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Discovery Lore
The town of Rymek was founded by the Creden Tibus bandit group. They only deal exchanges through a special currency.
Coordinates X: 1310, Z: -1350
Suggested Level 35
Standard Merchants
Armour Merchant Level 31, 35, 36, 42
Weapon Merchant Level 28, 34, 37, 38
Potion Merchant Level 30, 35, 40
Accessory Merchant Level 30, 34, 35, 37
Other Merchants Rymek Dealer Merchant
Other Amenities Bank
Item Identifier
Quest Starts Canyon Condor
Involved Quests Kingdom of Sand
Temple of the Legends

Rymek is a large town introduced in the 1.12 update. It is surrounded by the mesa biome and currently has only one Quest NPC named Svin, who can be found on the eastern side of town to give players the Canyon Condor quest. The town is ran by the bandit group Creden Tibus, who use Gold Ingots for trading instead of Emeralds, which means that you will have to pay to all merchants in gold. Rymek also houses a variety of different mobs and mob types. Rymek is very unique in its design having apartment-like houses, stores, and buildings instead of individual homes.


Rymek sits at the bottom of the Mesa's canyon, where in the past only the Eagle Tribe and the Owl Tribe lived: their ancestry dating back to the times of the Desert Empire many millennia ago.[1]

The town was founded by the bandit group known as the Creden Tibus two generations ago. The group was formed by bandits from all over Wynn who were kicked out of their towns and moved to the Desert and Mesa to escape the Corruption.[2]

The Creden Tibus is not just a mere bandit group: they proclaim themselves as the "protectors of the sand", having hidden the ancient Desert Emperor's Sceptre away to make sure it never fell into the wrong hands.[3][4]


Rymek Map Aerial.png

Points of interest[]


  • To the East of Rymek, on the river there is a boat owned by Svin. This is where the starting NPC for the Canyon Condor quest is found
  • The 8 Bridges that connect together parts of the city
  • The Rymek Bank is located In the centre Island of Rymek and contains no Emerald Merchants, only Rymek Dealer Merchants, Enderchests and the Item Identifier
  • Rymek is the home of many tents that often house merchants selling or buying miscellaneous items. These are located on the walking passages in Rymek
  • The Mayor's Mansion, the biggest mansion of Rymek located at the border of the town. This is the mansion you need to sneak in to during Kingdom of Sand.


  • The Central Island is the area that is surrounded by water and is in the centre of Rymek. It contains the Rymek Bank, Potion Merchant and other miscellaneous buildings
  • The Outer Area is the outer areas of Rymek and is essentially anywhere that is not the Central Island.
  • The Rymek marketplace is located in the Southern boarder of the town, inside you will find 8 merchants selling various miscellaneous items. Some merchants of note are the Water Merchant (Was required for the removed Drought Sand Quest) and the Fabrics Merchant (Required for the Temple of Legends Quest)
  • A hidden button located to the right of the potion merchant labeled "Try out Gsea's latest composition" When pressed it play some sound effects


  • The Western Entrance is a natural opening from the mesa.
  • The Eastern Gate an natural opening that has had a small gate constructed in front of it.
  • The Northern Entrance is a natural opening from the mesa.






Name Level Information Image
Rymek Citizens 35 500 ♥

The citizens of Rymek are all neutral, meaning they

will only attack others if they are provoked.



Name Level Image
Rat 5 RymekRat.png
Thieving Rat 5 TheivingRat.png
Rymek Mule 5 RymekMule.png


Name Level Information Image
Reggie 40 3800 ♥

Uses Charge Spell in order to attack

Spawns Everywhere in the Mesa but often found in Rymek

Rymek Bandit 36 500 ♥

Will attack both players and Rymek Citizens

Rymek Bandit.png