and I shall bid you both adieu.

Stage 4[]

» Find the Tattytale Flower.

Cave Entrance
-1744, 56, -4526
Wynncraft Map
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Acromantula
(Level 45)
45 600 Ranged - ✤ Dam
✹ Weak

Spider Leg

Poison Sac
Acromantula cave
100px Acromantula
(Level 48)
48 750 Crawl - ✤ Dam
✹ Weak

Spider Leg

Poison Sac
Acromantula cave
100px Tattytale Flower 49 30 None - -
Tattytale Flower
Acromantula cave


  • You should head back to Dado with the flower.

Stage 5[]

» Make Dado confess by using the Tattytale Flower.


  • Dado: Hey, everyone's least-favorite attack dog! Here boy! You want the emerald? Go kill all the flies in my house! Come on boy!
  • Dado: Aw, flowers. How sweet of you! Sorry, but I don't cave to psychopaths or flattery, hehehee!
  • You press the flower up against his nose while he's laughing. Dado gets a big whiff of the petals, and immediately his expression goes slack.
  • Dado: I...huff... What was THAT for?! Are you offended that I don't like your flo- What? What am I doing with the quartz?
  • Dado: Uh, isn't it obvious? I'm working overtime and sending it up to Popo, duh. Where else would I be sending it?
  • Dado: What- Where's Popo sending it? Um...no clue. Whoever it is, they're super rich though. They pay me more than my house is worth every shipment!
  • Dado: Not sure why you need to- What? Where's Popo? Uh, he said he'd meet me at the cart track overpass, near the teal flags.
  • Dado: This was going to be our first meeting, so I don't know what he looks like, and likewise he's never seen me.
  • Dado: ...uh. Okay, I haave no clue why I told you all of that...um, have you got any more of those flowers though? It was actually really good...

Stage 6[]

» Go up the minecart hill and find Popo.

-1649, 76, -4438
Wynncraft Map


  • Popo: Ah, you must- Wait, never mind. I was expecting a visit from someone else.
  • Popo: Wait, you're Dado? I guess humans have more brain capacity than orcs after all, hehah!
  • Popo: Okay, down to business. I'm gonna look busy to cover for you while you get to the base for briefing. You'll get the details there.
  • Popo: You stick out like a sore thumb, but thankfully humans like to get into lots of weird spots, so it won't look too out of place.
  • Popo: Use the small rail here, flick the lever. It'll look like you're just...doing what humans do, instead of drawing suspicion.

Stage 7[]

» Ride the minecart to the bandit mansion.

-1564, 71, -4373
Wynncraft Map


  • Popo: Hop on the minecart, it's leaving! But act natural!


  • Harnort: Interesting, a human's been swept up in our plans. Hadn't expected the work force to diversify so fast.
  • Harnort: Time for the rundown, oh I love explaining this! I think you'll find what I have to say quite interesting, yes yes!
  • Harnort: You see, quartz is a powerful magical material- moreso than many know! It can absorb and harness magical energy, but what more? I had to find out!
  • Harnort: The rubes in my research department got me kicked out for suggesting we further our research. What kind of scientist is scared to make advancements?!
  • Harnort: But without a board of directors breathing down my neck, my research has led me exactly where I'd hoped, and even more, yes yes!
  • Guard: Oi. Got a guest taking the secret passage.
  • Harnort: ...
  • Dado: Harnort! I'M Dado! This sicko mugged me for info! They're gonna ruin us both!
  • Harnort: Guards!! GUARDS!! Capture them! Stop them! Tie them up, do something!! Our research can't go to waste, not at this vital point!!
  • Dado: HA! That's what you get for showing me that amazi- HORRIBLE flower! Outta here!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Harnort Quartz Bandit 46 1150 Charge Explode ✤ Dam - Harnort Compound
100px Harnort Quartz Guard 48 1575 Melee - ✤ Def - Harnort Compound
100px Quartz Piece 49 1 None - -
Quartz Piece
Harnort Compound

Stage 8[]

» Break into the laboratory and stop Harnort.


  • The door is locked. There has to be a way to get in...
  • The door is locked shut, and there's no keyhole anyplace.
  • It's made of quartz, it looks like...the sign says not to overcharge the quartz.
  • Nasea mentioned that overcharging quartz was dangerous...maybe overcharging the door will destroy it.
  • Is there a way to charge quartz anyplace nearby?
  • The quartz is charged! Use this to overcharge the door and destroy it!
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the way to get in the laboratory..
After having killed all of the guards, head upstairs, go right and immediately left to grab the quartz piece lying on the table. Right click the machine with green particles around it at the end of the same room, then rush downstairs to the quartz door and right click it with the overcharged quartz.

After that, you have to go through long quartz structures and step on the four beacons at the end of the last big room.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Tech Scientist 47 700 Ranged - - - Harnort Laboratory


  • Harnort: ...so, it's come to this then. I knew the names of all those guards. I didn't hurt anyone to meet my goal.
  • Harnort: You...I won't let their sacrifices be in vain! Llevigar needs to see what quartz is truly capable of! I MUST show them.
  • Harnort: My Quartrons are the future! They need to see it! It will have been worth the scheming, and the thieving, and the burnt bridges!
  • Harnort: But you- you couldn't leave well enough alone. You stepped in, and callously threw away a hundred lives to stop the inevitable!
  • Harnort: One live for a hundred is a fair trade!!

Stage 9[]

» Take down the Quartron and return to nasea with the news.


  • Harnort: Aaah! Not responding?! You- You... YOU! You've destroyed the future! MY future! GAVEL'S future!!!
  • Harnort: The futures of a hundred men or more!! You humans deserve to burn in hell for your careless destruction!
  • Harnort: The energy output by the detonations is overcharging the quartz in the walls... This entire lab is a deathtrap now! Do us all a favor- SIT STILL AND DIE ALREADY!!
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Quartz Minemite 45 850 Crawl Self-Destruct ✽ Dam
✤ Weak
- Harnort Laboratory
100px Pulse Barrier Sentry 45 8000 Melee Heavy Push - - Harnort Laboratory
100px Quartron Core
50 11000 Rapid Ranged Knockback Immunity
Blindness Immunity
Slowness Immunity
Arrow Storm
✦ Dam
Quartron Core
Harnort Laboratory
100px Quartron Core
50 11000 Rapid Ranged Knockback Immunity
Blindness Immunity
Slowness Immunity
✽ Dam
Quartron Core
Harnort Laboratory
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to escape the laboratory..
Simply run back the way you came in, leaving the lab and then the mansion. You have to step out of the cave with the secret entrance to the mansion before the countdown ends.


  • Nasea: ...you've got some serious explaining to do. First you disappear to get that Tattle flower, or whatever it was.
  • Nasea: Then Dado ran through here screaming that he was drugged or nugged, and ran off to the east ridge.
  • Nasea: Then, he came back, asking me if I'd found any more of those flowers, and while he was blabbering the ENTIRE MOUNTAIN SHOOK.
  • Nasea: So, spill it. I wanted you to figure out where my quartz was going, and you made one of my workers an addict and caused a freaking landslide!!
  • Nasea: ...uh huh. Mhm. ... ...yeah, go on. Uh, okay, I can buy that... I'd never believe you if you hadn't given me the proof.
  • Nasea: A militarized quartz mech...yeesh. That guy sounds like a piece of work. Guess that wasn't really your fault after all.
  • Nasea: I'll round up the police to get all those guards and them. ...what's with that look? Almost looks like you don't think anyone'll be there. Anyways...
  • Nasea: Okay, so I'll out you a quick deal. I'll pay you now for figuring this out, and if you do justt one more thing for me then you'll get something extra.
  • Nasea: Take the elevator past the yellow flags and go into the private site, you have my permission. I'll meet you up there.

Stage 10[]

» Join Nasea at the end of the minecart track.

-1655, 76, -4348
Wynncraft Map


  • Nasea: Coming up behind you.
  • Nasea: This is the newest mining annex, but we've hit a bit of a brick wall. Well...a gravel wall.
  • Nasea: So, if you can open up this area, you'll get access to the mine and whatever you find in it.
  • Nasea: You see the gravel wall? See if you can't dig through this for us.
  • Nasea: Hm! Clean work there. Pretty impressive, I'd say. So, as promised, you have your mine access, and...
  • Nasea: ...the core you showed me folded up into a ring. Really high-tech stuff, but I can't use it, so you can take it. Just head inside now.


  • In Harnort's Mansion, in the room with the Quartz Piece, you can find some signs as well as Harnort's Notes.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to the contents of Harnort's Notes.

This was Harnort's notebook. There seem to be a lot more entries than just the one describing the Quartron. You thumb through a few...
I'm a laughing stock, it seems. I can't stand to even show my face around the city, lest I get crowed at and whispered over, no no.
They'll know better soon enough. I don't even have the heart to strike back- the grand "I told you so" of my results will do that for me.
The entry goes on about Harnort's plans to surgically strike the science commission's building. You turn to another entry...
Wendell had to drop from the project. He swore to secrecy- I understand the decision, I do. Having a child is a big shift in one's life, yes yes?
I wouldn't dare hold it against him. In fact, it has galvanized me more- his daughter will see for herself the future of quartz advancement!
There is a list of people who must have left the project, and reasons next to them. Raising a family, couldn't handle stealing, sickness... You turn to another entry.
They can't claim it will replace jobs- they require dedicated maintenance, and the Minemite systems are delicate. The jobs won't disappear- they'll shift.
But it will save a lot of back-breaking mining work, simplify transportation of materials with the broad containment of hatches...and cup holders too!
The entry describes various functions of the Quartron, including offensive capabilities designed to repel attacks from the orcs, trolls and goblins. You turn to another entry...
Zenam refuses to respond to my letters. Another person who rejects me over this... I hate No, I don't. I can't bring myself to even write it, no no.
I wonder how much longer it will take. The second prototype was a dud. How much longer will I need to hide? To steal and ruin others' work?
The ends have to justify the means. They must. Otherwise it's all for nothing, and I'll have harmed so many good peoples' reputations.
Why is it they cheer for fancy new lamps and do-nothings, but fear true progress? I can't force them to listen, but so many bridges have been burnt for this.
Things can never be the same after this. Will it be for the better, or for worse? I pray it is for the better... or else I have a lot of making up to do.

    • There are also signs in Harnort's Room showing the Quartron's development.