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Rymek Thief SiteIcon.png
Discovery Lore
After being kicked out of the Wynn cities during the Corruption war, a growing number of bandits began to reassimilate in the desert and mesa.
Coordinates X: 1361, Z: -1279
Suggested Level 30
Uses Discovery
Requirements none

Rymek Thief is a Secret Discovery located within the town of Rymek. When entering the cave, you speak to the leader of the bandits who explains how they are a group of descendants of bandits who escaped into the Desert during the Corruption War.


1361, 31, -1279
Wynncraft Map

Go to the merchant's stand and right click the particles to start the event.

  • Shopkeeper: Hey there friend! Looking teh barter fer some weapons or trinkets?
  • Shopkeeper: Scum! That guy jus' stole a necklace! Catch 'im and jus' take this as payment!!


You will get 7 Emeralds that do not stack with regular Emeralds.

1383, 31, -1267
Wynncraft Map

Follow the ??? bandit into the cave and then follow the path down to the room with the Bandit Leader and Bandit Guards.

  • Bandit Leader: Looks like you were followed, boy.
  • Bandit Leader: Well, what do we do now, we're caught by the famous Ragni Guard.
  • Bandit Leader: Or maybe.. You're looking fer somefin else..
  • Bandit Leader: JEFFERY, not now. Behave.
  • Bandit Guard: Duhh sorwy boss.
  • Bandit Leader: Listen, we ain' all bad. Sure we like to nick stuff but that's how its always been.
  • Bandit Leader: Our daddies daddies escaped your stupid corruption war to the dessert, it ain' got anyfin to do with us.
  • Bandit Leader: So, let's just let this go and you can go back to yer war.
  • Bandit Leader: We'll let yer go without a fight, and you can keep yer mouth shut.
  • Bandit Leader: Boys, show him out.

They will take the 7 Emeralds the Shopkeeper gave you.


  • To get the last part of the dialogue and get kicked out of the cave, you must leave the room where the bandit leader is.