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| image = {{WynnIcon|rotten flesh}}
| image = {{WynnIcon|Cooked Rabbit}}
| item = Rotten Flesh
| item = Cooked Rabbit
| type = Misc. Item
| type = Misc. Item
| obtain = [[Rejuvenated Corpse]]
| obtain = [[Rejuvenated Corpse]]

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Rotten Skin

Item Cooked Rabbit
Type Misc. Item
Obtain Rejuvenated Corpse
Usage Required in the quest Lazarus Pit

Rotten Skin is a Misc. Item needed for the quest Lazarus Pit. Although it bears much resemblance to Rotten Flesh, it only drops from Rejuvenated Corpses in the Dark Forest and is not a Junk Item. Thus, they cannot be sold to the Dark Forest Junk Merchant.


 Location   Dark Forest   X   -1038  Y     Z   -5540  Wynncraft Map 


  • 16 are required in order to proceed in the quest Lazarus Pit.