Roots of Corruption

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Roots of Corruption SiteIcon.png
Roots Entrance View.png
The Roots of Corruption as seen from their entrance
Discovery Lore
A thousand years ago, a group of emerald miners unearthed a mysterious portal. Unknowingly, they doomed the province to centuries of war against the mysterious force known as corruption.
Coordinates X: 95, Z: -1319
Access Points Elkurn Fields to the south and west
Detlas Suburbs to the north
Black Road to the east
Suggested Level 20
Involved Quests Studying the Corrupt
Fate of the Fallen
Temple of the Legends
A Journey Beyond
Type/Biomes Valley
Monsters Hostile Mobs (Wynn)

The Roots of Corruption are a giant pit ringed by black spikes to the south-west of Detlas and east of Elkurn. The area is home to the only Nether Portal on the server (excluding the lobby), which is at the east end. The portal used to be accessible and transported players to The Nether, but this feature was removed in 1.19. The Roots and the Portal are the historical source of the corruption in Wynn, and are still by far the most corrupted area in the province. They have grown under the surrounding areas, as seen in the Beneath the Roots secret discovery, and appear to be the cause of the corruption spikes in the Corrupted Village, and others around the area. While the exact effects of proximity to the roots and the Portal are unknown, they are very dangerous and have led to the corruption of multiple powerful figures in the past.

Map[edit | edit source]

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Adventuring Mage


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