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NPC Info
X: 22801 Z: -9583
Location Craftmas Island, Santa's Village
Quest Involved Craftmas Chaos, Craftmas Quest, Meaningful Holiday

Santa is a quest NPC found on top of Craftmas Island and in Santa's Village. He appears in the Craftmas Chaos and Meaningful Holiday quests.


In Craftmas Chaos, he sends you through his chimney into Selchar's past to find out where the dark magic originates from that kept him from delivering his presents there. From there, the player travels to Selchar's alternate future that would happen if the mysterious Crystal Summoner had succeeded his task. Corrupted Santa has devastated the whole island, only Old Tom is left. After killing Corrupted Santa, the player can return to reality and tell the story to Santa.

Santa used to then give the player his Santa Hat as a reward for Craftmas Chaos, but this reward was removed, and Santa's Hat is therefore currently unobtainable. The hat can only be acquired through trading with a player who obtained it before its removal as a reward.

In Meaningful Holiday, Nick and the player go to Santa's Village to ask if Santa can help provide food for the people in the Almuj slums, but Santa says they have to try to do it themselves. He later shows up in the Almuj slums himself, and congratulates Nick for finding food for the homeless there.

Festival of the Blizzard[]

Santa (Festival of the Blizzard)
NPC Info
X: 472 Z: -1585
Location Detlas

This dialogue pertains to content from the Festival of the Blizzard.

Craftmas Island
1126, 41, -3144
Wynncraft Map
  • Upon being talked to after talking with The Traveler:
    • Santa: Ho ho! The Craftmas season is fast approaching, traveler. Have you prepared for it?
  • Further conversation with Santa:
    • [1] "There are festivities in Detlas.":
      • Santa: Ho ho... Detlas, you say! Why, I haven't visited the place in many years...
      • Santa: I'm afraid I won't be able to visit just yet. I'm in need of baked goods, and the shipment has yet to arrive!
      • Santa: Though... if you'd like to help me, who am I to decline? If you could bring me [4 Wynnter Cookies] from the Wynnter Fair, I'd be free to come visit!
    • [2] "What are your plans for Craftmas?":
      • Santa: What a question, traveler! My plans this Craftmas are quite normal, I would think.
      • Santa: Why, I'll sit by the fireplace, with a cup of cocoa and a plate of warm cookies! Ho ho!
    • [3] "Goodbye.":
      • Santa: Ho ho! Have a merry Craftmas, traveler.
  • Giving Santa 4 Wynnter Cookies from the Consumables Merchant:
    • Santa: Ho ho! So you return, and with the baked goods I requested! Now that you've completed this task, I'm free to come enjoy the festivities! I'll see you there, ho ho!
472, 67, -1585
Wynncraft Map
  • Talking to Santa in Detlas:
    • Santa: Ho ho! Why, it seems these folks have decorated this place for the holidays!
    • Santa: It's been too long since I last visited Detlas... Though, I don't remember it being quite so cold.
    • Santa: Times change, I suppose! Ho ho!
    • Santa: Well, I'll certainly enjoy myself here. I thank you for inviting me, traveler.
  • Further conversation with Santa:
    • Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Craftmas, traveler!
    • [1] "Why haven't you been to Detlas in a while?":
      • Santa: Oh, you know! I've been busy on the job, ho ho! Delivering presents is a lengthy task, and one that leaves little time for much else.
      • Santa: But I'm here now, ho ho! Here to celebrate the holidays. What could be better?
    • [2] "How will Selchar get presents if you're here?":
      • Santa: Don't worry yourself, traveler. I have plenty of time to go around, ho ho!
      • Santa: I'll manage to deliver the presents on time. I always have, so long as I've been able.
    • [3] "What's the strangest thing you've seen?":
      • Santa: The strangest thing I've seen? Well, I have one story that isn't strange, but is still interesting! Ho ho.
      • Santa: When I travel my domain, delivering presents, my routes often take... Interesting paths, ho ho!
      • Santa: In the past, I've flown over all sorts of places! Once, my sleigh was almost hit by a large chunk of magma from the Volcanic Isles.
      • Santa: Ah, but there's only one place I know never to visit anymore... Some decades ago, on my travels to deliver presents to the ocean, I passed over an island I would later learn was called Skiens Island!
      • Santa: As my sleigh flew across the sky, I found myself assaulted by the soldiers down below! Why, I very nearly didn't make it out of there, ho ho!
      • Santa: It's no wonder all those folks find themselves on the naughty list each year. Trying to shoot down Santa Claus is a crime against Craftmas, ho ho.
    • [4] "Did you know you're a living legend?": [1]
      • Santa: Ho ho! Of course I know it! My siblings and I were asked to visit the Temple of the Legends in person to be officially inducted.
      • Santa: Each and every one of us, even those from faraway lands, showed up on the day. The Temple was packed, ho ho!
      • Santa: I gave the tally keeper some extra presents that year- He tried so hard to keep count of us, but I heard him say the number kept changing, ho ho!
    • [4] "Where did you get the Stormcaller?": [2]
      • Santa: Ho ho... It's an ancient thing, isn't it? I inherited it from one of my siblings, many years ago.
      • Santa: I can't say for sure if they made it themself, or if they too were gifted it. I myself like to think it's the latter, ho ho.
      • Santa: Oh, I'm not too worried about the past! Following the tradition, now it has been gifted to you as well. Make good use of it!
    • [5] "Merry Craftmas.":
      • Santa: That's the spirit!
  • Gift-Giving Dialogue:
    • Santa: Ho ho! My, is it Craftmas already? I'd nearly forgotten!
    • Santa: Well, in the spirit of the holidays... I have a gift for you, traveler.
    • Santa: It's a powerful relic, though I trust you'll put it to good use, ho ho!
    • [+1 Stormcaller]
    • Santa: Ho ho ho! Merry Craftmas, traveler!


During Christmas 2013, Santa appeared in the Craftmas Quest. He was preparing for Craftmas when he was attacked by a Magma Slime, burning his clothes and his beard. His assistant asked the player to help make some clothes for him. He was found in the wine cellar of his assistant's house. He handed out Santa's Pants at the end of the quest, which are now unobtainable.


  1. This option is available once Kelight has been invited to Detlas.
  2. This option is available after receiving Stormcaller