Sanctuary Bridge

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Sanctuary Bridge StructureIcon.png
Discovery Lore
This magnificent bridge connects the mysterious ruins of Time Valley to the frigid cold of the Nesaak Tundra. In the center lies a mysterious seal that no one has been able to open.
Access Points Time Valley: -370, -1046
Nesaak Transition: -150, -1046
Suggested Level 5
Quest Starts Studying the Corrupt
Uses Travel, Grinding, Decoration

Sanctuary Bridge

The Sanctuary Bridge is a bridge connecting the southeast end of time valley, and the west end of the Nesaak-Plains transition. The bridge has no mobs on it, but in the middle, the NPCs Pottur, Dumble, and Dure may be found. The middle also contains the entrance of the Lost Sanctuary dungeon. The bridge doesn't have much use as a shortcut, as it reduces travel time very little, between two points that are mostly unrelated.


 Location   Time Valley   X   -370  Y     Z   -1046  Wynncraft Map 
 Location   Nesaak Transition   X   -150  Y     Z   -1046  Wynncraft Map 

The Great Bridge spans between western Time Valley and the eastern Nesaak Transition, and can be accessed from either end.


  • The Sanctuary Bridge is parallel to the Great Bridge; the Great Bridge is inside the mountains to the south of the Sanctuary Bridge, spanning a similar length.