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Royal Trials
Quest Info
Length Long
Location Sky Islands
Province Gavel
Combat Level 98
Starter NPC Skyraider Guard
Reward As follows:

Royal Trials is a long level 98 quest at the Skyraider Base in the Sky Islands.


After the uncalled death of the former Skyraider Queen, the Skyraiders at the Skyraider Base seek out a new queen to rule. To decide who gets the position, they host a deadly series of trials to ensure the new queen has got what it takes.

Stage 1[]

» Speak to Skyraider Guard.

 X   1476  Y   84  Z   -4335  Wynncraft Map 
Skyraider Guard
1476, 84, -4335
Wynncraft Map


  • Skyraider Guard: Back off! No'ne enters 'til the pirate queen is chosen. What's a landwalker like you doin' here?
  • Skyraider Guard: Participate? Pirate QUEEN. Are ye a female? Actually, I can't see under yer helmet. Ye might be.
  • Skyraider Guard: Off with ya now! Before I call the gals to gut you.

Stage 2[]

» Speak to Hrona.


  • Hrona: Yer wantin' to be pirate queen, ye? Don' worry, I can help ye.
  • Hrona: Y'see, the other pirates aren't fit for the role. They're dumb 'n weak. All they've got is looks.
  • Hrona: Yer got the lot! Looks and talent.
  • Hrona: Y'know, the guard, she's dumb too. A simple disguise will fool 'er. I heard there's a wig shop over at Ahmsord and they're sellin' a female pirate wig.
  • Hrona: Get one for yerself. It ain't free but it oughta fool em.

Stage 3[]

» Obtain a Female Pirate Wig from the Wig Merchant in Ahmsord and go down the stairs near the Hrona and Skyraider Guard.


  • Skyraider Guard: Another contestant, huh? Fine, I'll let you in. Hurry up, though, the ceremony is starting soon!
  • Angry Queen Contestant: Ugh! You simply can't be the pirate queen, I'm most fit for it!
  • Angry Queen Contestant: No, no, no! I'll fight you to the death if it calls, I must be the queen! I'm much more qualified than all of you pigs!

Stage 4[]

» Walk forward.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Enraged Skyraider 100 1000000 Guard - - - Trial grounds
100px Enraged Skyraider 100 1000000 Hostile - - - Trial grounds


  • Trials Overseer: Gather round, ladies. The next Queen is about to be selected!
  • Trials Overseer: As ye know, when one queen falls, another must rise!
  • Trials Overseer: Three trials. That's what ye all face now.
  • Trials Overseer: If ye pass all three, yer the new queen. Only one of yer will do it.
  • Trials Overseer: The first task is yer fundamental as queen; combat!
  • Trials Overseer: Ladies, you may now Begin!

Stage 5[]

» Defeat the 3 rooms and place your tokens in the hopper.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Competing Queen Contestant 97 6000 Guard - - - Trial grounds
100px Animated Armor 97 9500 Melee - ✹ Def Armory Token Trial grounds armory
100px Animated Spear 97 8250 Melee Charge ✤ Dam Armory Token Trial grounds armory
100px Animated Wand 97 5050 Ranged Heavy Meteor ✽ Dam Armory Token Trial grounds armory
100px Insane Prisoner 99 6400 Melee ? - Brig Token Trial grounds brig
100px Mad Brig Guard 100 6625 Melee - - Brig Token Trial grounds brig
100px First Mate 100 9050 Retreat - - - Trial grounds crash site
100px Airship Captain 100 100000 Melee Heavy Multihit
Heavy Charge
✦ Dam
✦ Dam
✤ Weak
Crash Site Token Trial grounds crash site


  • Trials Overseer: That weeded out the weak. Every queen must be strong to lead.
  • Trials Overseer: Task 2! The task of flight. Every queen must be able to fly an airship.
  • Trials Overseer: Make sure ye bring yer reflexes girls, one false move and death awaits.
  • Trials Overseer: This task should filter out the rest of ye unworthy.

Stage 6[]

» Defeat the challenge of flight.

(It changed in the 1.17 update to a Flappy Bird-style game.)

Congratulations, you made it!

Stage 7[]

» Listen to the trials overseer's speech.


  • Trials Overseer: Well lookie here, an amateur made it through her flight.
  • Trials Overseer: Well let’s see how you hold up in the final task ladies.
  • Trials Overseer: Yer ain’ a pirate at all if ye can't steal, but this is different.
  • Trials Overseer: This is the real deal. Stealin’ from a highly secure mansion.
  • Trials Overseer: Yer job is to steal a priceless treasure from the richest family in the sky.
  • Trials Overseer: We'll be waiting with a getaway airship at the extraction point, everyone else'll left behind.
  • Trials Overseer: Remember, this be the real thing, and the defensive measures will be lethal. Good luck ladies.
  • Trials Overseer: This here is the garden you will be thrown into... you will have to find a way into the mansion. Maybe you can ask nicely?
  • Trials Overseer: This is the high value, mythic treasure that you're trying to thieve from the mansion... good luck, it is very highly defended both by man and machine.
  • Trials Overseer: This is the window you will be making your escape out of... we will be waiting for you outside of it. Good luck.

Stage 8[]

» Break into the mansion.


  • Courtyard Guard: Some skyraiders have been sneakin' into this garden and causin' havoc, tryin' to snatch the treasure! One of em' almost broke into the mansion by throwin' a rock and shatterin' one of the windows! What’s with the wig?
  • Courtyard Guard: Them skyraider pests who broke into this courtyard tried to break into the mansion by breaking one of the mansion's windows by throwin' a rock at it, now we gotta' fix it!
  • Courtyard Guard: Ah, I wasn't aware the boss was lettin' in some visitors... shouldn't hurt the establishment, eh?
  • Courtyard Guard: Argh, recently a few skyraiders broke into the garden without any o' us noticing and almost broke into the mansion where the treasure is guarded, threw a rock in the window to try to get in, luckily one of us spooked em' off!
  • Courtyard Guard: If we ever let one of them skyraiders even get close to stealin' the treasure, the boss'll kill us! Gosh, who knows what'd happen if the treasure got stolen under our noses...
  • Construction Villager: Heh, some pesky skyraiders shattered a few windows on the upper floors... Gonna take a good while to fix em', but the boss wants it done quick, he doesn't like when his treasure is at risk.
Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to get up to the upper floors.
There are wooden platforms on the side of the house by Construction Villager. Drop a Stray Rock in the hoppers by one of the windows, which you can find in the garden.

Stage 9[]

» Sneak past the guards.

Spoiler alert: The hidden text contains spoilers relating to how to sneak past the guards.
The ones past the fountain don't attack or move, just walk through the maze without walking in front of them, walk behind them.
Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Mansion Guard 100 6250 Melee - ✹ Def
✦ Weak
- Mansion

Dialogue: (If you get caught)

  • Mansion Guard: Oi', you! Whatcha' think yer' doin' sneakin' around these parts? This be a restricted area! Yer' headed to the jail cell!

Stage 10[]

» Steal the treasure.


  • Mansion Guard: Aye', men! Tha' treasure has been stolen! Prepare the defenses!

Stage 11[]

» Get the treasure to the trials overseer outside of the mansion's window.

Image Name Level Health AI Type Abilities Elemental Stats Drops Location
100px Mansion Guard 100 6250 Melee - ✹ Def
✦ Weak
- Mansion
100px Mansion Guard Dog 97 8500 Melee - - - Mansion
100px Mansion Sharpshooter 100 6100 Ranged - - - Mansion
100px Fired Cannonball 100 7550 Melee Self-Destruct - - Mansion
100px Heavy Mansion Guard 105 16500 Melee Heavy Slowness ✤ Dam
✦ Weak
- Mansion

Dialogue: (If you fall in a hole)

  • Mansion Guard: Aye, we caught the nasty thief! We'll be lockin' him up till' he rots!


  • Trials Overseer: Grats on stealin' the treasure, you can board the airship through the window.

Stage 12[]

» Listen to the trials overseer's speech.


  • Trials Overseer: Aha! I figured it'd be ye to win o'er the rest of that lot… Ye've earned the proper sovereignty of bein' our ruler, our queen of the Skyraiders.
  • Trials Overseer: Don't be worryin', we got this airship armoured somethin' heavy, and we’re miles away from their cannons… Nothin' to be afraid of, we're safe in this ship.
  • Trials Overseer: But, first things first, let’s take a look inside that fancy box ye got, see what mythical treasures lay guarded behind those grubby guardsmen, shall we?
  • Trials Overseer: By the skies and seas…
  • Trials Overseer: I hafta wonder now if this weren't bein' guarded for a bit of a nefarious reason. This be... Quite the weapon. It'd be deadly if this got used.
  • Trials Overseer: Well, thanks to ye, us Skyraiders might have it now, but using this weapon against civilization would be beyond terrible. We might be pirates but we ain't heartless!
  • Trials Overseer: I think we'll just have to keep this locked up nice n' tight once we get back. We'll be sure to tie this little cataclysm-in-a-box down much safer th'n those idiot men did.
  • Trials Overseer: Aha! Just gettin' back now. Let's head down and start the ceremony, shall we?
  • Trials Overseer: I am pleased to introduce our 734th queen. Fer the sake of our people, let her reign last more than two weeks.
  • Trials Overseer: I, on behalf on the rest of the Skyraider people, have the honor of decoratin' you with the highest decoration of the Skyraiders, The Queen’s Headpiece.
  • Trials Overseer: Please use your sovereignty to lead us to the riches we deserve.

Stage 13[]

» Talk to the trials overseer.


  • Trials Overseer: Yer Majesty. What an honour to have such a beautiful queen.
  • Trials Overseer: Now, we must crown ye, and give you yer reward.
  • Trials Overseer: Benefits of being a queen I 'spose.
  • Trials Overseer: Please accept this, your majesty.


  • Do not leave the room you get teleported to after you are crowned, without talking to the overseer to complete the quest, you will have to redo the entire quest.
  • Buy the Female Pirate Wig before you start the quest to save time.
  • After the trials begin, you can take off the Female Pirate Wig and switch back to your standard helmet.
  • If you lose the challenge of flight twice or more the game may not allow you to restart the challenge again. To solve this, type /class or /hub.
  • When escaping the security after the treasure has been stolen, don't press sneak to continue dialogue until you reach the trial overseer as no mobs will attack you.


  • The reason the pirates needs a new queen is because the last one died. This might be a reference to the Pirate Queen that the player killed during the quest Flight in Distress. In addition, there's a villager in Ahmsord who says ''What looks like a village to the south-east is actually something more. It's a base filled with sky pirates! I've heard that they were the ones responsible for shooting down that airship that was on its way to Detlas''
  • The treasure that the player stole is most likely Catalysm, a mythic dagger.