Rooster Island

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Rooster Island IslandIcon.png
A screenshot of the Rooster Island
Discovery Lore
This egg-shaped island is home to a single-resident, a featherbrained villager hermit obsessed over chickens. Rumor has it that Bob has visited the island for some reason.
Coordinates X: -80, Z: -2500
Suggested Level 20
Other Merchants Seasail Merchant
Quest Starts Cluck Cluck
Involved Quests ???
Island Size Small
Docks V.S.S. Seaskipper
Uses Quest

Rooster island is one of many islands scattered across the Ocean. The island is inhabited by Yahya's brother Nohno, a starting NPC for the Cluck Cluck quest, and many chickens. A special chicken called Nohno's Wife also spawns there, hinting at Nohno's special relationship with his chickens.

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Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Nohno's House also contains a little basement in which Cluckles is found. In order to proceed with the Cluck Cluck quest the player has to "take care of" him.

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Merchants[edit | edit source]

Seasail Shop

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