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Discovery Lore
The Skyraiders were known for their domination over the Sky Islands. As the Villagers adapted to the land, the Skyraiders' dominion faded.
Coordinates X: 1463, Z: -4312
Uses Discovery
Requirements None

Rulers of the Sky is a Secret Discovery in the Sky Islands. The discovery is about the skyraiders being concerned about supporting themselves after the Dwarves from the Molten Heights have opened it up, which as decreased the air traffic in their area.

Skyraider's Base
1463, 116, -4312
Wynncraft Map


  • Climb up the vines to access the base of the tower.


  • Walk up the stairs and walk up to the airship. Right click on the particles to break the rope and let the airship fly towards the wall.


  • Go up the scaffolding and enter the hole the airship made.


Old Report[]

  • To: 356th Skyraider Queen, 573 AP.
  • Oi, Your Majesty, I hate ta interrupt ya, but we're in a bit of a bad situation out 'ere.
  • Ever since those Dwarves op'ned up the Heights, air traffic has gotten even more scarce. Our power in these parts is diminishing
  • We ain't able to support ourselves up in our region, so we may need to move operations to the main base. Just a heads up.
  • Signed, General Arriah